97 geo metro 4 c yl 1.3

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Had oil leak near crank positioning sensor, fixed it. I go to start it and nothing. So I check ignition system. I have no fuel,no spark and no check engine light in the dash does not come on at all. It was an all of a sudden thing. Can anyone help me or at least point me in the right direction????


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    Since this started when you replaced the crank sensor, assume it is the problem.
    Pull it back out and see if it looks like the end is chewed up. If it is, then it is contacting the "tone wheel" or signal notches.
    Where did you buy the sensor? If it's an aftermarket, did it seem like it was not going in all the way?
    If the sensor looks ok and you are certain it is correct, then start over with the basics.

    Compression, Spark, fuel.
    These engines are notorious for burnt valves and timing belts jumping time.
    A compression check will tell you right away if you've lost the timing belt or it's jumped time.
    If compression is good across the board, then you have to see if you have spark.
    No spark, where did you lose power? Main fuse possibly?
    If all fuses and fusible links are good, then you have to determine where the loss is.

    My bet, the sensor is either incorrect or damaged.
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