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Dodge Caliber General Care & Maintenance

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
Have a question or tip on keeping your Caliber looking and running sharp? This is the place.


  • luvmycaliberluvmycaliber Member Posts: 11
    Does anyone know what I can use on the headliner? you know it`s white,,and my husband just has to touch it and it get dirty! I think carpet cleaners etc. will leave a water mark...any idea`s???
  • jlb2jlb2 Member Posts: 18
    Any information on the auto trans,is it new or used in other autos? Thanks :D
  • bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    The transmissions proper name Continuosly Variable
    It has no gearing in it,goto wikipedia.com for explanation
    regarding the workings.
    It is built by JATCO (Nissan) and is used in any number
    of vehicles i.e. Nissan Murano,Ford Freestyle.
  • jmechjmech Member Posts: 15
    What is the proper break-in procedure :) of the 2.0 engine?
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Member Posts: 118
    According to the owners manual I believe it says there is no such thing with the engine. I went ahead and put synthetic oil in it after the first 1500 miles. I now have over 15k miles on the car with no issues.
  • dallardallar Member Posts: 15
    luvmycaliber: I use a product amazingly enough called "Interior Cleaner" from Griot's Garage, a care care mfg which markets via catalog. Their products have proven to be great. The interior cleaner absolutely does not leave a spots or residue. I have several cars and use it exclusively on them all. Here is the website: www.griotsgarage.com.
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    Using 5-20 synthetic blended oil, how often shoud l change it in mostly short trip driving? I've never used synthetic blends before, but that is all I can find locally in the proper weight for the Caliber engine. I've changed my oil every 3K miles on other cars with no problems.
  • concrete1717concrete1717 Member Posts: 29
    The "synthetic oil" board under "maintenance and repair" has alot of comments & suggestions regarding oil change intervals.
  • faroutfarout Member Posts: 1,609
    nonnemacher: I might be wrong, but doe the book call for 5-30W? I would use either pure Synsethic or just reg oil. At 3,000 mile the oil can very easly be good until 5,000 which is below the schedule A. Changing the oil weight especially on this new "world engine" would bother me, but I am just an odd duck, so you may well have a better idea than me. Good luck.

  • jhknightjhknight Member Posts: 46
    hAS anyone out there found an automatic carwash capable of washing the back window?? That spoiler over the back seems to be a problem. The whole chunky rear seems to be a problem for all the laser/touchless washes around here. Either it doesn't get the back window at all, nor do they get the license plate area or top of the bumper.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    I haven't noticed it being a problem, and I have the larger spoiler too. :confuse:

    (Oh and I moved your question here, we reopened this topic from read only)
  • cal_libby_ercal_libby_er Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know where to go to get, perhaps, a printable copy of a maintenance schedule for the 2007 Caliber R/T AWD? I just got this vehicle on Saturday 2/23/08 and with it I purchased an extended warranty that I don't want to get jipped out of because I didn't keep a documented copy of a maintenance schedule with the car. Having trouble finding anything online, if anyone has any tips on finding something like it I would greatly appreciate it!!!

    Great forum, guys, I'm really glad I found you all, found lots of great information here - excited to be a Caliber owner!!!
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    Welcome to the forums! Sorry I'm not aware of anywhere to print something. Maybe you're dealer can provide something for you.
  • cal_libby_ercal_libby_er Member Posts: 3
    Lol I'm a dork - I missed the link on the dodge website that was "for owners" - printable maint schedules can be found there :D
  • cryansmithcryansmith Member Posts: 2
    My dealer is telling me I need new plugs.
    The car (1.8L) only has 45k Km (28K miles).
    Is this correct?
  • bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    If you read the owners manual you will find the maintenance
    schedule and without going out in the snow to get mine I recall
    they are scheduled at 30,000 miles.
    The plugs are standard type and not those of the extended
    milage brands found in other Chrysler products.
  • joep6joep6 Member Posts: 1
    My 2007 Caliber is ready for the 30K mile routine maintenance.
    I have called three dealers. Each one recommends different services such as:

    Flush cooling system
    Flush transmission
    clean and de-carb fuel injection
    rebalance wheels

    None of these are in the warranty booklet that came with the car.
    What actually needs to be done for the 30K maintenance?
  • cryansmithcryansmith Member Posts: 2
    I have the same car, same problem. My biggest complaint about the car is the dealer service!
  • drew887881drew887881 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone recomend a certain brand of oil For a 2007 Caliber SXT with 2.0 I usually use Valvoline synthetic blend anyone have any advice???
  • dretskedretske Member Posts: 1
    I have been trying to drain my coolant, but I can't find the drain plug. Does anyone know where it is? Can you give me accurate directions... pictures maybe too?
  • irismgirismg Member Posts: 345
    I'm just curious. The oldest caliber can't possibly be more than two years old. Why are we draining the coolant so soon?
  • 65chick65chick Member Posts: 2
    i am trying to replace a burnt out brake light on a 07 caliber. how does the tail light come off. do the 2 pieces on side screw out or pop out. does just the inside piece come off or the inside and the piece with the notches. looks like they both need to pop out but wanted to make sure b4 i did it. also does it take a 1137 bulb does anyone know.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    You pry the 2 plastic plugs out very carefully with a flat bladed
    screwdriver as they pull right out.
    The part #'s are in your operaters manual but here they are from the parts manual.

    Lic Plate-W10/5
  • sirenmedeasirenmedea Member Posts: 2
    Because the products that we use in our coolant only last a limited amount of time. As the product cools the engine it slowly looses it's ability to cool so the older the coolant the less it works. In essense it wears out. The standard is about 18 months of average driving with about 12 months of severe driving. :D
  • rmasterjohnrmasterjohn Member Posts: 1
    Make sure to remove the innner plastic plug first. I removed them both at the same time the first time and broke the outer one.
  • tcsmpsitcsmpsi Member Posts: 31
    Actually, we've had our Caliber for two and a half years.

    Anyone here replace headlamps yet?
  • dzimbricdzimbric Member Posts: 2
    We have a 2007 caliber CVT trans with 106,000 miles and while it hasn't overheated yet the temperature gauge climbs into the red, then comes back down. It is more prevalent when using the air or heat.
    We have added water to the coolant tank twice and the radiator once with the engine cold but don't see any evidence of leakage.

    My wife thinks the thermostat is sticking but I thought they just failed closed and the car would oveheat all of the time. :(
  • jmechjmech Member Posts: 15
    Sounds like a leaking head gasket. Check oil and see if there is a white or milky film on dipstick. That would be a giveaway.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Member Posts: 149
    At 106,000 miles it would be worth the money to have
    your coolant system flushed and all new coolant installed.
    You should NEVER add water to the system unless you
    are unable to get the proper coolant or in dire need to
    get to service center.Always add to the overflow tank/
    reserve NEVER at the radiator cap as the system as
    it heats and cools will self level.The thermostat is a
    likely/inexpensive place to start,by the way a Caliber
    (as I understand it)has 2 thermostats.
  • soonerbaby09soonerbaby09 Member Posts: 1
    i have an 07 caliber as well only 60k. my car overheats as well on trips over an hour or if i drive over 70 to 75 mph for long periods of time (15 min) i havent been able to get it checked but theres plenty of coolant. i just thought my car was a piece! it was a enterprise rental before i got it in may last year. maybe this is a defect that most calibers have? :lemon:

    AND my brake light is out.. 5 of my friends who are mechanics couldnt pop off the lights. they took apart my backbumper almost and the plastic top on the rear just to try and figure it out and they couldnt pop it off without fear of breaking it.
  • dzimbricdzimbric Member Posts: 2
    Someone who an issue with us removed the fuses from the fan circuit. We had the system pressure checked and the mechanic found the fuses were removed. Such petty stuff, makes me feel like I am back in high school.

    Have your fan checked and make sure it runs. You may hav a defective thermostat in the fan circuit.

    To remove the rear light assemblies you have to pry the plastic rivet things out and the lamp assembly can be removed. Ours was filling with water and the factory would not repair it, even though there was a service bulletin on it because of our mileage. I just removed the light and drilled a drain hole inthe bottom.
  • arog77arog77 Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    referring to your breaklight problem......mine went out as well and it took me 2 minutes in the parking lot of walmart to find out how to do this.....i got pliers inside and the bulb itself wich came out to 6 dollars and used the pliers to unplug the two plugs when the hatch is open and once those are out you pull the light straight out not at a angle just straight out and it goes straight back in easy no need to take the whole bumper off....one of the things i like about my caliber is that everything is easy to take off and put back on...except the front bezel surrounding my in dash unit i seem to rip my skin everytime i mess with that damn thing lol
  • harbordjharbordj Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there is a Indicator light that come on in the dash that tells you its time for a oil change on a 07' Dodge Caliber?
  • 1viper1viper Member Posts: 2
    We just purchased a 2007 Caliber a few months ago. We are now at 30,000 miles and the dealer says we need to do the 30,000 scheduled maintenance (tune-up, fuel system and coolant flush, $600) in order to keep their special warranty in place. I have never had vehicles fluids changed or had a tune up. Seems like a newer vehicle would not need to have these things done until higher mileage. Thoughts? Thanks!
  • denden45denden45 Member Posts: 2
    Any info on changing Dodge Caliber 08 cabin air filter, myself would be helpful,also do you have to dis-connect air bag system, if so what does it have do with the cabin air filter, Thank you for any info available
  • denden45denden45 Member Posts: 2
    Coolant only needs to be changed at 102,000 miles as per my o8 manual,spark plugs in there should be platium, might be okay for 60,000 miles if no problems, fuel system just use STP concentrated fuel system cleaner "if" needed or a mid-grade gas for 2-3 tank fulls, hope this helps you
  • azulcalibre1azulcalibre1 Member Posts: 1
    Drilling a hole is the way to go. BOTH of my tail lights filled with water, so this is apparently a systematic problem with the calibers. After getting the first light replaced under warranty at exactly 36K (phew), the 2nd started to fill up less than 15K later. I drilled both lights with 5 weep holes on the bottom of the tail lights. With the light assembly running at $350, and a mechanic threatening not to inspect a light with water in it, those holes were well worth the trouble.
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