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Interior Power Loss after replacing Alternator

rebecccaenvoyrebecccaenvoy Member Posts: 2
edited July 2018 in GMC
After having my Alternator replaced, I was driving my car and the dash board lights all lit up,including the low oil, anti locks, every light, The air conditioning stopped working, the radio turned off, the windows and locks wouldn't work! I would shut the car off then restart and I would lose all interior power again. I bought back to the shop and they replaced it again with another Car Quest Alternator. Same thing happened after driving for about about 30 minutes. They replaced the alternator again with a AC DELCO brand. day 1 and so far all is good but I do see the battery gauge dropping a little. I'm wondering if it's an ignition problem........any one experience this????? Any suggestions??? I have a 2009 ENVOY
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