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Volkswagen Passat Real World MPG Numbers

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With the price of gas being what it is, your real world mileage is becoming more important than the estimates on the sticker. This is the place to talk about your real world on the road results!

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  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I have a 2004.5 Passat GLS 1.8t and never get below 26-27 mpg. Right now, with 80% highway, I am averaging a little over 30mpg. Keep your foot off the gas and you will be amazed at how fast your mileage increases.

    BTW: I just turned 33K miles.
  • carynccarync Posts: 14
    I am pleasantly surprised that my new car (5 months old now) has gotten 29mpg in highway driving between NC and NJ--accounting for the usual stop and go on 495 in the DC area! In mixed city highway driving to work I get about 23 mpg. This is the same as I got on my 2002 GLX and also matches mpg I got on my scarily underpowered 1997 Volvo S70! The new Passat is the BEST car I have ever owned! ;)
  • We recieved an average highway mileage of 36-40 going 70 MPH!
    Peppy engine with maintenance every 5000 miles!
    Great car! :D
  • I own a 2005 Passat Diesel and my average is 39 M.P.G.
  • My Passat 3.6 with less than 1000 miles is giving me about 28 MPG, this is according to the long-term meter. However, my trip to work usually shows 33MPG, while my trip back home shows 27 MPG due to more traffic, A/C running etc.
  • I am concerned that I have a "dud" in the MPG dept of my NEW 2006 Passat 2.0T; I have had it for 3 weeks and only getting 21 mpg; does anyone have any ideas??? :confuse:
  • Most of the MPG numbers posted in this thread seem to be for highway driving. I don't know your specific situation, but your problem could be that you have an auto transmission and drive mostly in the city and have a lead foot (??). Too much stop-and-go traffic? Also, engines tend to give better MPG numbers once they are fully broken in (+/- 5000 miles).
  • I have two possible commuting routes (each an hour on the highway). One is a four-lane with a 65 MPH speed limit, and you can figure on going 70. The other is a two-lane with a 55 MPH limit.
    On the four-lane, I get 30-33 MPG depending on my speed. But on the two-lane - IF I can keep the speed to exactly 55 or so--I get a solid 38 MPG (38.5 or more). If the wind is behind me, and I avoid accelerating on hills, I can get 39 or even 40 . Quite a difference in gas costs over a year!

    How did I discover this, given my speedy nature? One night I was on the 55-mph route and noticed a state trooper driving behind me. I set my cruise control on 55 - exactly 55- the whole way. Finally the cop passed me. But by then I was noticing the incredible mileage. Given that gas was topping $3 a gallon, i took heed.

    The neat thing about having a mileage counter built into the dash is that MPG has become the metric I'm thinking about, rather than time (how soon can I get there?) or speed (how fast can I go without getting caught?)
    The inconvenient thing about going slow is that it annoys other drivers. I used to hate it when i got behind someone going slow. But there's not that much traffic on the two-lane. And I don't care that much anyhow - one of these days I'll become a geezer so I might as well get used to being dissed. (Another advantage of slower speed: a lot of deer around here, and I'll have more time to react.)
    Anyway: the moral is obvious - amazing how much difference your speed makes to your mileage.
    One other key to good mileage: suppress the natural tendency to accelerate on hills. (and this is hilly country.) If you manage that, your mileage improves vastly.
    BTW, the car does not get good mileage in the city. I don't know why (maybe the turbo doesn't kick in as often at city speeds? I assume the turbo improves mileage.) But most of my driving is highway.
    I do use 91 octane gas, too. Mileage would be lower with regular. Also, I've always used Synth oil.
    Anyway, the moral applies to any car, but I was amazed at how high this Passt goes in the real world. Wasn't expecting it.
  • The Odd thing is that my car was a demo and had 5400 miles on it. I did have trouble at first with taking off too fast every time, but once I got used to it that is no longer the issue. I have a lot of stop n go in my commute. I guess I need to try a different route and see what I get on the hwy. Thanks for the advice. :)
  • I have a 2006 Passat 3.6L with automatic. It just turned 10,000 miles. A couple of days ago I drove from El Paso to San Antonio with the cruise set at 86 MPH. I got 30.4 mpg. Since I don't normally drive I-10 in West Texas, my usual cruise setting is 76 mph, and my per tank average is between 32 and 33 mpg. I have an economy car that I drive around town, so I don't really know what my Passat might get in town.
  • Just got a new '04 passat 1.8t two weeks ago. So far I usually average 30ish mpg on highway going 65-70 mph. On local street I average 17 mpg. The car has 27k miles, btw.
  • Hi
    In May of 2006 my parents purchased, at my recommendation, a 2001.5 Anthracite Blue GLS wagon with the Tiptronic tranny and 62,000 one owner miles with all the maintenance records and the fail prone timing belt replaced at the 60,000 mile maintenance. We drove it for four weeks and it was only averaging about 24 mpg. So we replaced the stock air filter with a K&N filter in hopes that it would eliminate the turbo lag and improve the gas mileage. Well, it did completely eliminate the turbo lag and vastly improved mid-range acceleration, but it actually dropped the mileage to 23 mpg and has stayed right around there ever since. We have a 22 mile daily commute, composed of 3 miles of gravel and 19 miles of highway. We do maybe 5 miles of city driving per day, and then 22 miles back to the farm, so just over a 50 mile commute six days a week.
    Now I understand the 1.8T is a little on the smallish side for a car this heavy, but from what I've read and given that our commute is 90% highway with minimal stop and go, shouldn't it be getting more like 25-28 mpg instead of 22-23mpg? :confuse: Is there anything wrong that we should fix/replace, and if not, would chipping the engine raise our gas mileage?
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 848
    and chipping in all possibility will decrease your milage.
    if you want more power you need to burn more fuel.

  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Couple of comments for you...

    1) Some say using a K&N air filter can cause problems with the MAF sensor.
    2) Some say chipping can improve mileage, assuming you can keep your foot light on the go pedal. The problem is, of course, that the exhilaration coming from the extra power unleashed by the chip tends to negate any possible fuel savings.
    3) Wihout knowing the traffic conditions of your commute, the weather and terrain of where you live, it's hard to draw a conclusion about your mileage.

    For me, living in a hilly section of SW PA, In the winter, I get around 20 mpg in suburban driving with a fair number of traffic lights. In the summer, this climbs to 22 or so. Light traffic interstate driving will get me over 30 miles to the gallon. Last autumn, we got above 34 mpg travelling across the Ohio Turnpike with the cruise set at 73 mph. I'm meticulous about recording and calculating my mileage.

    I use only 93 octane premium (octane below 91 will retard the timing and impact mileage), run Mobil 1 0w-40 synth oil, and have the tires inflated to 32 psi all around.

    Mileage-wise, the 1.8T shines best at uninterrupted highway speeds. Stop-n-go traffic, especially full stops, takes a real toll on the mileage with this car, unless you are really light on the gas pedal.

    Couple of other things worth checking out:
    1) Vacuum leaks, especially given the age of the car and the heat under the hood.
    2) Condition of spark plugs (sitck with OEM recommendation).
    3) Condition of tires and steering system (inflation and alignment).
    4) O2 sensors, but that would throw a code.
    5) Are you idling the car at all before driving? If so, don't! Just start it and go, driving lightly until the engine warms up. Just keep it under 3,000 rpm until warmed up.
    6) I can noticeably improve my mileage by anticipating traffic lights and traffic conditions. The brake pedal is the enemy of fuel efficiency.

    Good luck!
  • lane2lane2 Posts: 28
    Would like to hear from others on MPG they are getting. Will post mine after two upcoming trips are completed. Mine has auto transmission. Thanks
  • My 3.6L Passat now has 17,500 miles. I just drove from Memphis to Indy with my cruise set at 75. I filled up before I left, and immediately upon arriving in Indy. My mpg for the tank was 32.2.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Was that via a fuel calculation or was that from your trip computer?
  • i live in nyc - i have 02 passat 1.8T - i get 18-19 in city traffic but on highway i get 27-29- out of a whole tank i usually get 400-450 miles
  • Considering a 2006 3.6l 4motion sedan and drive 85% highway at 60-70mph. Just wondering what real world mileage is for that combo (with 4motion)? Tom
  • lane2lane2 Posts: 28
    I posted my reply in another location before remembering the separate listing for Passat wagons. My trips of 311, 316 and 560 miles gave 31.7, 31.9 and 33.3 mpg. It was mixed, interstate and town driving. I am using 93 octane premium gas and not trying to baby it in heavy traffic. Very pleased, so far.
  • arpadarpad Posts: 1
    jetta tdi 1999 35 miles newyork city 51 hw miles.
  • Sorry for the tardy reply, but I have not checked this thread for a while. That was miles driven divided by gallons used calculated with pencil & paper.
  • mm515mm515 Posts: 2
    We are thinking about getting an 07-08 Passat wagon to improve gas milage from a 06 honda odyssey. Then we noticed VW recommends premium gas. This would cancel all savings from increased gas milage. How much efficiency will we lose if we used regular gas?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    By all accounts you'll lose enough economy by running regular fuel that your fuel costs per mile will actually increase by using the cheaper fuel. FWIW, my last trip to the gas station caught me by surprise. Why? Because Premium was only $0.18 more expensive than regular, or said another way, what with the 87 AKI fuel going for $3.04 per gallon and the 93 AKI going for $3.22 per gallon, Regular is not even 6% cheaper than Premium. The flip side is that I've seen tests that indicate mileage reductions that range from 8% on the conservative side to 15% on the aggressive side.

    In the end it is typically a "fool's economy" to burn Regular fuel in a car that calls for Premium.

    Best Regards,
  • I agree, but I would choose an Audi or Lexus before the Passat, unless it's a diesel.
    Even so, diesel is more expensive than regular, but the MPG outweighs everything else.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Uhhh, what? :confuse:
  • Since you're spending more for premium, go for diesel in order to get better mileage. I haven't seen any cars requiring premium get over 25/32
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Cars that take Premium fuel can get very good mileage, the VW GTI, Audi A3 & A4, Honda Civic Si and BMW 328i immediately come to mind. Even with the new (i.e. very conservative) EPA mileage estimates, the worst of the above gets 29 mpg highway (and all are easily capable of mid 30s over the road).

    Best Regards,
  • I drive a corolla wagon. the engine is great but the details are dying and I really want a newer car. The Passat wagon seems to be one of the few that's not an absolute tank but my mechanic says I should really avoid them and so does consumer reports, but a friend who has one loves hers. Then I found the Subaru Outback and I get warnings of repair costs- sigh.... but I just found a 2003 Passat wagon with 82 k for 6500 with ALL the bells and whistles- I think it even has dvd in the headrests for my daughter!!! but the big concern with this one is that it's a V8 and the mpg has me scared silly- anybody have any experience to share? hellllp!!
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