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What compares to 2000-2005 Ford Explorer Sport SUV?

TeoteodoreTeoteodore Member Posts: 1
edited August 2018 in Ford
I had two of these SUVs when they were new, and they were perfect for me! I had the little 2-door model. It had an exact 48" rear door and cargo space width above the wheel wells for carrying plywood and sheetrock. I equipped it with a 3-bike Thule for my team, hauled all our gear and even used the rear door for tailgate parties after the rides. I want that SUV again ... or more to the point, I want that capability in perhaps a newer model OF ANY MANUFACTURER. I prefer the square SUV appearance over those that try to pretend they are sedans with a large trunk, and I'd like it to be as small as the Explorer Sport vs the Expedition.
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