What are the quietest all-season radials for a 2012 Honda CRV?

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We own a 2012 Honda CR-V and have been buying Cooper tires but find that they aren't very quiet and there is a lot of road noise but I think that is common with Hondas. My mechanic mentioned that the tires are scalloped which has added to the road noise. I'm at a point where I want to change the tires but I want to buy as quiet a tire as I can buy and I don't mind paying a premium. I don't want to have to change and put snow tires on either so I need an all-season radial.

Any suggestions on the quietest tire I can buy for my CR-V? I've had luck with Michelins in the past and am willing to pay for them but I'd like to hear what the group has to say.


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    May be to late but here is my recommendation..

    Check out Tire rack see if either the Michelin Latitude or Defender tire fits your vehicle tire size.

    Both are excellent tires. Choose tire that meets your driving needs. Cant go wrong with either tire, both mentioned are so much better than the hard riding Cooper tire

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