Do the old Subaru WRX's actually have a lot of engine problems?

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So I am looking for my first car and a few used WRX's have caught my eye. However, my friend who is a Subaru fanboy has informed me that the engines are "Prone to ring land failure. Ej motors are known to blow up. Bunch of engine problems since Subaru hasn't changed the engine in over 15 years" He has also said that I would be almost guaranteed to blow up the engine and would have costly consequences. Upon research I have found a few videos about ring land failure existing but I haven't found a video describing the engine to have the problems he described. So I was wondering if there are any ways to prevent these problems to make this car reliable.


  • mikeoreallymikeoreally quebecMember Posts: 2
    i have a 2009 wrx and only issue i have was engine misfire due to failed spark plug wires. beside this i never had an issue. do the oil change every 6 months and you will be good.
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