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need a new climate control module or how can I get a/c to stay on?

jcancemijcancemi Member Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Daewoo
the compressor or maybe the blend door for the cool air will disengage and I will have to press on the climate control panel either at the temperature cooling knob or the panel its self to get the compressor or blend door to engage again so I get cool air, I have tried a used climate control module on ebay but I get the same issue. do the internal electrics start to fail with age, or the vacuum lines connection start to fail or does the blend door cable at the back of the temperature knob get stretched? pictures of the climate control front and rear are as follows:


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    DaverceeDavercee Member Posts: 101
    Now, that definitely screams the term "old school."
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