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I went to a website called Under subtitle "compacts and sedans", the Malibu is listed to be coming out in 2007 with a hybrid. I'm hoping that the MPGs will compete with the 2007 Toyota Camry's hybrid. Honda's 2006 Accord hybrid's MPGs are a joke! Why did they bother? Please, don't disappoint Chevy!


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    :P Actually, the accord hybrids mpg isn't a joke. Its a V6 hybrid and gets excellent mpg for the power it puts out which is like 255hp. And since it has been 4 1/2 years, the next 8th generation honda accord will come out in like a year to better compete against the hybrid camry and all other camry models, again. :P

    Can we include the Nissan Altima Hybrid here? It'll be out soon in 6-8 states and will be released state wide if sales are good. The altima already gets 600mpg with 1 of those engines so a hybrid will be through the roof, especially considering the pretty slick drag coefficient :) . Hopefully the altima hybrid will be sold state wide. :)
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    > I'm hoping that the MPGs will compete with the 2007 Toyota Camry's hybrid.

    Malibu will be an "assist" hybrid. Camry is a "full".

    Those two designs are fundamentally different. There operation is not the same in any respect. So be very careful how you set expectations.

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    :mad: I might just pay $30,000 on a Accord hybrid, V6 or not! How long would you have to drive the Accord before you make all that money back on mpgs? :P I'd rather buy the Prius. You buy the Accord with 253 Horsepower and I'll have Prius's 110. I'll be laughing all the way to the bank! :surprise: ;):blush:
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    There will be a hybrid Malibu. It will be similar to the setup the Vue Greenline. It will probably use the 2.4L Ecotec engine with a electric motor/alternator that will help the car accelerate and shut off the vehicle when it stops. It is supposed to give a 10 percent increase in EPA estimates and will cost a lot less than the Accord and Camry hybrids. Too much to really explain. This article explains it a little better.
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    The next generation of HSD is on the way (2 years). That will bring even better MPG and reduced cost. It's a moving target far too many people seem to forget.

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    Like the malibu hybrid and toyota camry hybrid, the accord is an assist hybrid and not a full hybrid like the prius. Now if you said Honda Civic hybrid oR Vw TDI's, it make more since. As I've said, its been 41/2 years and accords change ever 4-5 years...

    1990-1993, 1994-1997, 1998-2002, 2003-2006(7)

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    IMO, this image

    lools better than this image

    and this image and this is my favorite
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    What kind of car is in the first picture? Looks like it's a Honda. :confuse:
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    > Like the malibu hybrid and toyota camry hybrid, the accord is an assist hybrid and not a full hybrid like the prius.

    No, Camry-Hybrid uses the same hybrid system design as Prius (except newer).

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    A 10% increase in fuel economy? WOW!

    Way to go GM. No wonder you're in your current financial position. I hope your fuel cell plans are on track b/c this car won't sell.
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    Its the 4th generation nissan altima :)
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    I like the exterior design. Never liked previous designs. Also Crash tests not as good as competition.

    Another thing I don't like about Nissan is the long and expensive options list. I added a few options like moonroof, alloy wheels, ABS and airbags with the 4 cyl version. I could by a 6 cyl engine with its competitors for that money!

    2006 Hyundai Sonata LX is a perfect example. JD Power backs the Sonata with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. gave better rating to Sonata (G,A,G)than Altima (G,P,A). Consumer Reports rated the Altima a score of 74 and the Sonata a 76, both 6 cyl versions. Also Sonata's EPA Passenger volume is 105 cu ft compared to Altima's 103.

    The only thing Altima has on Sonata is 15 more Horsepower. I personally think that isn't enough to sway me.

    If your buying for the name plate, buy Nissan. If your buying a good car at a reasonable price buy Sonata. :shades:
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    At least those Accord Hybrid drivers know that everytime they step on the gas, they know all Priuses (and even Camry Hybrid vehciles) will end up in their rear mirrors. BTW, Prius only averages 42 MPG on hwy vs. 49 MPG for the VW Turbo diesel Jetta in real world. Lexus is doing Hybrid for performance just like Honda Accord, BTW.

    I doubt that the owners of all Japanese hybrid vehicles will recoup the $6-7K investment for Hybrid option in less than 10 years with gas running about $3/gallon. But at least, they feel good in burning less gas.


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    > Prius only averages 42 MPG on hwy vs. 49 MPG for the VW Turbo diesel Jetta in real world.

    You've got the numbers reversed. Prius gets 49 and the previous Jetta TDI automatic gets 42. (Data isn't available for new Jetta yet.)

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    Yeah but the numbers you're comparing are for the current altima. The new one is smaller but with more interior room. The following altima go further on 1 tank of gas than a sonata v6: All of them.

    Highway v6
    A 3.5 Altima goes about 600 miles with an automatic and 540 with a manual. The v6 sonata with automatic gets about 531miles.

    Highway I4
    The 2.5 altima goes 620miles with a manual and 581 with automatic. The sonata goes 584 with a manual and 602 with an automatic.

    City v6
    The 3.5 altima goes 400miles with an automatic and 420 with the manual. The sonata goes 354 with an automatic.

    City I4
    The 2.5 Altima goes 460 with the automatic and 480 with the manual. The sonata goes 425 for both auto and manual.

    The altimas I compared were a 2006 Altima 2.5S and 3.5 SE with both transmissions.
    The sonatas were 2006 Gls v6 for auto and Gl for manual.

    I did these comparisons right here on edmunds.

    Now as I was saying, the sonata is a good car for is 1st year with this model but the altima is better IMO. The thing you must figure in is that the sonata will be around for a while more before it changes and the altima changes over the summer. The big news for the altima is that it won't use an automatic next year. Instead it will use the CVT (continuosly variable transmission) and get even better MPG not to mention its new and better aerodynamics.

    As I said, the sonata is a good car but the altima is aging. The same goes for the accord because it is in its last year also if doesn't change a year later.
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    Should this room be called Hyundai Sonata vs Honda Accord vs Nissan Altima vs Chevrolet Malibu vs Toyota Camry?

    Or should it be called "The Vehicle MPG Comparison" That features multiple sedans that get good MPG and have power?

    Or should we just get back to comparing the Chevy Malibu Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, and Camry Hybrid?

    If you pick choice #3, can nissan altima be added :) ?
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    Hey, I'm all for sticking with the hint provided in the discussion title, and keeping conversation focused on the Malibu hybrid.

    Let's try to stay on-topic, folks.


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    Any word on when the redesign of the Malibu hits the showrooms? I assume if there's to be a hybrid Malibu it will come with the new design (since it would seem counter-productive to put the effort into an out-going design), but when will that be? I've only seen one (very small) spy photo in the current Automobile issue, and couldn't tell much about the car. I've heard it is supposed to be a great car, and with the Impala apparently going RWD for 2009, the Malibu will be Chevy's primary FWD sedan offering. Economy is more important to me at this stage of life than power, so as I look a couple of years down the road to my next car purchase, I'm thinking the Malibu could be the way to go.
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    GM's website showing Hybrid timeline for the company does show Malibu Hybrid in 2007 calendar year. It reflects it as a 2008 model year vehicle and is using same mild hybrid system on Saturn VUE Greenline. That's all I can share at this time ;) but feel free to visit site yourself:
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    Question on the 2008 (in 2007) Malibu hybrid...I had a discussion with a co-worker yesterday about hybrids, and he mentioned talking to a Ford dealer about the Escape hybrid, and how with the added initial cost of the hybrid, plus the down-the-road battery replacement, it was very unlikely one would ever recoup the cost difference in gasoline savings (especially since the real-world MPG of the Escape apparently isn't matching the EPA figures in most cases).

    My impression of the GM hybrid (as in the Malibu, VUE, etc.) is that it's a different system, and I'm not so sure it's as reliant on battery packs as might be some other hybrids...any insight you can provide in that regard? I'm thinking perhaps the GM approach doesn't promise as much of a gas savings as "pure" hybrids might, but by the same token there might not be as much expense down the road either.
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    Very good question :) - If I see something I can post back I will.
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    A national newspaper is looking to interview consumers who are interested in purchasing the Chevy Malibu Hybrid. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Tuesday, August 15, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information.


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    I thought I'd posted this here earlier, but several weeks ago there was an interview posted about GM and hybrid vehicles, and they said there were four coming out this year, and the list included the 2008 Malibu hybrid. Still haven't been able to find definitive info on this (materials handed out at the Detroit auto show unveiling didn't mention a hybrid powertrain), other than it is assumed the drivetrain will be the same as the Aura hybrid.
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    Anyone see these spy shots of the Malibu Hybrid?

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    Ran across that last night myself; seems to further support the theory of the hybrid coming online soon. I keep hearing it will be end of 2007/beginning of 2008 before the new Malibu hits the showrooms; I hope it's sooner instead of later. I've had trouble finding an Aura Green Line to test drive; either production is slow or they can't keep them on the lot. I'm planning to buy by this time next year, so I'm hoping there's plenty of inventory (hybrid and non) to choose from when the time comes.
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    Why would they bother with a hybrid for the 2 mpg savings...Typical GM philosophy...
    At least Chrysler is blindly putting faith in their powertrain warranty...should be good for bankruptcy by 2010
    The Malibu will still be a Malibu with GM's famed maintenance expense driving people to well made imports!
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    That Chrysler warranty is fine...assuming Chrysler is still around 5 years from now.

    The 2 MPG gain of the Malibu Hybrid doesn't sound like much, but it's about a 10% gain, at a price point that should be several thousands less than the Camry hybrid. I think it'll prove to be a good compromise until the Volt arrives.
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    GM's philosophy seems to be..."If you try hard, there's no end to the things you can't do!!!
    The Volt is based on technology that does not currently exist. The supposition that the mass population will want a plug in is not what is being exhibited by the buying public!
    Methinks they will screw up even this mild hybrid.
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    To my knowledge the only technology that doesn't currently exist to make the Volt a reality is a more compact battery than what is currently available; there's no reason to think that won't be possible in the very near future. And I think the reason the buying public isn't clambering for a plug-in hybrid might be influenced by the fact that there are none readily available. Seems like the folks who once drove EV1s were pretty happy with those plug-in vehicles.

    Methinks a lot of folks will deride the Malibu/Aura hybrids because they don't get the gas mileage of a Camry hybrid...but you'll see the Malibu/Aura drivers sitting a little higher in their vehicles because they've got a few extra thou' in their back pockets that the Camry hybrid driver will never drive long enough to recoup the difference. Do the math and the Camry hybrid makes no sense. The Prius does, if you don't need much room.

    Obviously I haven't seen a Malibu in person, let alone driven one, so I hesitate to say it's the best compromise between Camry-size and Prius-efficiency and cost; but it's a step in the right direction (though I think the Volt setup will make it irrelevant once it hits the streets).

    I'm hoping to delay my next car purchase for a couple of years, but if I had to make a purchase next year the Malibu Hybrid would be the car I'd look at first, and compare everything else to.
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    I just read in Autoweek what the expected mileage is supposed to be.


    The hybrid version also goes on sale in November. It is rated at 32 mpg highway and 24 mpg city.

    Wait, I am confused. The current 4 cyl Malibu gets (according to Edmunds) 24 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. Does that mean that the hybrid will be less fuel efficient? Is that due to the change in EPA mileage reporting methodology?

    I like the Malibu, simple, understated, gets the job done, but those numbers are underwhelming.
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    I think it's the "new math" the EPA is using.

    Here's the "new" figures for the 2008 Malibu (from
    2.4L 4-cylinder 24 city/32 highway (hybrid)
    2.4L 4-cylinder 22 city/30 highway

    The "new" figures for the 2007 Malibu are:
    2.2L 4-cylinder 21 city/31 highway.

    For comparison, the "old" EPA figures were 24 city/34 highway for the '07 4-cylinder.

    I also checked and they list the "old" numbers for the new Malibu hybrid as 28 city/35 highway. Considering my 2000 Impala was rated as 20 city/30 highway, and I've consistently run closer to those numbers than the "new" 17 city/27 highway, I'd think/hope I'd come in closer to the old numbers than the new on any car.

    Either way it looks like the Malibu hybrid's main advantage will be in increased city mileage improvements.
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    Thanks. I suspected that but wasn't sure. Still, the numbers don't strike me as a big reason to pay for the hybrid with its added complexity, particularly in view of what Toyota can do with that technology (I understand that it's a different system, but to a consumer ultimately what matters is the end result, not how they got there).
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    I think you can probably do the math on the Malibu hybrid versus the Camry hybrid and make a case for the fact that even though the Camry gets better mileage, it also costs more...and you'd have to drive the car for 150-200k miles to save enough money on gas to make it worthwhile (and that doesn't factor in the cost of battery replacement). With gas prices changing all the time (and who knows if the Malibu will actually sell at or near sticker) it's hard to really say at this point.

    On the other hand, the same argument works against the Malibu when you look at the Prius, which gets stellar gas mileage at roughly the same price as the 'bu hybrid. Not having compared the cars side-by-side I don't know if the Malibu is larger/nicer enough to compensate for the lower mileage or not. I also think the fact that the Prius has a unique look that identifies it as a hybrid works in its favor, since driving the Prius makes a statement (and plays a factor in some people choosing it). I honestly think Chevy should put fender skirts or something more distinguishing on the Malibu hybrid than just a few little badges (even if it were an optional thing), so that those who want to flaunt their hybrid status could do so.
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    As someone pointed out in the regular Malibu board, you can now build an '08 Malibu (including the hybrid) at You can't do it on their primary "build and price" button, but you have to go to the "upcoming vehicles" '08 Malibu page and from there you can build one.

    From what I can tell your only option choices on the hybrid are exterior paint color, interior color (varies by exterior), and an engine block heater. I presume that might change down the road once they can gauge the demand for the car and/or production ramps up, but for now those are the options. So it looks like MSRP ranges from a low of $22,790 to a high of $22,960 (w/black paint + engine block heater).

    At least if you're interested in the Malibu hybrid all you have to do is pick the color you want, since they'll all be equipped the same. From the option list there are a few things I wouldn't mind having (power adjustable pedals, rear power outlet and sunshade), but nothing I can't live without.

    Building a similar base Saturn Aura hybrid with no options comes to $24,995...but you can add the power pedals and a few other things to the Aura hybrid that you can't to the Malibu (including leather seats and a sunroof). I'm sure I'll compare them both when the time comes, but with a lower MSRP and the ability to use what little GM Card points I've got on the Malibu, the Aura would have to be WAY better to swing my vote that direction.
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    I honestly think Chevy should put fender skirts or something more distinguishing on the Malibu hybrid than just a few little badges (even if it were an optional thing), so that those who want to flaunt their hybrid status could do so.

    Alas, those of us who live in cities with street curbs dislike superfluous decorations that impede function of the vehicle. I would hope that GM would rather concentrate on improving fuel efficiency than on fender skirts. :D

    While it has been said repeatedly that Prius "flaunts" its hybridness (new word? ;)), I think its design is superbly functional and eschews any unnecessary "form over function" visual gadgetry. This aspect of it may attract people more that its visual uniqueness.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Member Posts: 872
    Add fender skirts...and curb-feelers. :)
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Member Posts: 265
    I thought fender skirts were the curb feelers. :surprise: ;)
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    A article on the least efficient hybrids and the dreaded "hybrid premium" are the subject of today's Alternate Route entry, Boon or Bane?
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    Good article. Allow me to quote a fragment here:

    If my past driving habits continue, I'll be driving it about 10,000 miles per year and using roughly 303 gallons of gasoline. Had I purchased a Prius and was getting 50mpg, I could expect to use only 200 gallons over the course of a year, saving me 103 gallons of gas annually. Using $4/gallon gas prices to give me even more incentive to choose a hybrid, that's $412 per year still in my pocket. Price difference between the cars is $8500. You know the math. That's over 20 years to break even. And even the most loyal hybrid advocate doesn't expect that the hybrid battery pack won't have to be replaced in that length of time. Normal maintenance and wear and tear is going to be the same for both, so that's a wash.

    So other than to feel good about myself or tell people how much smarter I am than they are, where's my incentive to buy?

    Author is obviously missing the most important incentive that many people had in California - carpool lane sticker. Generous IRS deductions helped, too, but quite a few of those I talked to admitted that the carpool sticker was THE reason they bought the Prius.

    Frankly, battling the morning commute traffic in Silicon Valley, I have considered that myself. Since California is not giving the stickers right now, I will wait, but I have the feeling they will return, and then it is quite possible that I will give in just to be able to get to work in a reasonable time.

    Mind you, the whole concept of a carpool lane is a subject for another discussion, but I don't really want to start it here.
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    "Author is obviously missing the most important incentive that many people had in California - carpool lane sticker. Generous IRS deductions helped, too, but quite a few of those I talked to admitted that the carpool sticker was THE reason they bought the Prius. "

    I don't think the author was missing this at all; the stickers are no longer a perk (they won't issue any new ones), and CA is already in trouble with the Feds over allowing the hybrids in carpool lanes (indirect trouble - it seems the carpool lanes move too slowly, and this was noticed when they applied to the Feds for the hybrid sticker exemptions).

    I suspect that the sticker will not be renewed when they expire in 2009 (I think that is the date).

    But in any case I don't expect the author to comment on a perk that isn't valid any longer.
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    "Price difference between the cars is $8500."
    I just bought a Prius for $23,000 with comparable equipment the Malibu cost about the same thing. Where does the $8500 come from?

    One convenience I like is only having to fill the tank about 2 times per month versus 4 times per month.
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    That line came from an article that wasn't referring to the Malibu's the few lines from the article just before the quote that you referenced:

    "Average Prius owners, for example, seem to be reporting combined driving mileage numbers of 48-50mpg. Price on the base 2007 Prius is $22,175. Price on my base 2007 Versa that I purchased in February was $13,675, and I'm getting 33mpg in combined driving. That puts me right in the range of that 18.5 mpg difference that buyers expect hybrids to get over similar non-hybrid vehicles.

    The Prius and Versa would seem to be vehicles of a similar class with regard to form and function."

    I think in terms of size and attributes the Malibu is more comparable with the Camry Hybrid, which is quite a bit more expensive than the Malibu. In a Malibu versus Prius fight the Prius wins on economics, but it's also a smaller car and competes in a different class of vehicle.
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    The versa is a sub-compact, the prius is a mid size. I've logged more than 20,000 miles in my girlfriends Prius. It is a comfortable car (front seat, or back) for my 6'3" 210 LB frame. The versa, on the other hand is a vehicle that I just wasn't able to wedge myself into the back seat of.
    When the versa is loaded up with options to be comparable to the base model Prius, it costs almost 17k.
    The Malibu and the prius are of comparable performance, and comparable size (most interior dimension within 1 inch of each other. (malibu has 3" more front hip room, prius has 3" more rear shoulder room). The camry hybrid is a bigger, faster car than the Malibu. The Malibu is closer to A Prius than A Camry.
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    If the Versa and Prius are in different classes of vehicle, then that's just semantics.

    The Versa is 1" longer than the Prius, 1.2" narrower, and 1.7" taller.

    You enjoy the Prius more, great. But please... midsized???
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "You enjoy the Prius more, great. But please... midsized???"

    When they did the Gen 2, they managed to just barely get into the EPA mid-size category. This was done not by enlarging the vehicle that much, but by making it a hatchback instead of a sedan, which pushed interior volume past the compact car limit.

    In my opinion it is a small car. The EPA says mid-size.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Let's leave this spot for discussion of the Malibu hybrid and take Versa and Prius chat to the appropriate homes :P
  • foxwalkerfoxwalker Member Posts: 14
    I'm sorry coalburner called you an idiot. I would rather be more conversational than confrontational. I had not looked into the Versa. I am sure it is a nice car. Edmonds does not seem to think the Versa and Prius are comparable and compare the Versa against the Fit and Yaris.

    When testing the Prius, I compared it to another Hybrid, say the Civic. The road noise in the Prius was non-existent, there were so many little added features that no other car (in the price range) seems to have, like the backup camera, the key-less entry system, standard ABS brakes and so many other little things that just add to a wow factor that is not available in comparable priced anything.

    Since I was at the Toyota dealer I tried a Corolla a great little car with great gas mileage but.... This brings me to the point. Gas mileage is only one reason to buy a car, but still if you are going to make a hybrid, make it a lot better in gas than the non-hybrid version otherwise what is the point? Sorry about straying so far off Malibu.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    The subject of hybrids with not-so-spectacular gas mileage was the subject of a recent entry on the Alternate Route. You can check out Boon or Bane? and leave a comment there if the mood strikes you!
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    I just wrote an article that talks about the New Malibu that is coming out and compares it to some of the other new cars on the market. You may find the information useful. Here is the link yota.html">link title
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