Will future styling, gadgetology, value, be enough for the Acura brand ?

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The Acura brand has been very prestigous for over 20 years now. Will the future products have enough clout to be relevant, when compared to the new competition ?


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    I honestly can't think of another car company that has a brand that offers so much technology, performance, relevant styling for the money. ;)

    Will Acura be around for 20 more years ?

    Will the new redesigned Acura TL raise the performance bar not only for Acura, but for the entry luxury segment ?

    Will the Acura RDX and it's overwhelming load of technology and SH-AWD be enough to steal sales from BMW X3 ? Personally I'd liked a bit more performance from the RDX 4 cylinder turbo. Maybe add a second mitsubishi turbo to push the hp over 300 to be a big winner it should be. ;)

    Will the Acura RL get a V-8, or will they raise the performance bar further for the V-6 ?

    When will we see 6, 7, 8, -speed auto's from Acura ?

    When will this premium brand start offering ventilated/air-conditioned seats ?

    etc etc etc........... :shades:

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    Acura is late to the game to be sure. However, when they do show up, they usually have it right. I don't really get the backlash against the RL. I think it's a great car. I am in the minority to be sure. Acura has the engineering to do it no doubt. I think they can defiantly pull it out. They have pulled some stupid ones for sure. Cooled seats in Canada but not in hot Texas.
    I think they need to have a clear direction. Do they take on Infiniti/BMW, or Lexus/mercedes. I think they are a little like Audi in that they do a lot of things well, but nothing outstanding. [On second thought no, Audi does a ton of things outstandingly well.]
    Anyway's, I think they clearly have the technology, and engineering.
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    Wow so the Canada Acura has cooled seats :surprise: :confuse: Okay, that's not funny. That is one option I want Acura to start installing. I also want to see the RDX 410 watt 5.1 ELS to be installed on the next Acura TL. A little more ear numbing power ;)

    Acura does one thing way better than Audi is offering more value for your dollar. Audi has moved so far up market it's not even funny and the new exterior designs are gross. :lemon: I'm not sure where Audi does everything well since they don't have a benchmark vehicle in any segment. You were correct with your first statement. Acura vs. Audi, I agree they are similar. Audi offers a few more powerful engines, but at the same time Acura offers more gadgets, more reliable, and also gets way better fuel economy. OTOH the Audi owner is usually rich, unless he's shopping for a A4 which is a big waste of money and deems the Acura the winner every time. ;)

    Yes Acura does have the Technology and Engineering, something that the Germans pretty much had to themselves for years. Lexus also has it, but they will make you pay through the nose to enjoy it. ;)

    Best Values:

    Best Premium Value Coupe-Acura RSX

    Best Premium Value Compact Sedan-Acura TSX

    Best Premium Midsize Sedan-Acura TL

    Best Premium Large Sedan-Acura RL

    Best Premium Compact SUV-2007' Acura RDX

    Best Premium Midsize Sport Utility-Acura MDX and the 2008' will further enhance that claim. ;)

    Best Premium Sports Car- 2008-2009' Acura NSX V-10 VTEC :P

    Hey it's hard for me to admit a GM product isn't on the Best Value list. :sick:

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    Any one have any news on the 2007 TL which is due for the mid-model update?

    I was just about to buy an 06 TL and found out about the 07. While not the full re-design due as an 09 model, the 07 is rumored to have slight styling changes, more powerful engine, and a type-S option.
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    I guess it's no big deal yet, however could you show me an example of the transition process as far as prices go. Let's say I wanted a Anthracite Mettalic 06' Acura TL
    with Summer Tires, Voice Recognition Navigation, and still want the 6-speed. How much would this car cost me ? The MSRP is almost $37K I and my family OTOH are considering leasing the new TL Type-S when it becomes available and I'm sure prices yet haven't been disclosed yet.



    Hey Rocky, So glad to hear from you again. The TL with the navigation, and 6 spd...

    MSRP: $35,940
    Invoice: $33,125
    Add about $300 for summer tires.
    I asked about the S-Type...my dealer had no idea about them. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Thanks again,




    So what would I as a customer pay ???? Invoice, slightly over, under invoice ???

    I'm just a little confused, that's all. My GM discount is around 15% off MSRP or around 2-4% under invoice. Does your system of buying from the fleet mangers work out to a similar type deal ????



    Rocky, You will get the same price I get. Invoice is 33124. That will be your sell price. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

    Thanks again,



    So you can sell cars at invoice. Interesting....How do you make a profit ?
    From the holdback money ? I am also interested in how you are allowed to sell new vehicles, when you don't own a brand franchise ?????? I've never
    heard of anyone having access to new product and not owning a franchise.

    Another question is can I get Acura accessories i.e. lip spoiler ????

    How does a customer get his car, not living in Dallas Fort Worth area ?

    Kim, also there is a Acura Type-S coming out. The rumor mill is 300 horsepower and possibly Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD)
    If this car is made, then maybe we can work out a deal. I currently found
    a used car..... My grandma wants to sell her Aurora to me and is giving me
    a pretty good deal. The TL Type-S would be car I'd want to really own if GM
    doesn't make a car that's competitive with it.
    (Gadgetology wise)

    Thanks again for answering my questions....



    We can't SELL new...we LEASE new.

    The "new" Acura that you are referring to...will not be out for another 3
    months or so as I just found out from another guy. They do not have pricing on them as of yet either.

    I can get any option or accessory that you want if it's available.

    We can make arrangements for you to get your car and that won't be a problem

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    Did that help rickwjenn ??????

    I hope so pal. If I find out anything else I'll keep you posted. I'm going to want a new car by this fall if things work out. I still might buy a CTS, but if the New Acura TL Type-S is as good as the "Rumor Mill" has it then I'm going to buy it instead. I'm not real confident about the next CTS being loaded with the latest gadgets and the lack of AWD won't cut it to drive here year around. If the TL Type-S gets SH-AWD that would be a huge selling point for me along with high performance engine. I'm afraid the new CTS also will cost in the high fourty-thousand dollar range for a loaded one. Hell they cost right now $44K for a loaded one with it's ugly interior. The CTS-V won't be out for atleast another year-two years, and god only knows how much that sucker is going to cost. :surprise:

    The bottom line is Acura, might be my next new ride as hard as it is to admit since GM is going to stall the G8 and CTS-V both cars I was very interested in. The Buick Velite being dead also doesn't help matters and the STS is way to expensive leaving me nothing I really want to own from GM currently :cry:

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    ...is that its overall brand image is a bit murky. Yes, we all know that is a more expensive Honda, but besides price, what makes Acura different from Honda is unclear.

    While Acura has done a good job with some of its nameplates (the TL is surely a success), the overall brand is a bit more hit-and-miss. TMC was wise to craft Lexus as a distinct brand marketed around high quality ("Relentless pursuit of perfection" and all that), something that BMW and Mercedes have both excelled in doing, but that Acura has largely failed to do.

    A good marketing campaign would help. I'd also recraft the corporate face of the cars, so that they look more distinct from the Hondas. But given that much of the Acura lineup is based on cars sold as Hondas elsewhere, with the corporate look to match, reskinning these cars just for North America could be tough. Perhaps expanding the Acura brand to other markets might make it easier to justify to cost of doing this.
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    Well them being reskinned honda's ableit being premium reskins socala, allows Acura to pack them full of sophisticated technolgy and sell them at a good price adding value, something I find fault with Lexus. I suppose the ES and RX are the only reskinned Lexus products right ?

    I personally think the new ES won't be the value it is now, once the new TL-Type-S comes out.

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    The problem with that is that it is hard to emphasize the premium brand message while simultaneously being known as a price leader of sorts. The bargain-performer strategy is doomed to put a cap on profits, and to keep Acura out of the top end of the market because being a bargain ensures a lack of prestige.

    To clarify, Acura is a North America-only brand, with the cars being either unique to the US (TL) or else cars that are badged as Hondas throughout the rest of the world. If the Acura brand was expanded, the look of the Acuras could be changed that are consistent across the world, otherwise they'd have to more heavily modify some of these foreign Hondas that get minimal modification.

    But that brand building will cost money and may not sense for them in overseas markets, I don't know. And whether heavily modifying Acura styling just for US and Canadian customers would be cost effective, I don't know.
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    Well whatever you want to call it pal it's working fine by me. I look at the Acura brand as a premium value brand. It's like buying a generic drug which works as good, if not better than the original at a big discount. Everyone I know looks at Acura as a prestigious sport/lux brand that is baughten by a person who values there money, but still wants the best quality. Acura also could be looked at as like buying a Tag Heuer watch which is as every bit as good in quality as a Rolex, but at a value ;)

    You do sometimes get what you pay for, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. ;)

    I do agree that the Acura nameplate should be expanded to other markets pal.

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    What the Acura TL brings to the table is a huge package of performance, safety, comfort, and electronics with a great price. For $31.5K its a LOT less money than a G35, a 330i, an IS350, Volvo, etc. etc. etc.

    Not sure if the TSX does the same - probably needs a turbo. The 08 TSX/Accord should be sweet. And the RL gets not respect for its safety, horsepower, and electronics package for $45K.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    That is very true and you failed to mention it's awesome All Weather capability w/ SH-AWD ;)


    P.S. If I was a betting man, I'd about guarantee that the next TSX will get the Turbo 4 banger ;)
  • socala4socala4 Member Posts: 2,427
    What the Acura TL brings to the table is a huge package of performance, safety, comfort, and electronics with a great price. For $31.5K its a LOT less money than a G35, a 330i, an IS350, Volvo, etc. etc. etc.

    Not sure if the TSX does the same - probably needs a turbo. The 08 TSX/Accord should be sweet. And the RL gets not respect for its safety, horsepower, and electronics package for $45K.

    I won't argue with that, but this touches on my earlier point.

    A great brand is not just about the individual products in the lineup -- a great brand is greater than the sum of its parts. An example of an exceptional brand is BMW, which all of us immediately recognize as the "ultimate driving machine" (great marketing), and which has an aura and image that isn't just based on a few cars, but the overall package. This image allows BMW to command top prices and generate strong sales in its niche markets.

    Acura could use some of this. When Acura was launched, it had a couple of products and the other Asian automakers were not yet in the high-end game, so it had far less competition. Now as the market becomes more competitive, Acura needs a solid brand image to hang onto. Strong nameplates are important, but it needs something more than that to fetch top dollar and to have a strong future.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    How about a catch phrase:

    Acura "Setting the curve" is kinda catchy. :)

    That's what I'm reading on the side bar ;)



    Yes I agree a great catch phrase like
    "Ultimate Driving Machine" is needed along with continued product improvements to back up the phrase.
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    Thanks - that helped alot. It would be huge if AWD made it on the 07 TL. I heard that would be only one the full new model due in 09.

    I definitely want the 07 TL Type S and will be ready to pull the trigger as soon as they are available and get a decent deal.

    Have you heard of any new Colors for 07 ala the new colors Honda rolled out on the 06 Accord mid-model update?
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    I haven't heard the new colors. I'll probably get Anthracite if it's available still. That was the color of my former 2005' TL. It's a long strory why I don't have that car anymore. My wife knew how much I loved it and told me I could get another one, once the law suit was over and my credit cleared.

    Remember I'm not claiming my info is factual, and is from a lady who works for a company that specializes in lease deals. I OTOH am a die hard auto enthusiast and will do everything possible to keep you up to speed when I get any info. even if rumor. I love this site very much because it offers people information that is really on the inside track. I have other sources and do listen to the rumor mill, which happens to hit and miss on new products. Edmunds OTOH is very accurate on it's inside information and should be valued. ;)

  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    It looks sharp and yes a Type-S is confirmed by many sources on the net. Nobody can confirm SH-AWD but many are saying the 2009' model will for sure have it. I'm just hoping the SH-AWD will find production this coming model year since it would add value. Lots of pics out there and the Acura forums are loaded with rumors, pics, etc. ;)

    Hopefully edmunds will beable to confirm what will be on the next TL ;)

  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 13,994
    2004 (3G TL)

    2006 Acura TLThe first third generation Acura TL rolled off the assembly line on September 30, 2003. On October 6, 2003, the third generation Acura TL (the 3.2 moniker was dropped) was released for sale in North America. Developed mainly in the United States by a team led by Erik Berkman with bodywork penned by American Honda designer Jon Ikeda, the new TL is built in Marysville, Ohio, and is derived from the latest USDM Honda Accord. It is powered by a 270 hp (201 kW; later revised to 258 hp), 3.2 L 24 valve SOHC VTEC V6 engine mated to either a 5-speed automatic with SportShift or 6-speed manual.

    As of March 2004, Honda offers to the public a factory-sanctioned "tuner package" version of the TL: the TL A-SPEC. This version features a suspension tuned by Makoto Tamamura, an indication of the TL A-SPEC's aggressive engineering. In addition, an underbody kit, spoiler, limited edition A-SPEC steering wheel, "A-SPEC" badge on the back, and 18 in wheels are standard issue on the A-SPEC package. When installed at purchase, the car's 4 year/50,000 mile warranty applies to the package as well.

    The third generation TL is also the first car in the American market to include a 6 disc DVD-Audio system, output through an 8-speaker system, engineered by Panasonic and tuned by Elliot Scheiner. The system also plays back normal audio CDs as well as DTS audio discs, CD-Audio, CD-Rs and CD-RWs. The car is also equipped with a Bluetooth HandsFree Link (HFL) system, integrated with the audio system, to allow for hands-free usage of one's cell phone (provided the phone also supports Bluetooth and is compatible with the HFL's hands-free profile). The driver can simply voice-dial the number and carry the entire conversation over the car's built-in audio system; when receiving a phone call a display will show caller ID if it is supported by the phone. The driver also has the capability to transfer current calls between the car and his or her phone when exiting or entering the TL. There is also a phone book which can store personal phone numbers within the car's memory. With the built-in XM Radio tuner, owners can elect to pay a monthly subscription after the complimentary 3 months subscription expires from Acura for XM radio, which provides over 100 digital channels via satellite.

    Rear of a 2005 Acura TLSporting an Alpine-designed navigation system, the third generation TL also accepts voice commands like "Find nearest police station" to "Go home." The navigation system features an 8 in touch-screen LCD, which allows for easy viewing of the road ahead.

    The JDM Honda Inspire debuted around 4 and a half months earlier (on June 11, 2003) and marked the branching out of the TL line from the Inspire. The Inspire is basically a seventh generation USDM Honda Accord V6 with minor trim changes, and the addition of Variable Cylinder Displacement, which shuts off half of the engine when not needed to boost fuel economy. The Saber was discontinued and the new Inspire is being sold at Clio, Primo, and Verno dealerships.

    Honda is currently silent on the prospects of exporting the newest Acura TL to Japan, but sources point it out as highly likely, either being badged as the Honda Vigor (most likely) or Honda Saber. It is rumored that the TL might also make it to Europe, as the first and second generation Legends were popular there.

    The TL became Acura's best selling luxury sedan in 2004 with more than 79,000 sold that year.

    The debut of the Acura TSX took over from the TL as Acura's entry-level car for the United States; the TL is known for more as a luxury car, while the TSX is known for more of a balance between sport and luxury.


    2005 Acura TL instrument cluster
    2005 Acura TL navigation systemThe 2005 TL received a passenger airbag cutoff switch and extra stitching on the front seats. There were several minor changes made (such as changes in seat belt anchor mounts) which are not published. With a very competitive MSRP range, the TL is often seen as "Unbelievable Value For the Money" among car critics.

    The 2006 TL received TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), a new computer (for manual transmission models only), and an active system to control torque steer. The new horserpower rating of 258 hp is due to a change in testing procedures, despite the engine remaining the same since 2004. The TL is still the best-selling luxury sedan in North America. Its main competitor is the Infiniti G35 sedan. Its indirect competitors are the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Cadillac CTS, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Lexus ES, Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ, and the Lexus IS.

    The 2007 TL is due for a refresh before a 2009 redesign. It will most likely receive clear taillights, turn signal blinkers on the side mirrors, and additional power with a revised intake/exhaust system. The Canadian TL is confirmed to have XM satellite radio starting in 2007.


    Rocky :shades:
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    If you'd like to discuss specific Acura models in detail, the place to do so would be in the existing Acura topics like the Acura TL discussion.

    Discussions on other Acura models can be found by using the Browse By Vehicle search tool in the left sidebar.

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