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Infiniti M35/M45 Navigation System



  • I am ordering an M45 and I am interested in the experience of others in the use of the Navigation system. My questions are:

    1) How easy is it to use
    2) Do the voice commands work well
    3) Can it be changed (voice or manually) when driving

  • lincj1lincj1 Posts: 14

    I have a M45 Sport. Navigation is very easy to use. Voice commands work very well to enter a destination address. Really cool. You can use voice or manual when driving, but I would pull over to use manual commands to enter a destination address, unless it ia already saved in your data base.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I have extensive prior Nav experience with Lexus LS430, Mercedes, BMW, Escalade, Neverlost, and several others. IMO the M is, by far, the best, easiest to use Nav in any Car. (Some Acura owners agree and I'm sure some others others may disagree. Acura is also a very good system)

    The M's voice command is an incredible convenience. You just speak the address, without slowing down, without looking, and for me it's amazingly reliable. I rarely have to repeat myself.

    You can change routes while driving (without pulling over), and there are several available options including detours and adding POI's as waypoints via voice command. Some route editing does require pulling over, but there's good info available on a hack that provides for complete on-the-road access to all functionality.

    Among the the things I appreciate about about The M's Nav:

    Great Voice Recognition.

    Great Display. Including Bird View, A 3D perspective view that gives more detail to close areas and more coverage to distant area;

    Great detail on maps in general including more road names than most others;

    The best blowups that make complicated turns very clear and precise.

    TurnList split view (showing all upcoming turns) that, once set, can thereafter be turned off and on with one touch of the map button.

    Ability to specify "city" or "All cities" for any destination, with a resulting candidate street list that shows the city for each candidate street. (Painfully missing in many systems)

    A consistent software interface that, IMO, is extremely feature rich and user friendly.

  • rrobrrob Posts: 51
    I've had an M45 for six months, with prior experiences with Garmin, Neverlost, and Mercedes systems. I agree with most of Pete's comments. Overall, the Infiniti system is the best I have used. All systems have their advantages and weaknesses - the display, recall and voice functions, and integration into the rest of the display functions on the M are the best. It did take me some time to get used to the functions, and I don't like that some aren't available when moving. Also, the system doesn't show some secondary roads that are on most maps - but this is true to some degree with all of the systems. I think you will be pleased with the system.

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I thought the M allowed full access to nav functions through the voice activation? :confuse:
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    The M's voice recognition works great for me and is enormously convenient.

    However, there ARE things you can't do with voice. Such as looking for a POI with a specific name, or accessing a previous destination that would require scrolling the list.

    I'd really enjoy total access.

  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    A few aftermarket companies have expressed interest in making a product that would simply plug into the M’s NAV and allow full access to the NAV while driving (it might also provide some other features, such as AUX video capability, which I’d love for my iPod). I don’t know if anyone has such an item available at this time. But I’d certainly like it.

    There’s a way this Mod can be done right now, by cutting and splicing wires leading into the M’s NAV. However many folks, like myself, are reluctant to do that because of lease or warranty issues. The key would be to make a part that would plug in to the NAV instead of the original cable. The original cable would then plug into the new part. Thus the whole thing could be removed later, leaving the car in factory condition.

    These forums don’t permit solicitations or For-Sale postings, so recent discussions on this subject were deleted. However, I believe it would be within forum guidelines for those of us who have interest in this product to communicate that. My desire is that if enough of us express our interest in this product one manufacturer or another will take note and make it.

    So if anyone would like to have such a part, please post a reply indicating that.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky.

  • gs455gs455 Posts: 10
    I agree Pete, and I'd certainly be interested if/when it is developed.
  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    I would go nuts for iPod video controls.

  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I would go nuts for iPod video controls.

    Me too.

    This Griffin TuneCenter and another product shown at CES (DLO's Home Dock) are the very first enabling you to choose iPod tracks from any artist, album, or playlist via a remote control. And you'll be able to do it while viewing large attractive menu's on the M's screen. Which should also show now playing info, track status, album art, photo's and other things.

    The DLO product has a large IR remote, and I'm hoping that the griffin remote is RF and smaller. Very few details from griffin so far.

    I've been wanting this for a very long time. Those products are not yet shipping btw.

    Of course this capability will require 2 things:

    1) You'll need to have an M package which includes auxiliary inputs (if you have an aux input for audio then you've got aux input for the video.)

    2) You'll need to do the full Nav hack, to be able to see the iPod's menus on the M's display while driving.

  • I'd be interesting in one of these kits as well. It would need to be plug n play, be removable if necessary and be reasonably priced.
  • dubbdubb Posts: 20

    What is the "Full Nav hack" ?
    What will it allow me to do with my screen besides working with an iPod ?
    How can I get it done ?

    - Kai
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    What is the "Full Nav hack" ?
    What will it allow me to do with my screen besides working with an iPod ?
    How can I get it done ?

    The full nav hack allows the following.

    1) Full access to all Nav (and all system) functions while driving.
    2) The ability to see video coming from the aux video input on your Nav Screen while driving. This is valuable for seeing an ipod's menus, and now playing info on the nav screen while controlling it with a small remote. It's more visible and safer than trying to see the ipod from any mounted position, and provides a real integrated feel.
    3) Other capabilities which we're not permitted to discuss here. :)

    The mod requires cutting 2 wires leading to the nav unit behind the glove box, splicing in some additional wire and installing a switch.

    You might get some more info on it with a google search for navi q2m_from_ls430. Then do a browser text search within the resulting pages for hack. We're not permitted to post direct links here.

  • Add me to the list of folks who would like a removable mod kit.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    [i]Thanks Pete.[/i]

    You're very welcome.

    I just did the hack by the way, and have been greatly enjoying it. I did it without the plug and play part that we've been talking about. Instead I did the splice myself and found a good place for the switch at the top of the cup holders. Looks good, feels good.

  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    Hi Pete,

    I'm a little confused on this. Is there a way to see my iPod menu on the Nav screen if I don't have a video capable I pod? I have the standard 40GB model and I'm going to get killed looking down at that little screen some day.

  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I'm a little confused on this. Is there a way to see my iPod menu on the Nav screen if I don't have a video capable I pod? I have the standard 40GB model and I'm going to get killed looking down at that little screen some day.

    Right now, there are only a couple of accessories that promise to display an iPod's menus on a video display like the M's screen. (The griffin TuneCenter and the DLO HomeDock deluxe, both not yet shipping)

    I think that both of these require a video iPod to do that, but since the products are not out, and their web sites are skimpy on details, I'm not sure on that. (I believe these products are using an apple API to get that info from the ipod, and I suspect that API is only supported by video ipods.)

    The griffin site says that the tunecenter has partial compatibility with older dock connector ipods, and there may be some small chance it would do that with your 40gb iPod.

    You can try emailing griffin and DLO to ask, or we can wait and see what we find out when they ship.

    I really do agree, btw, that it's much safer (not to mention easier, more satisfying, and way cooler) to see those menus on the big screen.

  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    Is there a way to see my iPod menu on the Nav screen if I don't have a video capable I pod? I have the standard 40GB model

    I've emailed griffin on this and they answered that the TuneCenter WILL provide full iPod menu displays on its video-out for 3rd generation iPods (which I believe is what you have), as well as 4th Gen iPods and iPod mini's.

  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27

    thanks for checking on that. i did, too, and here's the reply I got from Todd at Griffin:

    "Assuming your Nav display has a compatible video input, I wouldn't see why
    you could not do this. However, I would imagine there could potentially be
    an issue if the screens resolution is not the same as you'd have on a
    regular tv. What are the specs on the nav system? I can run that question by
    the PM."

    What do you make of this?

  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    I feel pretty sure that the resolution of our nav screen will be fine for this purpose. (re: iPod menus on the display)

  • wootangawootanga Posts: 3
    I'd be definitely interested in a plug in module. I hope some manufacturer sees this thread and comes out with something.
  • stixpixxstixpixx Posts: 17
    I have an M35 Sport with Tech Package. I purchased it last June and have 15000 miles on it. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and the sound went out. I then noticed that the whole center console, including temperature,cd,dvd,nav,voice control was not responding. I called my dealer and took it in today. They said the Clarion navigation system which controls everything has a manufacturer defect and needs to be replaced. It is going to take a week to get the upgraded unit from Clarion to resolve this issue. For now I will have to suffer for at least a week without using the stereo, nav, bluetooth, temp. This really sucks. I would recommend you call your dealer to get it replaced before before it goes out on you.

  • Does anyone know if disabling the Vehicle Speed Sensor" wire (the VSS) allows the DVD video to playback while the car is in motion? I already had a toggle switch added to bypass the emergency brake needing to be engaged in order for playback. That works fine but as soon as car moves, monitor switched to navigation. Also, where can the Vehicle Speed Sensor" wire (the VSS) be located? What color is the wire? I doubt my local car audio shop knows of the VSS so any feedback will be awesome.
  • jshattnerjshattner Posts: 32
    Yes. You need to a) ground the parking brake wire (which it seems you've already done) and b) break the VSS wire. This is the green wire (pin 66) on the Nav DVD unit. BTW, disabling VSS will also give you full menu control while in motion (Phone, Destinations, "keypad", etc.). However, it will also cause the Nav to lose its location and will require either a slowdown, full stop, or possibly a power down (engine off) to re-find itself once VSS is re-enabled, depending on how far you've driven with it off.

    Most folks have combined the two wiring breaks with a single dpdt switch (you can tap the parking brake signal via the pink wire - pin 64 - on the same DVD harness).
  • Thank you for the answer, it is much appreciated....

    You said by cutting the VSS......
    will also cause the Nav to lose its location and will require either a slowdown, full stop, or possibly a power down (engine off) to re-find itself once VSS is re-enabled, depending on how far you've driven with it off.

    So If another toggle is added to bypass or trick the VSS, I would have to do one of the actions above in order for the NAV to reset itself. That sounds pretty scary and may be a problem. So, my new question is this ...... How long of a slow down, stop or power down is required? Is it really worth it? I would really like to have the DVD option but at what cost?
  • jshattnerjshattner Posts: 32
    Hard to answer that. If you're on the highway and leave the "hack" on for a long time (e.g., watch a good part of a DVD) you'll likely need to wait 'til you come to a full stop and/or kill the engine for the sat to recalibrate itself. It's no big deal if you just drive a bit (for example to scroll through some menus that are normally greyed out while in motion) but long intervals will confuse it. Basically, if you want to watch a movie on the highway, forget about navigation aid while you're watching. Pull over when you need nav and it'll "find" itself again.

    I don't normally use it for DVD's, but for menu uses, so I have not had extensive experience. If you're driving around town with DVD on, you'll probably find that stop/go driving allows the nav to keep reasonably close.
  • pete_l_ppete_l_p Posts: 322
    Just want to chime in to say that I find the Nav Fix totally worth while, and agree with your description of how it works. However, I've never had to turn off the engine, even after leaving it off for a long while. But I agree that it might be necessary in some circumstances. Most of the time, when using the switch for entering some commands, it usually is OK after about 10 seconds, and rarely takes more than minute to come back. Stopping and starting (with the engine still on), as stated, will usually bring it back fairly quickly.

    Net/Net It really is convenient to have.

  • varixvarix Posts: 72
    As a physician who happens to be married to a rehabilitation physician specializing in spinal cord injury I cannot believe the discussions on this forum about driving while watching a DVD or fiddling with the telemetrics that are purposely grayed out in this car. Ask my wife's quadriplegics about that one moment when they did something stupid (like watching a DVD while driving) and they all want it back. Think Ben Rothlisberger will think twice about wearing a helmet next time? And he got very lucky, he'll probably have a next time. I agree it is a hassle that my wife can't alter the nav system while I drive but i suspect most of those doing the nav hack are those who will in all truthfulness be doing it to allow themselves to access it while driving at speed down the highway. Lord knows I hope I or my loved ones are not on the same highway with you as you watch your movie at 80 mph or change your destination to Mooselookmeguntic, Maine (I've been there) with the input dial. I know many of you think those lock outs are in there to appease lawyers and as a doc i have no desire to please the lawyers BUT that said they may actually be trying to keep you from killing yourself and others. I wonder if any lawyer out there can tell me what the legal ramifications are for those who purposely disable safety lock outs in the telemetrics and then injure or kill someone while watching a movie or inputting nav requests, or adding people to their car's address book etc while driving. I can't imagine Infiniti is gonna be liable here. I know all the expert drivers out there are going to post back and say they can fully concentrate on the road and do all this other multitasking while driving and I've heard that story over and over ad nauseum from the injured rehab patients who thought they were in complete control and besides it always happens to "the other guy", anyway, so I don't buy it. There are better ways to do this. The new Mercedes S550 has the best nav screen implementation in that it's screen rotates or pivots. When facing the passenger, and out of view of the driver, it is fully accessible. When facing the driver it is on lock out. Very clever design. All car screens should do this but since we don't have it on our M's yet I can't support bypassing the lock outs. Would you really want your daughter driving next to someone on the Interstate who is watching a movie? Isn't it illegal anyway? A little common sense here.. :confuse:
  • raizelgsraizelgs Posts: 84
    Thank you varix for saying what I was thinking, but saying it in a way that makes the point better than I would have.
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