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Pontiac Vibe - MPG-Real World Numbers



  • I been getting poor gas mileage on 03 vibe 48000 miles on the car 20mpg Ive done some repairs changed air filter K&N mobil1 oil tranny fluid car threw a code said either fuel injectors or o2sensors so i took a shot and changed o2 front and rear ,code did not come back on but car still getting poor gas mileage, if you have any adivice i;m listening also did front rotors brake pads an front tires .whats an maf sensor . next is plugs then off to the dealer
  • Maf stands for "Mass Air Flow," and is critical to the combustion mixture, (possibly along with the "Air Intake Temp" sensor if this car is so configured). But I wouldn't replace either sensor willy nilly. If the sensor/s is/are malfunctioning you should have an appropriate error code in one of the status registers of the car's computer. I would see a vibe mechanic before replacing those. Those two sensors talk to the computer, which then adjusts the fuel/air mixture. It follows that if they are out of order you might well be running way too rich or too lean and your gas mileage will suffer accordingly, along with smooth running and power availability.
  • Purchased a new 07 Vibe in August and now with 7600 miles on it have been getting an avg of 15 - 17 mpg city 26 highway with one trip taken from Salt Lake City to Modesto, CA around the first of December. Prior to the road trip and the first oil change was getting 33 - 34 mpg highway, 28 - 29 city. Has anyone heard of this severe of a mpg drop in a vehicle with less than 10k miles?
  • You have an almost new vehicle still under warranty. Go to the dealer (or at least get it checked by a reliable Vibe mechanic) quickly when you observe such a radical change. It's hollering at you to do something.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 374
    25K miles and gets mid 30s highway with no effort. Have seen 38 a few times.
  • bzribeebzribee Posts: 27
    I wrote that I'd gotten 40 mpg on a long road trip. Well, that was nice but since then I've been getting 26-29 mpg. (4000 miles since bought in August).

    Question: I've noticed that when I initially go in reverse (rolling backwards out of driveway)--as I shift into 1st there's a single clunk sound that I hear from the back. That's it--just one clunk. I will bring this up at 5000 mile check-up--but any thoughts from anyone.

    I've been thrilled with the car so far. I had the alignment done at 1500 and the pulling to the left is pretty much over--thanks to those of you who said to take care of it immediately. I did.

    Also, has anyone installed an MP3 jack into the stereo system? I'd rather have that then a plug in but I'm not sure it's do-able or worth it...
  • I just purchased a 07 vibe new a left over. I got a great deal sticker was 19,380. I got it out the door 16,367. I only have 1000 miles on it mostly highway driving. I only get 30.7. The dealer said, that it will take 1500 to 2000 miles before I see better mpg. Can anyone verify that statement. My experience is that if I get 30.7 now I'll still get 30.7 1500 miles. I hope someone can shed some good news for me. I drive 300 mi a week. I bought the car strickly for mpg. Waiting to hear from anyone.
  • repoman1repoman1 Posts: 64
    868 miles on my 2009 Vibe, 2.4l, automatic, 90% highway driving, most at 70-75MPH, just started to use the air conditioning the past week so most was with AC not running. Average to date: 30.65 MPG
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Our 05 generally gets around 35 mpg on the highway but we never use any sort of ethanol blend. Strictly real gas. That may have something to do with your lesser mpg. City mpg is usually around 27-29. Staying near the speed limit helps a lot, too.
  • dhammittdhammitt Posts: 1
    About the cluncking when you go in reverse. Check if your exhaust wiggles, it may be a loose muffler clamp. My Olds had that issue right after I bought it and my father in law fixed it quickly and easily for free.
    Good luck!
  • cyclebcycleb Posts: 1
    New, off the lot, I got 36.7 on a 90%highway run. Regularly averaging 32.5+ to and from work in a very hilly area, about 20% or less highway. This is an '08 auto.
  • zapeeezapeee Posts: 1

    Although things seem to have changed a little recently, not too long ago one would expect their compression to rise through the first 10,000 miles of operation. oil use may be high initially. i purchased a new truck in 1988 that burned a quart of oil in the first 500 miles, but pretty quickly settled into normal useage. if you have been driving the vehicle mildly (low rpms, low throttle, proper warmup) you would expect break-in to take a little longer, and in the end, your engine would be better for it.
    I am aware that many now beive to break in hard (VERY HARD), and this doesnt cause the problems you would expect because nowadays there is an initial break-in at the factory. i am happy to report that mild break-ins have kept the engines in my 05 GTO, 99 Yamaha R-1, and the 7.4 litre in my yukon quiet and trouble-free.
    on the other hand, 30.7 is pretty good, so i wouldnt expect it to get much better.

    enjoy your car- my big-blocks are keeping me off the road!!!
  • Does anybody know how many rpms a manual transmission Vibe turns as opposed to one with an automatic at 60? I just bought a fully loaded one with about 18000 miles on it, but it's not getting the mileage I was hoping it would. Anyone care to shed some light on the subject?
  • digencydigency Posts: 1
    Does the 2009 Vibe have a average/instant MPG display? If not how do you guys get your average MPG?
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    "If not how do you guys get your average MPG? "

    Re-set the trip meter after each fill-up. Fill the gas tank up to the very top each time.

    Divide the miles driven (from the trip meter before you re-set it) by the gallons shown on the gas tank.

    MPG = miles driven / # of gallons used.
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    "Does anybody know how many rpms a manual transmission Vibe turns as opposed to one with an automatic at 60?"

    At 70 mph, my new '08 Vibe w/manual transmission runs at less than 3000 rpm, guessing 2800 rpm. I'll check 60 mph and post back.

    I averaged 35.85 mpg first time I calculated gas mileage. It was all highway driving, no more than 70 mph.
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    "Does anybody know how many rpms a manual transmission Vibe turns as opposed to one with an automatic at 60?"

    At 60 mph, my 1.8L manual Vibe turns at about 2300 - 2400 rpm.
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    Based on the last few fill-ups, I have gotten 35.85, 36.18, and 37.4 mpg. Mostly highway driving at 70 mph max speed. 1.8 liter engine.
  • Once Gas started climbing I began to evaluate how I drove my Vibe. I am incredibly pleased as to how the VVt-i adjusts in order to meet a more economy based driving style. I commute 120 miles a day for work and keep strictly to the spped limits posted and last week the Vibe yielded its highest tank with 41.3mpg, this tank, which was filled right after an oil change to synthetic will likely yield higher numbers .. I'm loving this car ... :shades:
  • kasjunkasjun Posts: 4
    since we got our vibe in april we have checked mileage with about every fill-up. to date we have gotten anywhere from 23.6 to 28.5 with most about 24-25mpg. i was expecting a little better than that but it is about in line with the sticker estimates of 20 city and 26 highway. in my opinion they need the 5-speed transmission in the awd because at 70 mph the rpm's are over 3 grand which tells me it needs another gear to reduce rpm and gas consumption. the motor we have is the 2.4 liter and it handles the car very well. perhaps pontiac has a reason for using the 4-speed auto. but there has to be a better option for a transmission. i might note that our mileage range of 23.6 to 28.5 were on the same trip. we got 28.5 with the wind and when we came home into the wind we got 23.6. all highway miles.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    Typically, on our 05 Base Auto Trans we get near 35 mpg on the highway, with careful driving near the speed limits. We've got the 1.8L and it's more than adequate for our needs. Great vehicle!
  • golfman4golfman4 Posts: 18
    Bought a 2005 Vibe with 20K in May, 2006. Has 65K now. EPA Hwy is 36 with the 1.8L auto trans. Usually measure mileage only on long trips. At 70-72 mph it gets 32-33 mpg, at 60 (which was really painful to drive) it got 40. Mostly in the 35-36 mpg range at a steady 65-67mph which is what I now drive. Hopefully I won't get run off the road doin the limit.
    I keep the tire pressure closer to the max PSI on the sidewall (35) than the 32 as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Usually 34.
    All in all, a real good car, so far.
  • litespeed4litespeed4 Posts: 11
    I have (had) an 07 vibe with 50k miles on it, auto trans. Similar to the other positive posts, I get 32-33 at 70 - 74 mph. I can eeek out 40 mpg if I drive like a grandma at 60 - 64 mph, slow accelerations etc. I get 29-30 in mixed hiway/country road driving. I am bent because a tree CRUSHED it yesterday, and its totaled.

    I am looking at an 09 to replace, but I see the sticker MPG ratings are much lower than they were on the 07. I know the EPA adjusted the way they do MPG ratings. Did the engine/drivetrain change in the 09's where I should expect lower milage? If so I'll look for a used one.
  • I am a little dissappointed in my vibe. The best I ever get with my vibe is 31.9. I probably spent 70% of my driving on the highway. I bought just for commuting back and forth to work. I drive 56 mi a day just for work. Does anyone have any ideas on what I may be doing wrong. Thanks for your input.
  • My wife drives her Vibe to work 5 miles one way all city. She averages 22-24mpg and on highway at 70-80mph we get 30mpg. That's the same fuel economy as my '04 GTI with turbo engine and with 50+ hp more. The Vibe might get good fuel economy on flat roads, but when we go on trips it's always with hills involved. The trans won't downshift and has zero passing power. The only thing I like about it is practicality of it. Other than that, the car is a disappointment.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    that's because you were looking at all the 2009 "Camry-Vibes" on the lot that the dealer can't get rid of, due to the poor gas mileage. I'd go with the "Corolla-Vibe" engine litespeed4 and get 5 additional MPGs. The 1.8 liter engine is plenty peppy; and certainly an improvement over the "untweeked" 1.8 it replaces. Good luck.
  • Today I went to put Gas in my 05 vibe and after going to half would not let me put more it was full. Got gas all over as the pump didn't turn off in time. I knew it needed i tried more..and no i had a blockage in the spout or something. Went home..put a wire snake down to see if there was something in there...went to the tank and the end got wet. So i go back to the station and can once again..only put dribbles in before it overflows. Any ideas out there..besides the obvious of a blockage of some sort...or what this blockage could be.
  • faif2dfaif2d Posts: 1
    I have a hill near my home and I used to coast in my 2004 VW Passat and I would go about 1 mile and go from 65 to 40 MPH just about the time I got to my turn. With the new Vibe I would be at less than 30 MPH, an indication of MUCH more drag than the VW. I now have 6K miles and the bearings or what ever have broken in and tee Vibe coasts just like the Passat Wagon. On a trip last week 3K in 1 week I was getting around 28-29 MPG while driving 75 and 80 on the freeway. I seem to be getting about the same on my 6 mile trip to town. I know that when I get about 12K miles on it and change over to synthetic oil the mileage will go up 1 to 1.5 MPG so I am reasonably happy. Car is very happy cruising at 75 even with a side wind.
  • My wife commutes 45 miles to work on 2-lane roads with some turns and a couple towns to navigate. The car is a base model 1.8L Vibe with the automatic. She consistently gets 30-31 mpg on 10% ethanol gas and 32-33 on straight unleaded. Straight unleaded is a few cents more, but the gain in mileage is worth it. This is her second Vibe, and she is getting a little better mileage on this one. She walked away from a double rollover accident in January, so the safety on these little cars is amazing. I hope Chevrolet or Buick take over the Vibe line so I don't have to buy a Toyota Matrix next time.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Glad she's OK. I get 29-30 mpg on my 1.8l 2009 in mostly suburban driving with a very heavy foot. I'm sure I would have gotten 10 mpg less if I had the Camry engine. I'm glad I stuck with the Corolla. As for the next one, you now have two next generation model years to pick up someone's used Vibe for a song. The market will collapse on this car and those dumb enough to get rid of them will get nothing in resale value. I'm already circling above looking for my next victim should our 03 Vibe finally crash and burn.
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