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CLK 430 vs. M3

platinumgirlplatinumgirl Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in BMW
I am currently in the market for either a ’02-‘03 CLK 430 Convertible or a ’02-’04 M3 Convertible, both with preferably less than 40K miles. I’ve always admired the sleek and luxurious style of the CLK, and the handling and performance the M3 commands. I’m torn between the two. Any feedback (positive or negative & especially on maintenance cost) from current or previous owners would greatly be appreciated, thanks!


  • dukmahsikdukmahsik Member Posts: 4
    I am sorry but M3 all the way. There is no comparison between said two cars. CLK is more of a cruiser, more laxed, etc. M3 is the purer sports car.
  • pqueenpqueen Member Posts: 1
    I own a CLK 430 and I used to own a 325i Convertible. I have to say that you wont be disappointed in the CLK. I wouldnt trade mine for an M3. ( And I have a freind that has an M3 so I have driven in that car as well ) While I agree with one of the previous replies that the M3 is the purer sports car, that doesnt necasarily make it better. The BMW I drove...although it cornered was a VERY HARD ride. In fact it was so hard a ride the I got rid of it to get the CLK.

    The CLK on the other hand rides very well and yet still corners incredibly ( Get it with the huge makes a diffence in handling...mine has 245s in back and 225s in front ). Also the power of the v8 is downright scary at times...because it accelerates SO fast. So when you combine the great perfomance and cornering with the Luxury of a Mercedes.....its a winning combination.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    What year is your CLK430? I have a 2003 Cabrio.


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