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Mercedes-Benz R-Class:MPG-Real World Numbers

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
edited August 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
With the price of fuel being what it is, the mileage you're getting is becoming more important. This is the place to discuss the mileage performance you're getting out in the real world.


  • I have close to 3K and the last 1700 miles I've averaged 18.8 mpg. Mostly city driving. I'm pleased.
  • qkslvrqkslvr Posts: 34
    just got back from a highway road trip, averaged 21.3 mpg for 500 miles in our R350. overall combined city/highway driving average for 1200 miles is 17.8 mpg.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I have averaged 21.4 over the last 7000 miles. Have 11.5k on the odo. I have clocked 24.5mpg on a 600 highway trip this spring, and regularly do between 22-23 mpg on shorter highway trips.

    Very pleased with the numbers, given the size of the car,\.
  • Most of my driving is done in the city and I've averaged 16.8 mpg. We did take a trip to Toronto and on the way back, we decided to see how well it performed at high speeds. At 65 mph, we were getting aprox. 20.2 mpg; 80 mph it was 22 mpg and around 110-115 mpg around 21.6. Odd that I got better mileage at 80 than 65 considering I don't have air suspension which lowers the body at high speeds.
  • I got 23 on the turnpike 200 milesI'm really happy with the mpg. My C-class got 22-23, so considering the size, it's awesome. Hey what are you R diesels getting?
  • mylt4mylt4 Posts: 23
    Does any one put regular gas in a 350? Dealer is telling me I must use Super???

    Mike in NJ
  • nextnext Posts: 6
    We've got 2 r350s. Both average 20.2 or so mpg after the first year. Completely trouble-free. We're extremely surprised at how efficient they've been. My previous cars (nissan Armada and Honda Odyssey) averaged 11.5 and 19mpg.
  • In town stop and go short trips 17-18 mpg.
    But this is a cruiser! It loves freeways. 70 miles per hour = 24 mpg for 4 hour trips on freeway. This is a huge vehicle for such a modest thirst.
  • 2008 R350 2WD, about 3000miles now and i only really drive in the city. avg 15.6 mpg. i have a heavy foot and drive it in S mode. on the rare occasion we take it on the highway, it avg over 22 mpg easy. i expected better.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I have driven the R320 cdi for a year now. On the highway it excels at mpg - 25-26 while loaded down (including a roof cargo box) and going quite fast. I don't remember seeing anything below 20. Around town - in the C mode I get 21-22. I have trouble seeing out of it while backing, but it's quite the "touring" car.
  • 6 week old CDI is getting about 23 with a KD box.

    I expect that to go up after a year. I am not light on the pedal either.
  • I have had my 06 for two weeks now, and I'm kind of freaking. I don't drive that much (thank God), but I went from a Chrysler Pacifica (don't laugh, I loved the Pacifica...never a problem) so I was used to that. I never figured out what I was getting in the Pacifica, but it must have been damned good, because I'm a little peeved with the R350 Tank. I thought, because it was very much like the Pacifica (minus the 4-wd), it would be very similar in gas mileage. Gulp (no pun intended). I was a little taken aback. I have had to fill up twice since getting it. As I said, it's only been two weeks. I filled the Pacifica up twice a month, if I drove a lot. So, it's a huge diff. I am bummed out.
  • herisheris Posts: 15
    I'm serious...around town drive in C mode. Only drive in S mode on the highway or when you know you'll be rocking steady at 55 or above for awhile. You'll see a marked improvement in gas mileage. Try this on a new tank of gas.... and reset all of your counters. You'll see. :) Don't believe all you read. I know my R320 gets better mileage than a gas model (which is why I bought it) but you can improve your numbers.
  • Just bought a 08 with 17k miles that is pretty loaded and drove it four hours home. I got 25mpg on the way back. Pretty stunning for a car this big.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I drove my 320 from MD to FL with a loaded cargo box on top, and filled to the brim inside - going 75-80 and got 25+ mpg. It's a marvel. Around town, stop and go can be down to 20, but average 22.5+ in day-to-day driving.
  • Bought a 07 R350 4Matic on labor day weekend. I got 24 mpg on highway. For first tank of gas, I got 20 mpg on the mix of highway and local. I was surprised to see such high number for a car this big. :)
  • ctdanctdan Posts: 38
    I've had my 08 R350 for about 14 months mostly driven around town by wife but I was getting approx 17 in town and 22-24 on hwy on the stock tires (Continental Contact). I had to replace those crummy treads after only 15k and a few months ago put on a set of Toyo All Country. Now smoother ride and bump in mpg of about 2 mpg for both in town and on hwy miles.
  • Same experience... 2007 R320 CDI... Hwy - high 20s; Around town - low 20s.
  • I am in the market for R350 but can't decide whether I should go diesel or not. Please help!! :)
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I have an 2007 R320 and it's gets spectacular fuel mileage for a car it's size. I don't know much about the new diesel engines and what is required with the urea filters, etc. Diesel fuel is running on par with the cost of hightest gas. Diesel's last forever...
  • jasonwipfjasonwipf Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    After 30-50mi test intervals on a long trip with my R320 CDI diesel here are my results:

    55mph = 30.8mpg over 30 miles
    60mph = 29.8mpg over 30mi
    65mph = 28.2mpg over 30mi
    70mph = 26.5mpg over 50mi
    75mph = 24.8mpg over 30mi

    entire trip was almost 900mi & 13.5hrs with an overall avg. of: 64mph = 28mpg (overall includes 4 bathroom/meal brakes, all other results above were non-stop 30-50mi test intervals)

    FYI for comparison purposes I did some test drives before buying this car and with identical test drive routes i got 23.8mpg in a deisel R320 vs. 17mpg with unleaded gas R350. (about 29% better milage with diesel engine, yet in my area diesel is same price as Premium unleaded and diesel was about 10-12% higher than low grade unleaded. And diesels are "supposed" to last about twice as long as their unleaded counterparts. So, still better value eitherway with diesel.
  • kerryekerrye Posts: 2
    Hi guys!
    Honest question, Im looking to buy a 2008 R350 or a Buick Enclave. Which do you think is the better buy. Im looking at mechanical, gas, performance and value.
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