wont stay running

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my tracker fires right up. 15 to 25 miles down the road it acts like it's starving for gas then dies. was told fuel pump, put new one on , same thing happens. Took it to chevy dealer , diagnosed it as camshaft sensor, bought new canshaft assembley , put that on , still does the same thing. Anyone have any ideas? almost forgot its a 2.0 ,,4wd


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    The only way to know what is going on is to test it during a failure. When it cuts off how long does it take to resart? If you turn the key off, and then back to run without cranking the engine, can you hear the fuel pump run for about two seconds?
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    When it cuts off it usually starts within 20 minutes. I have replaced the whole camshaft assembly and the fuel pump.
    How would I test it when it shuts off?
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    the pump works as it should
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