why is my 2009 g6 trying to run away with its self?

hillbilly68hillbilly68 Member Posts: 1
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it started with my headlight going out, replaced the bulb,then my car wont start, then the security lock symbol appeared on the dash,, i jumped it off wouldnt take the charge, so i replaced the alternator, now after replacing the alternator, and putting back all the parts i removed, my car does that high revving crap ( runs away with its self) and wont drop rpms. so i have to hurry and pt it in gear for it to drop rpms. i tried to do the re learn mode reset, it made my car stop the high revving but then started this chugging thing. so i did the turn the key on and off a few times and now its back to high revving. im sure it has something to do w the ecm? any ideas?


  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Member Posts: 2,207
    start by installing/testing if the problems disappear with a new/fully-charged battery installed. you must have done that already :) .

    next idea: disconnect MAF and see if it runs better? if yes you need new MAF?
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