Mercedes-Benz E-Class Real World MPG Numbers

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With the price of fuel being what it is, the mileage you're getting is becoming more important. This is the place to discuss the mileage performance you're getting out in the real world.


  • microrepairmicrorepair Member Posts: 508
    I had a 1996 E320 that gave me approx. 22 mpg in mostly around town and short (10 miles at a time) highway travels. On long trips, from Mass. to Florida, I used to get almost 28 mpg.

    I now have a 2001 E320 that gives about 25 mpg in a mix of highway (40%) and rural roads (60%) on a round trip of 60 miles. On long trips, (last winter from Mass. to Georgia) it gave 28.9 mpg for the entire round trip including the usual running around in the evening trying to find decent restaurants. And this was mostly on 89 octane rather than the recommended 93. I fill with the 93 every 3rd or fourth tank. I'm very impressed and don't feel like I'm driving a big gas hog as I fly by those SUV's getting 15 mpg..

    My wife has a Toyota Matrix that we bought for its fuel economy. I can only say that it was a mistake. My Benz does far better..! The Matrix struggles to do 21 around town and 26 on the highway. And this was rated as 31 hi-way. Can't wait to dump it for a real economy car.. And the Benz rides SO MUCH better !!!
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    My '01 E-320 gets about 19 mostly city with a little freeway driving. My prior '98 E-320 did the same. I use 91 octane gas.
  • walte320walte320 Member Posts: 3
    2000 E320
    Around town (3 - 5 mile trips) my wife is getting around 21mpg. On a recent trip (390 miles, 95% highway) at an average speed of 72mph with the climate control keeping the cabin a comfortable 72 degrees, we averaged 32.1 mpg.
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    That's excellent for that weight car. My puny 2.7L '03 Sonata's V6 can't even come close. But were those numbers derived via the car's "trip computer" (if equipped) or calculated dividing the miles traveled according to the trip odometer by the gallons pumped with a hand calculator, or [gasp!] manually with pencil & paper? TCs in some cars have been known to be a bit optimistic for reasons not entirely clear.
  • walte320walte320 Member Posts: 3
    Regarding the method for calculating the MPG....Both. I work in Information Technology, so I know better than to trust a computer ;)

    The TC was within a couple tenths of the good old pencil and paper.
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    I am planning to buy an 03 E320 with the base V6 that is rated for premium fuel. Will the engine perform ok with mid grade? How about regular?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Member Posts: 508
    Since the Premium prices went well over $3.30 around here (MA) last year, I have been using 89 0ctane almost exclusively and I have not noticed any problems or reduced fuel mileage. I am reluctant to try the 87 octane as I fear that knocking may occur and cause some engine damage. :(
  • zeenzeen Member Posts: 401
    Thanks Micro. I had heard that the lower octane might trigger the check engine light.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Member Posts: 508
    Just returned from another 2000 mile trip down south and this time I got OVER 29 on two days; 29.3 on one day.. And most other days was in the 27's or higher. Hey, who needs a hybrid when ya got a luxury ride with these kind of mileage numbers?

    But of course as the price of gas creeps higher each passing week, the urge to get a truly economical ride gets stronger. Ah, for the bucks to get an E-class diesel...!!
  • navywife14navywife14 Member Posts: 1
    My husband and I are looking at the 2000 and 2001 E320 Wagon. We have never owed a Mercedes. We have a Ford Explorer and have loved it. Now we want a station wagon that will accomodate 5 passengers comfortably. We have 2 kids and want to be able to carry a couple other people. I love the fold down seats in the back and the room I'm used to in a SUV. The E320 has the classy look, yet I'm a bit nervous about some of the reviews I've read about maintaining them. Have you experienced the electrical problems or engine issues I've been reading about? He is ready to go buy one now, but I'm a bit hesitant. What are your honest feelings as far as your experiences? Anyone have some suggestions as to another vehicle we might look into? We are being stationed in Spain soon so we like the idea of a German vehicle, yet anything is a possibility.
  • mbbrooksmbbrooks Member Posts: 16
    My E350 Sport just turned 7500 miles. Since new it has averaged 19.8 MPG. Which is really good since the average speed is only 32 miles per hour. On the highway if I keep it under 80 - which is very difficult - 28 MPG is the result. Even at 100 or thereabouts I still get around 23 MPG. So far I've stayed with premium.
  • ms09ms09 Member Posts: 112
    can any1 tell me when the new e class is coming????and he clk coupe???the next generation???
  • steve3226steve3226 Member Posts: 15
    I notice a difference in 87 vs 91 on my E-320. It will drive OK on 87 but the performance degradation isn't worth it, IMO.
  • zeenzeen Member Posts: 401
    I noticed that as well on my BMW but 89 seems to be fine. If I do highway driving, I use 91 but for everyday varied use, it's mid-grade
  • microrepairmicrorepair Member Posts: 508
    I have had a couple of minor electrical issues; right hand side rear view mirror no longer tilts down when backing up, 7 or 8 times in the last year the alarm went off when I opened the driver door when it was UNLOCKED, and I've had to replace 4 or 5 bulbs in the last 2 years. This is the 2001 E320. Of more concern is that both catalytic converters already had to be replaced, one at 48K (under warranty), the other at 86K (my money - $900), a bunch of rubber bushings in the front end were replaced at 70K under Starmark warranty, and a front wheel bearing and other parts replaced at 75K under Starmark.

    I would be very concerned about owning this car in Spain, unless I had the Starmark warranty and was able to read and speak Spanish fluently...

    I've been looking for a 6 passenger vehicle to replace my wife's Matrix and one that I like (but haven't driven yet) is the Mazda 5, a small minivan (microvan?). It has 3 rows of 2 seats each. I owned a Mazda a decade ago and wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere in the world. Very reliable cars.. :)
  • jimm5jimm5 Member Posts: 5
    I see that the new E550 is subject to a 1300 gas guzzler tax. Exactly what defines the amount charged and what’s the criteria for being a gas guzzler?

    Also, where does this tax money go?

  • nedzelnedzel Member Posts: 787
    "I see that the new E550 is subject to a 1300 gas guzzler tax. Exactly what defines the amount charged and what’s the criteria for being a gas guzzler?

    Also, where does this tax money go?"

    google is your friend:
  • charlie64charlie64 Member Posts: 1
    my e 320 4 matic is averaging 23.6 to 23.7 mpg on rural roads and my commute is 12 miles one way so the average should take into consideration that the car is used for short commute ie not a hot engine
  • 4maticbenz4maticbenz Member Posts: 2
    I recently traded in my 2001 E320 4MATIC wagon for a 2007 E350 Wagon. The 2001 E320 was a great family car and the pick-up was very exceptional for 4000lbs car. (0-60 in 8 sec). the ride and handling was also flawless just like the 07 model. very subtle and smooth and agile when pushed hard. The car had 110k miles on it when i gave it up and it was still running smooth and powerful (always used premium fuel and synthetic motor oil). Never had an engine problem, however there were some electronic issues. this was typical mercedes fasion, lots of electric glitches but nothing major. the brake sensors were all screwed up once and the car was would not shift out park. Another vehicle immobilizer sensor activated itself and the engine shut it self off while i was cruising at 65 mph. if this car is ment to be an around town family car with alot of utility it is perfect. if you plan to drive this car everywhere and alot it might not be the safest car as it has left me stranded multiple times (luckily in decent neighborhoods). many would argue mercedes are lemons. they arent lemons theyre just electronical lemons.
  • 4maticbenz4maticbenz Member Posts: 2
    My 2007 E350 4MATIC wagon was rated at 21 hwy and 16 city by the EPA. However, i get 27 mpg while crusing anywhere from 80-100 mph and when slowing it down to about 60-65 mph, i get in the lower 30s. My previous E320 wagon used to 27 crusing at 65 and 30 crusing at 85! ???? i dont understand why the EPA rated the newer E-classes at rediculously low mpg estimates. My e350 station wagon weighs 4200 lbs and gets the same mpg as my wifes Lexus Es350 which has the same power and weighs 700 lbs less. if my wagon had the 7-speed auto instead of the 5-speed id bet i could obtain close to 35 mpg
  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    we never got more than 22 mpg on the highway or anywhere else with about 100k miles on a E320 4matic wagon, Y2K model.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Member Posts: 508
    Took another trip down to the Hatteras area from Mass. last March in my 2001 E320 and on a semi-rural highway in N. Carolina (2 or 4 lanes, speed limits from 40 to 55 except for 4 towns at 35mph) over a 180 mile run, I got 31.4 mpg.. Fantastic..!! And that was with two adults and a trunk full of luggage. But admittedly, the temperature was near perfect for a gas engine, about 62 F, and there was almost no traffic to screw up the cruise control. Who needs a Prius when you can cruise in an MB for so little gas???
  • vicvvicv Member Posts: 41
    From north Alabama to DesMoines to Chicago to Niagara Falls to Toronto to Altoona, PA to Columbus, OH and home. Cruised @ 75 - 80 on highways and did some city driving as well. 3170 miles, 29.7 mpg average for the trip. Smooth, comfortable ride.
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