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What is the problem with my vehicle?

donatas1994donatas1994 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2018 in Mazda
So, recently I have purchased a used car Mazda 3 Comfort 2004 approximately 5 weeks ago. Throughout these 5 weeks i encountered few problems.
1) While driving back from work on a highway (120 km/h~) i saw engine light pop up, and trying to press on gas would result in maintaining the speed no acceleration. But in 1 min or less it was running smoothly again, I assumed it could have been a spark plug problem.
2) Had the engine light pop up again this time just after starting the car and it would feel shaky the entire vehicle. Once again after setting it in gear and not leaving it on neutral made it go away within 20 seconds i suppose
3) After having a small 5 km drive in the morning stopping couple of times, but on my third stop, i got back in the car and it didn't start. So i assumed it was a starter since upon ignition it would make a ticking sound. To solve this I had to push start the car. After driving another 5 km straight upon stopping the car would start again normally.
4) After the last incident i did realise that the window i couldn’t open before from the driver seat (window behind for the passenger) now i was able to of course that lasted a day next day couldn’t again.
5) Today I experienced problem number 3 again, the car did not start. In the evening gave it a push start and problem 2 was also there but taking it out for a small ride nonetheless solved problem 2 instantly and upon parking turning the ignition off I tried to start it again and it did once again. Although i did realise i am not able to open any passenger windows from the drivers seat only my own.
So looking back on this, I can say that the battery always was ok, radio, lights, central control all were working properly. Although it did have a lot of oxidation that i scraped off, since i thought starter is not getting enough power. When I thought it was a starter that could be messing it up, but it works the only thing that seems to be failing is electronics and unpredictably as you expect ..
The previous owner did mention he went away for a holiday 7–10 days and when he came back he had to buy a new battery. The car has only had cruise control implemented and maybe central control (not sure) but it feels like something is draining something or just bad case of rusted wires.
I hope this is detailed enough to troubleshoot at least something, and thank you for anyone who has taken a time to read it and if any further information is required I am more than happy to provide it :)

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