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Kia Rio MPG-Real World Numbers

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
With the price of fuel being what it is, the mileage you're getting is becoming more important. This is the place to discuss the mileage performance you're getting out int he real world.

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  • The new Rio has gas mileage numbers very close together on the 5-speed 32/35. the auto is 29/38. The advantage here on the 5-speed is that you do not have to downshift nearly as much because it geared relativily low, so that when you step on it in 5-gear it can still accelerate fairly well. I would take the power any day especially since it get 3 mpg better in the city, where a lot of my driving is done.
  • I had to settle for a sedan as the dealer STILL hasn't seen a whiff of the Rio5 and I needed wheels pronto. Nice little car, rides fine and actually accelerates nicely. My problem is the MPG. Or should I say the lack of it? I traded in a long paid for pick up at 19mpg for what I'd hoped would be a mileage monster and I'm only getting 23 mpg!!! Now this is an automatic and all my driving is on country roads at 55 mph or so. I don't beat it. I'd be happy if I got 30 as opposed to the 38 advertised but come on! I'm curious just what I can do about it at this point.
  • F-Man said:

    My problem is the MPG. Or should I say the lack of it? I traded in a long paid for pick up at 19mpg for what I'd hoped would be a mileage monster and I'm only getting 23 mpg!!! Now this is an automatic and all my driving is on country roads at 55 mph or so. I don't beat it. I'd be happy if I got 30 as opposed to the 38 advertised but come on!

    Say... did anyone else on here take note of the post above? So far it's the only post about the Rio's MPG I've found online.

    I sure hope that there's something amiss with his calculations, because 23 MPG is nowhere near the 30 MPG City that the Rio's rated for, yet alone the 38 MPG Highway.

    Keep posting those MPG's on here lurking Rio owners, because the Rio's "superior" gas mileage is the primary reason I'd consider the Rio over the Spectra as a commuter car.


    16k+ miles on my Spectra EX, and still lovin' it!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    I am going to mention a few things, please forgive me if some of them are really obvious:

    * Tires fully inflated? (Important as winter approaches to check the air pressure. You might also try a little higher pressure than normal, e.g. 35 psi if 30 is recommended. Stay under the max pressure on the sidewall, however.)
    * Transmission in D and not 3? (I have slipped an auto tranny into 3 before without realizing it, so it's possible.)
    * Parking brake off? (I know, this sounds really dumb, but there was a whole thread over in the Mazda3 discussion about a guy driving around with the parking brake partially on.)
    * Length of trips? (Short trips will really take their toll on mpg. So will stop lights, if you have those on your trip.)
    * Pedal technique? (i.e., do you have a light touch on the pedal, as if there is a raw egg between your foot and the pedal? Do you anticipate stops and have your foot off the gas as much as possible? These things alone account for a 20% difference in mpg between my driving and my wife's driving.)
    * Miles on car? (Hyundai engines, which the Rio has, are famous for having a long break-in, during which the fuel economy improves quite a bit. So you should see fuel economy climb after the first few thousand miles and continue to climb after that. For example, I have 15k on my automatic Elantra and it is getting about 10% better mpg than it did at first.)
  • That is true of it seems of their breakin. With my Sephias, although not built buy Hyundai, not until my last few months did I get good MPG. I have a 2006 Rio and am getting around the correct MPG now. I drove earlier in the month from my home in Virginia to Toronto a distance of about 600 miles and got over 400miles per tank which is damn near 38MPG hwy.
  • I was wondering about why my MPG seemed low. Thought maybe it was just me. My 2004 Rio Cinco which has 4,150 miles on it. So far the best I have done in the city is 25 mpg. I havn't been on the highway yet.
    I didn't think about the break-in.
  • Well, I checked all the obvious stuff...It is an automatic and it does indeed have the overdrive engaged. It is very noticeable when it isn't. Tire inflation is correct. Parking brake is not engaged. My daily grind consists of a ten mile trip to and from work on country style highway at 55-60mph. I am pretty much rural and stoplights aren't a factor. I've been real cautious on the gas pedal during the break-in period. I have nearly 1250 miles on it now. All the things mentioned (with the exception of the brake being on)account for about a ten percent or so difference. Unfortunately that would still leave me short of the city estimate of 29 mpg.

    On a brighter note my last tank came in at 28.5mpg. I had some longer cruises in there and some expressway drives as well. I actually decided to drive it more in my usual manner and not so delicate and it seemed to like it. Hopefully the burn in period shows considerable improvement but I don't think I'll ever approach the 38 mpg advertised.

    As someone mentioned the high mpg is the ONLY reason I got this car over any other. If I wanted 25mpg I could have got a bit more car than this (a bit more in the monthly payments as well).

    All in all I have to say I do like the car. It rides like it is bigger than it is. Real good vision for the driver and the seats are pretty comfy. I'm 6', 200# and over 50 so comfort is a must with me and I'm quite pleased with that aspect of things. Oh, and it does look kind of muscular for a little guy. ;-)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Little guy?

    So with only 1250 miles you should see continued improvement as the miles build. Since you are now in winter, you might see a penalty from cold weather, longer warmups, winter-blend gas etc., so the real test will see how it does come spring. I am betting you will see 30s by then and by the time of the first anniversary you will be topping 38 on the highway on occasion, since you seem to drive moderately. If I can get 38 mpg on a 135-hp 2.0L automatic Elantra, loaded with five people and gear, driving on country highways at 55-60 mph (in the summer), I am confident you will see better mpg on your Rio.
  • This is a bit late for a reply but I have a small update. I live west of rochester, NY and had tickets for basketball in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse this past Sunday. So, since I'm still getting 23 or so MPG every day I topped off the tank before hopping on I-90 and topped off again upon my return. 178 miles round trip with less than 10 miles not on an expressway. Speeds averaging better than 70 mph (it really purred at 75!). My "highway only" mpg on this trip was an eye popping 44.5 mpg! I'm, still getting crappy mpg day in and day out but I guess I know what I'm driving for any extended cruises! This just shows to me it has it in it if I can only figure out how to coax it out day in and day out.
  • I like the car but I don't want to spend spectra size money on it. How long before Kia will be willing to really deal when it comes to selling the 2006 Rios?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    My guess is that the rebates will start flowing big-time by this spring, when the Honda Fit, well-equipped including ABS, side bags/curtains, A/C, and power package and starting at $13k will start rolling out. The new Yaris will be out by then also, starting at $11k for a stripped 3-door hatchback.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    Oh God here we go again! I haven't seen it here. I have sen plenty of the $12,000 or under Rios. Granted they don't have the equipment that the Spectras have. BUT then again the Rio is an ENTRY LEVEL CAR!! Plus the Rio5 is the top of the line of the Rios (it has more equipment standard than the Rio, just like the previous Rio and Cinco (which I have 2004).
  • Did a lot of city driving the last two days. Just filled up on the way home, I drove 156 miles in two days, mostly South Miami and Miami beach. Plenty of traffic and stopping. I filled up with 5.6 gallons. That means I got 27.85 MPG. After my first fill up this weekend I was breaking 31 MPG but thats because I was doing 90% highway miles. Anyway if I can average 27-31 MPG on a daily basis I will be extremely happy!

    I'm enjoying my Rio5 more and more each day! I even received a couple of comments including an Optima owner at a Barnes and Noble parking lot who was shocked to see the Kia logo on the car. He parked right next to me and got out of his car at the same time, said he thought it was a Mazda! Great compliment!
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    That's pretty impressive for a brand-new car, usually the engines need to break in before hitting good mpg figures. It'll be interesting to see where your mpg goes as your engine runs in. Should be pretty good...going to go look at Rios again today on my lunch break...I really like these little cars.

    I can't get over what you get for the money with the Rio5...the rest of Kia's line looks great too. More edgy and sporty than parent Hyundai's more conservative styling. And their '06 line looks really well-made...Color me impressed. :)

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • In Miami there are probably 3 or 4 weeks per year that I do not run the AC because the temp drops below 70 during the day. It is supposed to heat up and hit the mid 70's this week. Then I will have my AC on during city driving, I suppose that will be the real test! I am expecting to see a 10% drop in MPG with the AC, but thats the price I must pay to live in a tropical paradise!
  • 2006 Kia Rio Lx, My first fill up this afternoon with 238 miles, yield me with 32.1 MPG. I like to see something around 36MPG or better after break in time.
  • I have a 2004 Rio Cinco (bought new...5,600 miles) In the city I am getting somewhere between 21-24 MPG. I haven't had it on the highway yet so I don't know about that MPG. To me that seems a bit low. I have the automatic, and have tried switching the O/D when I am on regular street and turn it back on when I get on the freeway.
  • Just wanted to fill everybody in on the MPG I have been getting. I drove over 1K miles this week doing about 60% highway and 40% city. It's been hot again so I had the AC on the entire time. I averaged 28.6 MPG. I am quite satisfied with that #! Maybe without AC and the Fog lights off I could have done better but 28.6 is pretty darn good.

    My grandfather did 600 miles this week in his 2006 Spectra, he averaged 24.8 MPG doing mostly city, not bad at all! Compared to the 12 or 13 he got in his old Grand Marquis the 24.8 is a blessing!

    I read an article online that stated that anytime an automaker redesigns a model the newer version seems to hold a significantly higher resale value then the older version. The article mentioned 2006 Rio as an example of projected resale value improving during the near future. Sounded very encouraging, I will try to relocate that article and post the link.

    Saw 2 2006 Rio LX sedans on the road today but I am still waiting to see another Rio5. I figure the American public would prefer the Sedan over the hatch 4 to 1. It's a shame because the hatch is so versatile and sportier looking. Well as long as people are buying Kia I can't complain over which model they purchase!
  • Can you guys please tell me how much MPG you are getting city and highway? thanks because i have mix reviews on the Kia's some say they are getting great MPG and other say the opposite.My mother as a Kia Rio sedan 2004 and she is only getting 25 MPG combined.
  • I now have 1900 miles after just 3 weeks. We took a few long trips, we are really enjoying the car. In fact I enjoy it more then any other car I ever owned including 2004.5 Spectra and 1998 Sportage (just to name a couple). I am getting an average of 28.6 MPG (60% highway and 40% city). I always have my AC on medium. I am very satisfied with the average. If I did not use AC 100% of the time and if I drove 60 instead of 75-80 I would easily get 32-34 MPG. But I would rather drive fast and use AC and fog lights at night which the Kia owners manual says burns up gas as well. Anyway my co-workers 2005 corolla says 38 MPG, he is lucky if he gets 28!
  • Ok, I have a spread sheet I'm keeping so I can track my mileage. I'm currently averaging 25.5 mpg on my normal usage. I live in a rural area and drive 55-60 mph with very little stop and go to work (ten miles each way). That is probably 80% of my driving. Then there are short hops into town (30 mph and stop signs)for the other 20%. Of course it is winter and there is some warm up time, etc.. On a pure highway environment I get 44.5 mph. I'm very happy overall. My only issue is that the type of daily driving I do should net me about 32 mpg based on the pre-purchase hype. Gas is down to about $2.43/gal here now so I'm still on the good side of the ledger on that score.

    Like I said, overall I'm pleased with the mpg and I'm certainly very pleased with the car.
  • I just did my first 250 miles on my new kia rio 06 and i got 27.6 MPG i did about 75% highway 25% city? is that good ?
  • Not bad at all! It will get better too, they say the first 600 miles is a breaking in period. Were you using heat or AC? Considering you are freezing your rear end off in Canada probably heat? Anyway Expect to get 28-30 on average. And dont forget the most important thing is to enjoy your Rio!
  • lightoutlightout Posts: 17
    Hi just filled my tank up for the second time only on my new kia rio sedan 2006,the first tank i did 27.6MPG that was mostly highway but this time mostly city 80% and i only got 20.5MPG,is that normal?? just 20MPG even if its more city then highway that is LOW no?
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    I did about 75% city driving last weekend in my Rio5 (automatic) and got 26.1 MPG with AC on. Remember there is a breaking in period of approximately 600 miles. This is as per the owners manual. Anyway it should get better with every fill up!
  • Ok my car just passed 600KM, I have only filled it once, and now I am just over 200KM on my trip after my first fill and I am wondering ifI am going to get much over 400KM per tank? Does my engine need to be 'broken' in more? Will I get over 500 or maybe 600KM per tank? I know it depends on the kind of driving you do city vs hwy.

  • lightoutlightout Posts: 17
    So far my Kia Rio as 950km and the best i did up to now with a tank is 410km it was my first 400km and now i am just over 150km on my present trip and my fuel gage is just below the 3/4 mark so maybe i will do more this time.
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    Rio5, after 2,900 miles averaging 28.1 MPG of mixed driving w/ Max AC on at all times. Just to compare, our 2006.5 Optima LX after 905 miles is averaging 20.6, not even close to the 34 hwy and 24 city that the sticker suggests.
  • lightoutlightout Posts: 17
    When your Rio5 had just 1000 miles was it getting 28.1 MPG or was it worst? did the MPG get better with time? Mine as 800 miles on it right now and i am averaging about 25 MPG without AC on but i have the heater on.
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    I was always getting between 25-31 MPG, I think the worst ever was in the first or second week when I did mostly city driving and got 24.5 MPG.
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