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    I keep getting an error message when I try to look at the pictures (I think it might be my computer though), but there is a Fit sedan called the Fit Aria in Japan and the City everywhere else.

    They just started selling it this January in 4 European countries and Turkey. Here is some more information on it. There is also a wagon version of the sedan (and therefore a wagon version of the Fit/Jazz) only sold in Japan called the Airwave.
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    that sedan removes everything that is interesting and useful about the fit. It's a Yaris clone.
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    Doesn't look much like the Yaris sedan at all to me... unless one subscribes to the notion that all small sedans look alike, perhaps.

    I will agree with the point about how a Fit just ain't a Fit unless its got the Magic Seats, though. :)
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    I personally don't like it either, but I don't see the Yaris in it anywhere. Also, this car predates the current Yaris by several years.

    I have watched two with the Jazz and several other 5 door hatchbacks, and one with the City and several other 4 door sedans. While the Jazz took top place in most categories, the City was just a middle of the road, so-so vehicle. It loses the versatility of the Jazz, IMHO it is hideous, and it also has a softer suspension and can't handle as well.
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    They should definately sell it here in the U.S. I do some car consulting and there are a lot of people here who have not purchased a car since the early 90's that are suprised to find that even the cheapest cars start at 14 grand. Look at the versa they have both a sedan and hatchback version. Toyota's yaris has a sedan and hatchback version. Even Kia's rio has a sedan and hatchback varient. I think many people would buy this car. It may not have the magic seat, but it does have what appear to be storage bin sized glove boxes beneath the rear seat. Seeing as it is a sedan it would probably start at around 12 grand. It is a honda so you would get what you pay for. Also, with the civic now the size of the old accord, there is a growing space for an entry level car in Honda's line up.

    P.S. If you go to the pakistan website link title you can read the details in english.
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    Great car for teens to purchase. Just like the fit... is cheap and reliable.
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    Has rear-cues of the new Mercedes C-Class
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    The Fit Aria actually does have its own version of the Magic Seats called the ULTR Room. They are naturally a little less useful in the sedan configuration, but are still plenty nifty. See here:
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