1996 Chevorlet 2500 engine cut out while driving

sivlvervolvo91sivlvervolvo91 Member Posts: 3
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Hi there. Yesterday I had my 96 2500 engine cut out on me on the highway and now it won't start. Earlier that day I started the truck and it ran fine no problems, no service engine light or any indication of a problem. I was going highway speeds and I heard a very faint ping like a small rock hit the undercarriage on the passenger side. I pulled over and tried to start it, it cranked a few time but never fired. There was no indication of an overheated engine or burnt electric. I then lost all power to electronic. I had my friend give me a tow, when the truck started moving I somehow regained power but then lost it as soon as I stopped rolling. This morning I tried to start it and it cranked but wouldn't fire. I tried using a scan tool but no codes were in the system. Any advice and or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks
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