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Caravan/Voyager Heating/Cooling Problems

Minivan Plymouth Voyager blows hot air. How can I tell if the compressor is shot? I looked under hood but I know nothing about cars so I dont know what I am looking for. S.O.S. How do you tell if it is the compressor or something else? I can't afford to be ripped off.


  • bought the van used with no a/c belt, just put one in and its really noisy ONLY when a/c is turned on. compressor does not appear to be seized (belt wheel spins freely with no resistance). have not checked a/c coolant level yet though. any ideas what would cause loud noise?
  • aktroyaktroy Posts: 1
    I have an 02 Grand Caravan that has front and back climate controls. The blower only runs at the highest setting on both front and back. I checked fuses and could not find one blown. Any ideas???
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    Check the blower motor resistor packs. The front one is on the firewall, but I do not know where the rear one is for sure on your model. It is probably in the blower motor housing at the back.
  • I have a 2000 Plymouth Voyager and am told the Heater Resistor is bad. Where do I find this and is this something I can replace myself??
  • I have a 2001 Voyager. The problem I am having is with the ac/heater. If you turn on the heater it blows cold air through the floor vents. And sometimes changing the temp control from cold to hot doesn't produce the expected results. Has anyone else had this sort of problem?
  • barivbariv Posts: 1
    Has anyone ever replaced the metal coolant lines that are the supply and return for the rear auxilary heater? I have a 2004 grand caravan and the metal lines have rusted out just rear of the front wheels. I have disconnected the hoses and removed the 2 mounting bolts but the lines aren't easily removed from behind the engine. Any suggestions?
  • Last week the heater fan in my 1992 Caravan stopped working, and at the same time the airbag light came on. Then the airbag light went off and the fan started blowing again. After I shut off the van and started it up again, no air moving and airbag light on, and noticed that signal lights don't work either. 4 way flashers work so it's not my lights. Can someone please tell me if there is an electrical connection between the signal lights and heater fan? Sure hope someone can help me.
  • ahchiahchi Posts: 2
    I have same problem with my Grand caravan 2005 SE, I noticed that my feet were getting progressively colder, even with the heat on high. pouring out of a vent on the floor, but next to it where the center console is, warm air is coming. It is impossible to drive when the temperature is lower than -10. I got dealers to check 5 times already. all they said is nothing wrong with it.
    Could any one help?
  • ahchiahchi Posts: 2
    have same problem with my Grand caravan 2005 SE, I noticed that my feet were getting progressively colder, even with the heat on high. pouring out of a vent on the floor, but next to it where the center console is, warm air is coming. It is impossible to drive when the temperature is lower than -10. I got dealers to check 5 times already. all they said is nothing wrong with it.
    Could any one help?
  • My 97 Dodge Caravan ES (USA) is not putting out the volume of cold air it once did. The air I do get is cold, but at one time it was a real frost-biting guster from the dash vents. Now it's just barely a whisper. Could it be that there are vacuum operated doors that are stuck in the mostly closed position? Any suggestions as to how to free them up? Or is it another problem? I live in southern Nevada and the summer 115° days are just around the corner.
    We did use the heat a few days this winter, and it seemed to work fine. It's just the A/C that has the low volume. Thanks in advance.
  • I currently have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan and 2 years ago the heat went out. I was told there was a problem with the a/c & heater module panel and that would need replaced. I did that and the heat worked fine. This year the heat does not work again and I purchased another module panel and this time it still doesn't work. Has anyone else had problems with the heater? Thanks. I am reluctant to take it to a dealership before I know what to have them look for. They usually end up getting you for numerous things and $2000 whether you needed it or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I have a 2000 Chrysler Voyager and a year ago I had the same problem. We replaced the hearter core and it seemed to work until last night. When you replaced the ac/heater module where did you ge tthe part? Junkie or Dealer?
  • Hi, everyone!

    I was driving the other night when all of a sudden, I heard a loud noise from the passenger side under the hood. At the same time, the car seemed to lose power where it would not move more than 5 mph.

    It was taken to a shop I am not familiar with (I just moved to the area) and the initial diagnosis is that the AC compressor was bad and was draining power from the car. Having said that, the guy says it will cost 932.00 to have it fixed and he doesn't know if that will fix the power problem.

    First, the noise happened at the same time the power problem happened so how could it be two different things at one time? Also, is it even posssible for the AC compressor to cause this?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Have them purge the lines, more than likely your compressor imploded and the pcs went through them. The dealer put 3 compressors in our 05 sxt before they realized what had happened and had to replace all of the lines.
  • gmikegmike Posts: 1
    On my 1998 Voyager SE there is very little heat coming out of the floor vents, even on high, any suggestions for a fix would be appreciated.
  • lrt48lrt48 Posts: 1
    i have a 2003 voyager where is the resistor located and can i fix it and get the part
  • vapetevapete Posts: 2

    i have a 1999 plymouth voyager expresso. the problems is that the blower is intermitten and when it does run it is running at low speed. it also make noise like it is dragging. does it need to be replaced? if so where is it?

  • I believe my heater core has plugged up or is in new of being replaced. I have a 2001 caravan with only the front heat. how hard is it to replace the heater core in this model??
    Any help would be great...
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, what brings you to the conclusion that your heater core is plugged? I ask because I haven't heard of this being a problem, and I've been tracking this and other minivan boards for a number of years now.

    Best Regards,
  • My only reason for this is that I haven't seen any leaks and the vans not over heating(lack of coolent) The only thing it did do, is it threw a little heat for a second or too when I raced the engine a couple of times, but now there is nothing coming out but cold air.. I've let it idel for 30 mins and the coolent gauge shows that the van is plenty warm... just no heat what so ever soming out.. I'm was going to start with a rad and core flush(start cheap) and work towards the more $$$ things.. The local auto parts store has a core in stock, $90.00 and advised me that the dash would need to come out...yikes!!

    Thanks for the reply also...
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'd be inclined to suspect the blend door in the HVAC system before the heater core. I've never had to tear one of these apart and as such don't know what is involved, however, I have heard from some other folks that this task isn't too involved.

    Best Regards,
  • Well, I've figured it out.... Last night before I went bed I put extra coolent in the reserve. This morning on the way to my buddys oil change shop to flush the Rad, the heat came back...Hummm that's odd I thought.. I was going to turn around and head home( figuring out that it was fixed) but I stopped by his shop... He and I began to flush the rad anyway, and what do I see??? coolent flowing from the bottom of the motor!!!!! The water pump did go bellyup.. and I had NO coolent in the engine(therefor no heat) So, it's in my other buddy shop to the tune of about $400 with parts and labor :cry: ... Thanks everyone for the input....

  • I didn't see a reply to an inquiry like this one. someone out there have any suggestions. :confuse:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    This is a very common problem, all you need (typically) is a blower motor resistor ($17.69 from NAPA). - tNumber=BR266&Description=Blower+Motor+Resistor

    Best Regards,
  • gg1328gg1328 Posts: 16
    I purchased a 1998 Plymouth Voyager Expresso 3.3 engine last week. I also purchased the Hayes Repair manual. It states in order to put R-134 in, the compressor has to be running. If not, jump the LOW PRESSURE CYCLING SWITCH with a jumper. It does not show a picture of what it looks like, nor where it is located. Can any body please clue me in on the exact location and what it looks like? Thanks in advance.
  • nclake1nclake1 Posts: 2
    98 Caravan: Replaced serpentine belt at about 100,000. Belt squealed when A/C is turned on and intermittently at highway speeds with A/C on. Had belt tightened, temporary relief. Belt began to squeal again when A/C turned on and intermittently at highway speeds with A/C on. Did not squeal with A/C off.
    Replaced belt. Temporary relief, but squealing began shortly again.
    Have had this problem for 50,000 miles and mechanic does not seem to be able to figure it out.

    Now the belt squeals when ever the A/C or the heater fan is turned on and squeals intermittently at highway speeds with either A/C or heater fan on.

    I love my mini van, but I am afraid the belt will break in some desolate place or worse. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Had belt tightened, temporary relief. Ummm, these vans have a spring loaded "belt tensioner", so unless you had your mechanic replace the tensioner with a unit that has a higher tension, then there is no such a thing as "tightening" the belt.

    Over the years I've read about many belt issues on these vans and squealing is almost always one (or more) of three different issues:

    1) Cheap belt. I've personally had to deal with this one, I was too lazy to replace my own belt a couple of years ago and so when it was in for the annual state inspection, I had the shop put a new belt on. Needless to say, they bought the cheapest belt they could find. Damn thing squealed from Day 1. I finally got tired of the squealing and bought the best NAPA belt sold and put it on, squealing gone and has remained gone for the last 20,000 miles.

    2) Oil, Power Steering Fluid, or Coolant contamination: As engines and accessories, age they tend to leak, fact of life. Check to see if there is any contamination on the belt surfaces.

    3) Failing or failed A/C clutch or compressor. Of the two I'm thinking that the compressor is most likely. Do you hear any noise or racket emanating from the compressor when the A/C is working?

    Best Regards,

    Edit: It just occured to me that you might have a 4-Cylinder engine or the Mitsubishi 3.0 liter V6, all of my comments were made assuming you have either a 3.3 or a 3.8 liter Chrysler engine. If you have either of the two smaller mills, disregard my comments. :blush:
  • nclake1nclake1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your input. I should have been more definitive regarding engine.

    The mini has the 3.0 engine.

    Question: does this negate the "spring tensioner"/ belt tightening observation?


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