Mercedes-Benz C-Class Real World MPG

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With the price of fuel being what it is, the mileage you're getting is becoming more important. This is the place to discuss the mileage performance you're getting out in the real world.


  • schulhofschulhof Member Posts: 71
    23-25 mpg in mixed driving
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Member Posts: 91
    I have a 2006 C230 Sport with about 2,700 miles on it now. I do strictly around town driving and no highway or at least so far. I clocked it 3 times. First time 20.5. The 2nd time, 20.43. Third time 19.2. The stopping and starting is a killer.The computer will show up over 25 mpg at times and then before it is over, it will be showing 18 or lower with all of the start and stop traffic. I think this is what Mercedes says it will do so am pleased as that was what I was expecting. I will take it on a long trip at the end of the year and hopefully will see it get closer to 30 mpg. I am keeping up with it with the current tank so will see if it holds the pattern. It seems to be getting slightly better but it might be my imagination.
  • dfc3dfc3 Member Posts: 87
    I'm getting 19-20 regularly in city/suburban driving. I'm getting 27ish on the highway
  • jerryhigginsjerryhiggins Member Posts: 5
    Mixed 25.0
    Lowest ever 23.0

    Computer (it's accurate)

    City (21 to 22)
    Hwy 75mph all interstate - 27.5
    Hwy 60 mph around 30

    All better than I hoped for when I bought it and better
    than EPA ratings of 20/25.
  • muttbenzmuttbenz Member Posts: 2
    My 06 has 37,500 miles. With 60% highway driving I average 26-28 mpg. I haven't reset the overall mpg setting on the computer. It indicates 27.4 mpg since new. On all-highway trips the mpg has been 30-31.5.
  • blakehpblakehp Member Posts: 1
    I just got a 2002 C230K SportCoupe, and I'm averaging about 27 hwy, 16 city. I'm no leadfoot - any ideas why my city mileage is so low? The car only has 41.5k on it, so no way it could need new plugs yet.
  • bowgarbowgar Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2001 C320. Has anyone tried regular or midgrade gas? I talked to a local owner of a 2003 and he said he used mid-grade with no problems, and even regular worked O<, but mpg was reduced.
  • mdunfordmdunford Member Posts: 4
    I live downtown and mostly drive downtown. I see on average 20.4 or so.
  • rikuriku Member Posts: 10
    i have an 04 C32, and about 75% highway miles. I avg about 21 mpg. The best I got on the freeway was 27.0.

    I'm not bragging or complaining :D
  • fourplay56fourplay56 Member Posts: 5
    For my trip back & forth SF-LA:
    With the average speed 70~75 (calculated by the meter, though I always driving at 80 on I-5 and 75-80 on 101), the best MPG I had is 27.3 when driving on I-5, and a bit less on 101 owing to too much hill going up and down, thus I got 26.6.

    During city/hwy mix mode, it's around 21~22, depends on the traffic situation.
  • schatzieschatzie Member Posts: 1
    C240 never recorded below 20 mpg in town in runs of five miles. But these were easy runs. Highest recorded on Hwy was 32 on a 190 mile trip with AC off. Overall the computer recorded 23+, never reset. I still feel the tank was way too small and this made me nervous looking for stations trying to get out of dodge when hurricanes hit. I had to carry two 2 1/2 containers of gas in the trunk which is no way cool since gas stations are soon out or the stations are closed. You need a car that will go 450 miles and have reserve left to get out of Florida. I have a C230 now plus another car I will evacuate with. I'll leave the C230 to fare for it's self. :shades:
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Member Posts: 314
    Just bought a 2005 C230 Kompressor Sport sedan with 40,000 miles. In a round trip from Pasadena to Bakersfield (120 miles each way) I got an average of 33 MPG. This is going over the Grapevine and with speed (cruise control) always at or near 75.

    Going North it was 34.8 MPG, coming South was 32.1.

    Needless to say, I am delighted. I actually was planning to buy a new 09 Corolla and picked the C230 instead based on reports from others of low 30s MPG.
  • ajay747ajay747 Member Posts: 6
    I am new to the board and interested in a 2009 Sport with the new 7 speed auto.
    Does anyone have any MPGs on the 2008 or 2009 (either automatic)?

    Thanks for all the good comments on this forum.
  • hgileshgiles Member Posts: 66
    12 mpg so far. I'm not complaining though. All grins here. :)
  • trauppiustrauppius Member Posts: 31
    I completed a 575 mile Black Forest/Alps Rally trip using my new US spec C350W. I picked up the car at the factory in Sindelfingen and was told that the Engine Control Unit (ECU) had been setup for the car to run on unleaded gas down to 87 octane. They do this because the supply of high octane unleaded is spotty in Eastern Europe. I was told that when the car arrives back in the US the MB Vehicle Processing Center will reset the ECU to run on 91 octane, and that the mileage should improve as a result.

    Anyway, on the trip which combined 50 MPH back roads (30%), city (15%), and the rest on the autobahn at speeds between 75-110 MPH I was pleasantly surprised to find the mileage averaged 24.9 MPG for the entire trip and peaked at 29.2 MPG on the autobahn at about 85-90 MPH. The auto transmission was kept in Comfort mode and I avoided fast starts and high RPM (as recommended during break in).

    I am leasing a Saturn Aura XR (252 HP/V6/auto) and get about 21.5 MPG in my mainly highway commute to work. I think the Benz will do better.
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