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Passenger Side Water Leak

oldpackratoldpackrat Member Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Lincoln
Hi, I have 2003 Lincoln Cartier Edition Town Car. Have a considerable water leak on passenger side floor of car. Air conditioner vent screen which seems to be the answer is not the problem here. I have sealed around vent then put
rolled up toilet paper around edge of screen to see where any water coming through screen would be located. Toilet paper is dry after heavy rain yet passenger side front floor has accumulated enough water to use a siphon hose to get it out. Right front fender was replaced several years ago. Leak just started about 3 months ago. Where else could the rain water be getting in with such high quantity????? Any help or suggestions would be gratefully accepted!


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    berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    Years back I actually had the same type issue on an 00 Taurus, quite noticeable water leak on the passenger side floor, nothing on the driver side. Turned out to be an issue with the fresh air filter, or some such, under the air intake in front of the windshield. I believe it was installed from outside the car, rather than under the dash in that model. It hadn't been reinstalled correctly. Once corrected, never had the issue again over a number of years. Maybe other Fomoco products of that era have something similar? Sorry, I don't remember the precise terms from back then. A mechanic or dealer may be able to answer that. Good luck.
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    estreet7estreet7 Member Posts: 1
    The answer is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uav0Xj7zlk I have same issue!
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