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2000 Dodge Ram 1500- Rough Idling Problems



  • I recently bought a 2001 dodge ram 1500 quadcab 155" wb
    I am fully satisfied with the way it rides , except on cement freeways.
    It has terrible fry hop.
    Does anybody know any cures ? I have tried 200#
    of sand without results. any suggestions??
    tires? ,springs , shocks????
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    Maybe the reason that the trucks are never the same, there's a hidden (a.k.a. payola) agenda?

    Also, was one vehicle 'shifted' for power while the other left in over drive?

    Your tires require a different air pressure depending upon the load on the tire. The Dodge specified pressures assume a truck loaded to the GVRW. (For legal reasons.) Get your truck weighed and adjust the tire pressures accordingly.

  • been approaching 17,ooo miles in 8 mos driving and going strong. The 360, 5.9 does not idle rough, auto trans shifts smoothly, no leaks, or rattles, fit and finish is tight. This truck was manufctd in Mexico!!I have changed the oil rotated once. The highway driving speed averages 75-80 mph @5hr intervals and the comfort factor is remarkable. Leather interior w/ cd ,dark tinted glass enhance the experience. Saving the off- road for later.Using only unleaded plus (89octane) fuel. Shop around alot prior to this purchase ,from EB Expedition , Land Rover, Montero , Most bang for the buck with the truck!!
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    My point exactly. One of the mags had a dodge 5.2 with 3.55 rear end annd the chevy a 5.3 with the 4.10 rear. Gee, I wonder what might happen? There is good info in the mags if you can sift thru the BS and sometimes its hard.
  • bubbaybubbay Posts: 2
    try to evaluate your price. I have found that on the Ram you usually get a price of about $300 less that invoice. Also the Off Road is probably about 2 inches higher. I have a 97 SS/T and have put tires about 1 inch taller on it. 305/55R17 Nitto. It still has room for a taller tire. bubs
  • joev5joev5 Posts: 2
    After reading all these comments concerning rough idling and mechanical problems with the new Dodge 1500 series ... I was a bit concerned. I live in Florida and am on the road a lot being a salesman. I really liked the looks of the Quad Cab so I did my own checking. I talked with a lot of local owners plus drove a couple. I ended up buying a 2001 5.2 litre Quad Cab and love it. These idle problems must be from the Northern owners possibly due to the very cold starts. Of all I've talked to and of the 4 I drove ... none of them have this miss. Granted it sounds a bit different than I'm used to .. a deeper growl .. or maybe a unfamiliar mechanical sound ( neither of which is unpleasant ) .. but the performance is excellent! The acceleration is very smooth and powerfull plus it doesn't miss a lick! The growl sounds like the glass packs of my youth ( I'm 50 ). The interior , for a big pickup , is exceptionally quiet and very well appointed. I'm not saying that it's a better truck than any other manufacturers .. but I will say that I'm pleased enough with this Dodge that any differences are personal choices. Just seemed odd that so many owners love this truck and you few have had so many problems. I'll bet most of you have problems with a lot of things in life and just enjoy talking about your misseries. Glad I didn't take any of your advice. Lastly .. I've owned about 10 new vehicles in my life and all of them had a few bugs to work out .... that's why they give warrenties. If you treat the service managers right ... they make things right. Most of you feel you can't get good service ... your right .... your attitude gets in the way. Love my new Dodge! JoeV5 :)
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I'm in full agreement there. I have 40,000 miles on my Ram and it runs great.
  • joev5joev5 Posts: 2
    After I brought home my 2001 DodgeRam 1500 ...I noticed the same exact thing. I checked my tires by having a friend balance them .. but they were fine. I talked to my dealers service manager and told him of the bonce from 38 to 45 mph. The first 2 things he suggested I had already tried so I asked him how long my particular veh might have been sitting before I bought it. He said they got it in May .. and i bought it 10 days ago. I asked if it were possible that the tires had a flat spot from sitting and he agreed that was possible. He suggested I fill all the tires to 42lbs of air ( normal is 32 ) and take it on a long ride on a hot day. He said drive them that way for at least 200-250 miles . I took it out on the interstate on a hot day ... turned on the stereo and drove 4 hrs! When I got home I waited til the next day to lower the tires to 32lbs so they could heat up the belts over night. That was 3 days ago and at least for now the bounce is gone. I think it worked but I'll wait a few weeks to be positive. It is definitly worth a try. Let me know if it helped you. Joev5
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I guess the vulcanization process at the tire factory doesnt really cure the rubber compound
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    There has to be a 'stone joke in there somewhere; but I'm not going to go there.
  • rich97rich97 Posts: 2
    My 1997 dodge 1500 5.2 liter use a quart of oil every 400 miles. It has 66000 miles on it dont see any oil leaks. Does any one know were I might be losing this oil at. It also has a pinging problem to
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    If this started happening suddenly I would check the PCV valve.
  • rich97rich97 Posts: 2
    I bought the truck used with 59000 miles. Change the pvc valve already. The truck started using oil about 2 months ago. I think it might be the intake manifold gasket. I have tune the truck up still has a rough idle but I can live with that. The pinging noise is still there.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    As you said, sounds like the intake manifold gasket. These have been notorious on this truck. Get it checked out soon.
  • Have a '99 Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the 5.2L and shortly after purchase had a rough idle problem. Brought into the dealer and they replaced one of the O2 sensors (there is 2 on this engine and I believe they replaced the upstream sensor). This seemed to help some but still noticed some rough idle/valve chatter especially when towing. Dealer then indicated there was a Software fix for this but they were awaiting on government approval due to emissions. Checked back every month for about 6 months and got the same story. Finally when I had the truck in for a trailer hitch recall they finally did the Software update (reprogrammed PROM). This definitely helped but still had occasional valve chatter. At this point I started putting 89 octane gas and all is well.
  • New to the site. I've seen this issue somewhere, but I've got a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 that at 9,000 miles wore out the front brakes and was replaced under warranty. It ran good until I hit 35,000 miles. Had to have it towed in to replace a blown head gasket at 35,000 miles on 2/21/00. It has since been in ten more times and thirty-five days in the last seven months for the check engine light coming on ten more times. The five star dealer here in Charleston, SC has replaced injectors, plugs, plug wires, solenoids, reprogrammed the computer, replaced the intake gaskets and the latest is the the cats. I've tried every brand of gas and octane to no avail. An engine that pings and knocks to the point where the check engine light comes on is not right. Dodge has said all they will do is fix the truck and won't take it back. This is my third new Dodge in four years and will be my last. Any ideas on how to get rid of this piece of junk? Sorry to be so negative but, I've had it. I need a truck that runs everyday, not somedays.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    your state lemon laws. Sounds like your basic warranty period is not up. Some, if not most, states lemon laws are good thru your basic warranty period (i.e. 3 yr/36,000 miles).
  • Here in South Carolina, the lemon laws are only good for 12 months or 12,000 miles , which ever is the shorter of the two. Dodge has said that they will only repair it, as I'm past my factory warranty of 3 years-36,000 miles and using my extended 5 year-100,000 mile warranty. Thank God I bought it. I can only imagine what all this would have cost me out of pocket. Any lawyers out there for advice?
  • I was just driving down the road with my wife and had the rear end lock up and almost threw us out the windshield. This truck only has 19,000 miles on it. I was told by the dealership that this is becoming a major problem.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    What rear end ratio does your truck have? Is it the limited slip? Enquiring minds want to know.
  • i have a 99 1500 Quad Cab 5.2 42k on the odometer and not one problem drive this truck a little over 100 miles a day, have not experienced the rough idle i did have some pinging and slight skips when pulling hills on the interstate switched to 89 octane no problems since have only changed the oil/filter and air filter every 3k

    take a look at it click on "my 99 dodge ram" on the left:
    Racefan9's 99 Dodge Ram Quad Cab
  • neolaneola Posts: 1
    I have found TBS 09-05-00 spark knock and oil consumption. Does anyone know what the problem is? Is it the intake manifold gasket?
  • abaltoabalto Posts: 22
    That questions and technical advice web site...

    I have also looked for a good Dodge web site to ask questions and technical advice, opinions, etc. The best site I have found is This site is clearly the best in quality, with over 60,000 posts! Good luck either way Trevor!
  • I own a 2001 Ram 1500 with 5.9 auto, air, and 3.55 gears. When cold the motors skips and stumbles when shifting. It also pings when towing. Is anybody else having these problems? Mine has been to the dealer 3 times and they say nothing is wrong, that the skip is road vibration. Does anybody have any help?
  • I have recently bought a 2000 ram 1500 5.9, I have been experiencing the rough idle also and the vibration at 45mph. After reading some of the comments I think I may try some of these remedies, however anyone who has owned a Dodge must realize that they have certain quirks that are unique to the name! I am on my 3rd Dodge and my pop is on his 5th with a combined 750,000 miles between us. We remain faithful, however bringing a new Dodge home and have these problems/annoyances arise does make one a little angry. I have been sent a recall notice on the emissions also. Has anyone taken they're truck back for this and did it help or hamper? I am feeling a little better now thanks to the common problems and possible remedies on the new Dodges. I have been avoiding going to the dealership due to the fact that they sold me a truck that turned out to be used that was sitting on the new lot....that is a whole other story though! Thanks for the help everyone. Keep the Mopar faith!
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    The current generation Ram is very sensitive to tires that are out-of-round. After some persuasion, Goodyear replaced 3 of the 4 original tires on my 99 quad 4x4. They should have replaced the 4th too, because it does create some bounce around 45 mph. Check your tires!!
  • After 9 years with a Dodge Pickup with a 318 and 457,000 miles all I can say is that something was built right. To have this type of service out of a truck that knows nothing but work is something to take to mine when shopping for a new one. And that is exactly what I did when I purchased a 1996 Ram1500 4X4 5.9 SLT SB. 4 years and 121,000 miles and still running like it was new. The Starter was the only thing I have replaced. The amount of torque that this truck gives out is impressive. I did have a ping in the engine but that was really my fault because I was caught in a situation that the only choice for fuel was 87 octane. It did not like that one bit. If you can afford it, run 93. It runs great on 89. I hope to get 400,000 or more out of this one but you never know what is going to happen...that is the way it always goes.
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