Ford Ranger E85 Questions

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Has anyone used E85 with their flex fuel Ranger? I have a 2000 Ranger that can use E85 but am not sure about using it. Any pros and cons to it?


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    I think you'll get lower gas mileage out of the e85 because, as I understand it, ethanol has a lower amount of energy than straight gasoline. It might be worth sitting down to do the math as to which route would be cheaper. From what I had heard, e85 is cheaper, but if you're getting lower gas mileage, how much cheaper does the e85 have to be to offset the mileage difference? Then again, if you're switching purely for political or environmental reasons, the lower mileage might be irrelevant.
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    Ok e85 realy does not take that much of the mileage, at most just 3mpg and most of the northern states run a 10-20% mix of it in the gas as it is :)
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    I have a 2000 FFV Ranger 2wd supercab and run a tank of E85 through now and then. I get ~21 mpg on regular unleaded (E10) and about 17 with E85. I don't use this truck for daily driving so I really don't put a lot of gas through it, but out of the maybe 20 tanks I put through it last year five were E85.

    In order to break even costwise, E85 needs to be about 50c a gallon cheaper than unleaded. You should probably compare it to premium, though. I get a little pinging under load on regular occasionally, and it definitely doesn't do that with the E85.

    I'd go ahead and try it. Really, the only major difference you can tell is the exhaust smells different. :^)
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    i work with a friend who has an 88 ranger i ride with him alot he decided to see if it would burn e85 he mixed it 50/50 and it ran ok idled a little slow tho and had different throttle response it dropped fuel milaege by about 10 a gallon truck has a 2.3 that normaly avreaged 32 then to lower 20s. once he had 100% gasoline in it it went back up to normal.
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    Does anyone know how well it would work with a 96 ranger if it will work at all?

    Please let me know :)
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