iDrive and the 3-Series

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What are your experiences with the iDrive in the 3-Series?


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    being a product of this century i think the idrive and navigation might be something i like. what has been the experience of people on the board with it? simply put if you have the idrive do you regret it or have you come to like it?
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    Here's my input....
    I liked the idea of iDrive as well. Reading through the information available over the last 6 months or so, I was pretty convinced I would want it and if I happened to go with a 330i over a IS350 I would order it.
    July 23rd I went and test drove a bunch of 3 series at my local dealership to help me make my decision. All the cars I tried were manual (auto wasn't ever even considered which BTW was my biggest problem with the IS350 regardless of how the auto shifted and ran through the gears)
    Started with a manual 325i non-SP; was impressed. It had much more power than I was expecting. Wow, the new 3 is the way to go I said.
    330i non-SP; nice. After being so impressed with the power in the 325i I was a bit let down in the extra power of the 330i considering the extra 40hp advertised. But still, even more fun.
    330i SP w/ idrive: Spent most of the day with this car, thinking it was close to what I wanted to order. I tell you, I tired and tried to like/love the iDrive but never warmed to it. Every time I was going through the menus to do something and it was a couple of steps I would think to myself how it could be done in one of the other cars in one step. Is it cool? Yup. Will it impress your friends? Should. Did I order it? Not a chance. Maybe a week or more would have me loving it (don't know) but with my extended test drive I had enough seat time to decide no.
    Decided on a non-SP 330i in Electric Red with a few options. The SP package was left out as well because of concerns of the road quality (or lack there of) in the GTA.
    So now I'm waiting until the end of Sept. for my car and I can't wait.
    A question I would have for you guys is if my car is being built as a 'true' 2006 or before? Was it built before or after the summer break if it was ordered July 25th with production #. I had an email from my dealer that it entered production on Aug. 15th and had a serial#. Anyone know?
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    Congratulations on the very good choice. May I ask what exactly you mean by " 'true' 2006 or before?" ? How do you think car build before September borderline differ from those that will be build now?

    And about iDrive. I think it a matter of preference. I personally never even bothered to check it out, but not because I don’t like it – was trying to save some $$$ :) But if I had enough I would buy it. I design software for living. I simply don’t see any problems in getting used to any new computer system. Judging on the user manual that I read afterwards on the iDrive - it seems very easy and intuitive to use. But again – it comes from the guy who builds computer programs:)

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    I heard some one before saying that the e90s built before the 'summer break' were actually 2005's and only called 2006's in NA. I assumed it was true. Is it? As for differences, if it was after the change of the actual model year I was hoping for some updates or bug fixes that might have been issues with the older 2005's (some of which have been mentioned on this thread)
    Wishful thinking?
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    Don’t know about year models, I think it was simply a marketing pitch to introduce "new" 3 half year earlier than usual. And with all those software upgrades and bug fixes... yeah... I hope they fix all of them shortly after September.
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    The 3-series before and after September will be the same.... except for the price. For all vehicles arriving at dealerships before September 1, they will have the "old" pricing (the pricing that is in effect right now). After September 1, there will be a price increase of roughly 1.5% (varies with model, options, etc.) If you ordered your 3-series before July 20, you could have "locked-in" the old pricing, even if your car comes in after September 1. At this point, it looks as though you'll be getting the new, higher pricing. :(
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    Re I-Drive: in my opinion, BMW is about the most stubborn car company out there. They have received tons of grief and virtually NO praise whatsoever for the I-Drive, yet persist in retaining it, year after year. You could understand this for a year or two because of supplier issues, but by now, you would think they would throw in the towel and put in a touch screen like Lexus or something. They had to deal with the Bangle Butt on the 7 series at mid-cycle refresh (I predict they will do the same on the 5).
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    Thanks for all the input from everyone.

    I am also being $$$ conscience. Ironically the reason for the IDrive consideration is the need for navigation in my work. I can get one of the hand helds but I would love to work with it through the car.

    I am going to order something this week. I went for a great test ride the other day. A 330i sp, 325i non-sp, and an '03 540i. I wanted to do the 330i before the 325i because I figured it might be harder to tell the difference going down rather than up. I agree with is3ooguy, in that the difference is hard to make out. The 330i is faster but not by much. I really wish BMW put some good looking tires on the 325i non-sp. The base 325i tires do an injustice to the appearance of the car. I am leaning towards the 330i because the options important to me are stock on the 330i, especially the radio.

    Last I drove the 540i. OH MY GOD!.. It was the first time ever I actually backed off of a car because of acceleration. What an awesome car. I am thinking long and hard about it but it would push my budget, even though I keep telling myself I would have equity at the end.(The 3-series would be a lease).

    One last think about the BMW's. Maybe I am a total fat@ss, but I feel more comfortable in the regular seats. I am coming out of a lease of an 03 330i with sport and I never got used to the seats. When I get in the regular seats I feel more at home. And I know I am not 18 anymore but geesh, I don't think I'm that out of shape.

    Finally I know I am going to get crushed for this, but I am getting close to having a local Acura dealership come down on the money to match the lease package of the 330i. I know I have to pay for oil changes, but if I can get them to match I might do it. The RL is just more of a family friendly car, and it comes with very cool toys that from what I read are superior to BMW. I know behind the wheel will never be, but with AWD and more room I might opt to think about the 3 of us (wife, child and myself) rather than the 2 of us (my maniac alter-ego and myself)!

    Thanks again for the posts...
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    "Finally I know I am going to get crushed for this, but I am getting close to having a local Acura dealership come down on the money to match the lease package of the 330i. I know I have to pay for oil changes, but if I can get them to match I might do it."

    Crush you? No. Offer a little advice? Certainly. Just take another test drive in that 540i6 immediately after driving the RL. ;-)

    Best Regards,
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    I've had my car for four weeks now. I have the 330i with idrive. I also have the 745i with idrive - 2002. As I've mentioned before, I wanted the 330 loaded and the idrive on the 2002 (the BAD year for idrive) was what made me consider selling my 328i - 2000 - a near perfect car!. I love getting directions - and they are easy and accurate. The car is an improvement on perfection. The radio is beyond. The sound some of the best I've heard. I thought the Satellite would be a waste but I got it because of the ability to get reception on a long drive. I hardly every listen to regular radio now. I love the selection. Run Flats? So it could cost me a few hundred to replace a bad tire - I could have to replace one with regular soft side wall tires. Just factor that there is a penalty for driving poorly into curbs and ruts in the road. When you pay top pricing for the top of the line you have to factor in some additional expenses. Just the way it is.
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    Set your radio controls to show the presets, not just the frequencies. You can then spin the controller to get to the station you want. Press/Play. Done.

    Yeah, having direct buttons would be nice, but if you have voice activation, press it, say "Play or tune 95.1" and it will tune to it.

    Voice activation makes iDrive the secondary controller. :)

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    "Set your radio controls to show the presets, not just the frequencies. You can then spin the controller to get to the station you want."

    Right, I understand that, but I like my nav. screen to be on most of the time. So, it would be good to have the station buttons to bypass using the screen.
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    Don't the iDrive screens have the option of displaying the nav in one area and radio in the other? I've seen it done where the nav shows up in a helper screen on the right and the radio controls are on the left.

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    Yup, you're right, but to me the smaller helper screen for the Nav., just doesn't do it. Too bad the radio can't be shown on the smaller helper screen.
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    I am just about to pull the trigger on a 330i . . . .

    I had decided I didn't want Navigation early on in my E90 selection process, largely based on negative reviews in the press of the iDrive system. Now that the dealer has located a car with the odd set of options I want (and NOT Navi) , I am suddenly thinking I should consider Navi, as I frequently travel to unfamiliar places, sometimes over long distances, for work.

    I'm going to LEASE - probably for 3 years, maybe even for 2 years - so it isn't as if I'll have it for the next 10 years if I don't like it. And I am quite comfortable with computers, and love doing all kinds of stuff with them.

    The questions are, I guess, for those who have Navigation or who studied up on it carefully before deciding against it:

    Is it difficult to use, cumbersome, and irritating? Or is it helpful, amazing even, and you can't imagine doing without it? What are the pros and cons, as you see them? If you had it to do over, would you get Navi?

    Let me know what you think.

    Thanks, as always, for any input,
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    Not too bad if your salesperson is versed and takes time to go over it with you. Personally I get a free map at the travel center. Travelled over 40 states and never been lost. 2k is a lot to add to a 2 years lease to me.

    Good Luck,
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    Keep in mind that you can get a very capable portable GPS from Garmin (my choice) or Magellan for a fraction of what the hard-mounted ones cost.

    For my money, having the ability to upload/download from a portable GPS to/from a PC gives me just what I want, and I can use the thing in a rental, on the airplane getting there, and in my next car. I have hundreds of waypoints marked, and have no interest in trying to load them into a $2000 dedicated system. Plus which, all these things work a little bit differently, and it takes a long time to get familiar with all the features & how to get them to work efficiently.

    I used to drive professionally and have had occasion to drive well over a million miles at this point, 95% with only paper maps & my memory to work from. No real problems, but navigating single-handed in unfamiliar territory (especially the UK, driving on the left) becomes 100% stress-free with a GPS.

    I don't go beyond my daily commute without mine. Even if you've been someplace before, there's entertainment value in knowing how far it is to the next item of interest and/or exactly when you're going to get there.

    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    I got Navigation and love it. I love everything about it, from the different dash, to the iDrive. I don't think it is hard to learn at all. I figured most of the options while taking delivery of my car. Read the manual, and can do everything with it without any problems. I think it is way better than getting one of the portable ones, since the display is much bigger and I have not seen any issues with directions. (Just had a friend which bought the latest Garmin and returned it since it was not consistent announcing the turns at the right time, sometimes too late!).

    Will I get it for my next car? You betcha!

    Do I put any trust in what magazine writers say about the system being too complex? No way! We have to wonder how good they are with computers, maybe they complaint about an iPOD since it has fancy menus ;) .

    Good luck with your purchase.
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    Didn't get the idrive/navi option on my 330i. One of my only regrets, I guess I didn't get it because all the negative press on it. Since then I have got a chance to use it a couple of times (once on a 330i) and I'm sorry I did not get it. My next one will have it 2 1/2 years from now :)
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    I had decided I didn't want Navigation early on in my E90 selection process, largely based on negative reviews in the press of the iDrive system.

    With regards to the more recent bad press for iDrive, I have two theories.

    1) The magazine reviewers didn't even try to use the newest version of iDrive and just based their negative comments on reviews from 2002 or 2003 7-Series.

    2) They are 95 years old and have never used a computer before. Seriously, if you have ever used a computer with a mouse, then you can learn the entire iDrive system in a couple minutes. It's really pretty straight-forward now (although I admit that in 2002/2003, it was not particularly user-friendly).
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    I have 325i with Navi and ordered it with some initial hesitation . I am glad that I made this decision. I also own Honda Odyssay with Navi.
    Basically honda/acura products are simpler to use but they also have fewer options.
    BMW with Navi is intutive but advanced. I may takes may be couple of days to get used to it, but i am not sure why people would call it dreaded. It has lot of features and once you get used to it, it does have better options and features then honda navi has to offer. Screen is also wider in BMW and additional smaller window makes it easier to work on other options.
    If you can use computer, you can use it. People start learning using everything Navi has to offer and then can get irritated in the first couple of days. It is similar to people test drive the cars for one day and then start making negavtive comments.
    I have 325i for the last 4 months and i am still learning new feature, but that doesn't mean that i cannot put in an address and perform simple options.
    I cannot says about the previous generations of Navi's but in new 3 series it is very good and must have.

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    I think I would like the integrated satnav, but am not willing to pay more than $1000 for it, and would strongly prefer that it were a separate component from the radio and climate control. For $2000, I'd rather use an aftermarket unit that I can take with me when I drive other cars. Not as slick as an integrated unit, though.
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    I think you state the real problem with NAV... the price tag. I just would not receive $2K worth of value from today's NAV systems when simple $2 maps and a cell phone will get me anywhere I need to be!

    When the price can be embedded and not push the car over an acceptable threshold, I'd bet that resistance will lessen... one (minor) reason I'm hangin' on to my 2003 e39SP :)
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    The problem with the whole NAV question is that everything is kind of muddy, consider the following:

    The current crop of built-in NAV units bundle in so much more functionality than the older units or the portable units, some easily duplicated with conventional controls, some not. Case in point, on the E90 the NAV system can also be used to control your Bluetooth phone, it can be used to program DRLs, auto-locking, seat memory, radio station presets, climate control and other such preferences. True, most of these can be setup up by either you or your dealer on non-NAV cars, but with the NAV, you can set a certain feature, decide if you like it, and then change it if you don't. Advantage built-in NAV.

    Then again, some folks might like their NAV unit to do double or even triple duty. Units like the Garmin GPSMAP 396, with its $2,695 retail price are expensive, however, you can use it in your airplane and take advantage of its full Jeppesen NavData database for General Aviation, XM Weather Satellite (for NEXRAD radar), and many other GA facilities. This unit can also be used with MapSource City Select and MapSource BlueChart for driving and boating respectively. Advantage portable.

    Then there is the whole question of whether NAV is wanted/needed at all. For me personally, until I get that plane, I've no need for NAV. That having been said, my wife can occasionally get herself lost on the way to work, not to mention heading to a soccer field in a neighboring town to watch our son play. For her, $2,000 or even $2,700 is cheap given how often it would be used.

    Best Regards,
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    "For her, $2,000 or even $2,700 is cheap given how often it would be used."

    Or you could wait and pay an additional $10/mo to Verizon for additional service on your phone. It even includes voice recogition. Seems to me this is the killer app for cell phones.
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Tehe, not bleedin' likely. Mrs. Shipo has had her current mobil phone for three years and she has yet to master retrieving her messages. :-/ Interestingly enough, she is very much a bright person, having risen from the ranks of one of the largest garment companies in the world to a Vice President in only ten years, she just cannot get the hang of a mobil phone. Personally I suspect that part of it is that the whole 40 year old "cannot see close-up" thing hit her like a ton of bricks, and seeing anything on a cell phone, buttons, screen, hands free plug, power adapter, et all, is very difficult.

    In her case, I'm thinking that the nice large screen of the iDrive NAV system is about as small as she is going to be able to use.

    Best Regards,
  • calif65gmcalif65gm Member Posts: 75
    You can try the feature and turn it off also on non-Nav cars.

    I didn't get Nav because I just don't feel that I'll get my $2k money worth. I am typically very good with directions and with a Yahoo map pre-printed before I head out; I am pretty much set.

    I got lost in Europe a couple of times during my ED, but it just gave me an excuse to get back on the A-bahn and start over. :blush:
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    Thanks so much for the thoughtful responses to my questions about the iDrive/Navigation system. My conclusions, based upon all of your input and my research, are these:

    1. The horrible press it has received is largely undeserved, and was likely based on prior versions of the system. While it takes a little effort to learn, like any worthwhile tech gadget, it is not particularly difficult, cumbersome, or time consuming to do so.

    2. It works pretty darn well, although perhaps not as well in some respects as the standalone products. Most people who have it are pleased they have it, and enjoy using it.

    3. The standalone products have some significant advantages: (a) mobility/tranferability from vehicle to vehicle (b) cost; (c) extremely cool ability to plan/program travel and POI's into the standalone unit from the comfort and convenience [and much larger screen] of a PC or laptop, and to collect the travel info and POI's after the trip for timesheets/expense reports, future travel or just for kicks; (d) the ability to integrate with traffic information radio broadcasts using add on units, which the integrated Navi apparently cannot to in the US, although they can in Europe.

    4. The integrated Navigation/iDrive also has some significant advantages over the standalone units: (a) it's integrated, with a much larger, brighter screen, optimally positioned for visibility and to minimize taking your eyes off the road (b) controls Blue Tooth telephone if you have PP (c) displays and controls satellite radio and mp3 CD data very effectively (d) voice commands, if they work well, are simple and effective, and further minimize distraction and taking your eyes off the road (e) iDrive allows you to customize many vehicle function options.

    It’s really a tossup for me. I think the advantages of iDrive/Navigation convinced me that it is something I want, but I don’t want to wait a couple of months if I have to order a car to get it. If I can find one equipped in other respects how I want it, I’ll be getting iDrive. If not, the consolation prize will be getting the other functionality offered by the standalone units.

    The thorough responses of everybody who contributed to this discussion are very gratifying, and much appreciated.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,449
    and thanks to you for a nice summary of the whole discussion.

    I'm truly married to my stand-alone unit, but wouldn't mind paying something for the non-navigation features of the screen-oriented controls becoming more common in this class of vehicles. Unfortunately, it's the whole thing (including nav) or nothing.

    So, for me I guess, it'll be nothing.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    I know that a lot of folks here don't have the I-drive, but can anyone offer any input/comment on this different way to control the NAV. Also, what other things do you have to control using this mouse type mechanism.

    The Sales guy said that others are moving to this type of mechanism, and while I've seen some that are kind of like that does anyone think the trend in the industry is to move in this direction. The sales guy's response was due to a comment I made about Consumers Report, not they are an expert, hated the i-drive controls.


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    Operating Nav with i-Drive is very easy. If you have voice command, you can do it that way too. I-Drive's database for things like restaurants, hotels, etc, isn't as easy to use as something from Lexus or Acura, but it does have one. :)

    It seems quite a few makers are using something similar. BMW has i-Drive. Audi has MMI. MB has something I can't remember the name of.

    You will find most reporters hate these kinds of interfaces. Ask the owners who have lived with them for a while and your responses will be more favorable. However, there are some owners who still hate it. I grew up with technology and it doesn't bother me at all. I rather prefer having the one spot for most of my needs.

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    The iDrive. is very easy to use. I have a 05 545i w/nav. It only took twenty minutes to figure out how to work the system. I like technology, so I was very eager to learn. In addition, if you know how to use a computer or cell phone, then you can use the iDrive. I know it takes several steps to execute an action (selecting presets for the radio versus selecting a button on your dash board) and for some people this can by annoying. However, the integration of machine and computer is inevitable. We must learn to assimilate into the way of the future. I can't wait for cars to be similar to the cars in the movie "Minority Report." It will be the end of car accidents (human error) and harmony will be restored!
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    Hey that is what the BMW sales guy said. Resistance is Futile, this technology is coming. I too am a techie by trade, but haven't been given enough play time on it. I have a Lexus NAV and that is my comparison/reference.

    Does the BMW Nav allow you to enter a destination address or location while the vehicle is moving?
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    Yes, it does.

  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    >"Yes, it does."

    Just through voice commands, or via the bottle cap as well?
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    I usually use the iDrive controller. The voice commands for NAV I haven't bothered to use a whole lot. I use the voice commands mainly for dialing phone numbers. The voice commands for changing radio stations are okay, until you want to use Sirius. :)

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    I have been driving my 2006 325i for over a year. I am kind of neutral about iDrive. It is not very hard to use but response is very slow.
    About the NAV system in BMW, it sucks compared to my portable Garmin quest GPS. It lacks many features that stand alone gps has. Does anyone know how to input a specific business name as an destination? Go through categories only list all names in that category.
  • dawgfan1dawgfan1 Member Posts: 6
    One week into my new 335xi...fairly loaded, including NAV. Love driving the car. I wanted NAV not so much for navigating around Seattle area (no route options anyway) as for having phone directory on screen and having the ability to control IPod on screen too.

    So far, the phone "syncs" however address book from Blackberry Pearl ATT phone which is synced with my office outlook (over 1,400 entries) only seems to partially (mostly) download into vehicles hard drive. I dont know if this is a capacity issue...a phone issue...or what. My salesman is stumped as to the problem, but was quick to imply that my large address book was to blame. Anyone know if that could be a factor...?? Seems most folks have PDAs synced with their office address books through Outlook, so I cannot be that unusual.

    For those address entries that ARE in the system, the voice calling is VERY spotty at being able to select the proper name to call. VERY frustrating.

    To top matters off, I have had the dealer (as well as my IT guy try to sync my garage door opener with the auto one on the car mirror). Both times they followed the sync procedures and declared it taken care of. Needless to say, it still does not work.

    1. Similar experiences?
    2. Solutions?
    3. Advice?
    4. Remedies?

    Good thing driving the car is such a thrill... I am getting to the point where I simply turn off the display... Right now, I would save the $2500 and go without I-drive!! :mad: :cry:

  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Member Posts: 292
    >address book from Blackberry Pearl ATT phone which is synced with my office outlook (over 1,400 entries) only seems to partially (mostly) download into vehicles hard drive.

    How much over 1,400? I believe the max number of contacts is 1,500. Also, do you have any groups defined? I don't, but from what I recall the synch procedure will stop when it encounters the first group.

    Have you looked here?
  • dawgfan1dawgfan1 Member Posts: 6
    I ahve about 1430 phone entries. No groups that I know of, but that is something I will check. Thanks for the web link, I will look there next!
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    In 2009 a revised iDrive is being released. Has a higher resolution screen and probably a better interface. A 40GB Hard Drive is an improvement over the DVD based system. Maps have to be updated by a dealer though :(. The Hard drive can store maps, phone entries, and Music. Can rip your favorite songs or Audio CD's straight to the hard drive. Hope this helps.

    Edit: It might actually store more than 18 GB of Music. 8 GB is for maps. and some could be for phone and maybe other stuff. Maybe even the idrive system itself.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,485
    Just took delivery yesterday of an '09 3 Series with iDrive. I've always liked the concept of iDrive even though I admit that the Japanese cars have better ergonomics and interfaces. That said, the new generation iDrive is MUCH improved. The graphics are indeed improved with less steps required than past iDrives and there is a reverse button and multiple buttons around the central controller, These allow you to go to the menu, entertainment, nav., etc. functions directly. What really is incredible are the quantity of things you can store in the system from radio channels to personalizing the car. Like my '08, you can bypass the iDrive altogether by using 6 preset radio buttons on the center or using climate control functions there as well.

    In summary, my initial impression is very favorable to iDrive. Still not perfect, it is still in a relatively pioneering phase for technology representing a computer-like format to control many functions of your car. And, it continues to get better and better.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076

    Videos of the newest idrive. It uses a much better screen. If you're ordering a new 2009 3 Series get the 6FL option since that gives you full ipod integration from the factory. Full USB devices integration is also good.
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    hi folks,
    i have question about the navigation system in 2009 328i. when i use the navigation,its not telling the street or exit name or number which one i should follow through. it just say take right or take exit. some times when we have two exits like 64a and 64b consecutively,it just say take exit at right. so is there anything i should update my navigation in the car. its not great. can you help me through?
    the version of my navigation is BMW 1.2.8 ROAD MAP NORTH AMERICA PREMIUM 2009-1.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    2010's get a new Voice recognition system. This can be retrofitted to an 09 but at a fee.
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    Bumping this thread up-...

    Got a new 2010 328i xDrive with the latest iDrive, and it is great.
    Read all the poor reviews of the old version, but so far the current iDrive works very well.

    I had a couple questions regarding the Hard Drive functions if anyone knew the answers to:

    When inserting a music CD, and after you copy the music into the hard drive (which is GREAT),
    1) Is there a way to DELETE the files?
    2) Is there a way to check how much HARD DRIVE SPACE is left?

    :) THANKS! :)
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