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Hi, I became the proud owner of an Infinity Q45 2002 model. It has a hard-breaking problem and it like there is a hissing noise at the break booster when you apply breaks.
Other problem is that its dashboard light went out and one cant see anything on the dashboard gauges even during day time. please help...
It is a very nice ride though


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    There are a lot of lamps in the illumination circuit. Many of them share the same power while the ground side can either be shared by the main circuit or have individual controls. The easiest way to start is to access if any lamps at all work and if so which ones are they. That would allow for using the schematic to determine where power is and isn't it would also allow for determining where a ground control circuit is operational or isn't.

    When you are looking for lamps that work include the rear seat area too. Look for everything that could have a lamp in it, for example: Door switches. Steering column switches. Power seat switches. Ash trays. Any or all of the individual dash switches. The glove box etc.

    There are four 10 am fuses in the fuse block behind the left side of the dash numbers 1, 6, 8 and 9 that provide power for various lamps but the Body Computer, Instrument Cluster, and Headlamp Battery Saver all have input to how and when lamps are commanded on.

    The hissing is likely a failed brake booster, by "hard breaking" do you mean that you aren't getting brake assist?
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