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Focus won't start if hot

Dan_AmDan_Am Vancouver, BCPosts: 1
edited August 2018 in Ford
I got my 2001 Focus SE Wagon used a year ago and it only has about 220,000km on it.

In the last couple of months it's not started 4 times. The dash lights come on but the engine doesn't turn over. It seems to happen on hot days or when I've been driving in the city and stopping and starting a lot. This makes me think it's a problem that happens when something in the car overheats. On the occasions when this has happened, I've left it for a few hours and when I come back it starts up no problem.

It will also sometimes shudder and slow way down when going up hills and will idle really rough sometimes. The check engine light will sometimes come on when it's having problems like this but not always. It's weird because it doesn't have these problems all the time, sometimes it runs just fine.

I've taken it to 2 mechanics and they've both had no idea why it won't turn on sometimes. One of them checked the fuel pump and said it's fine. I've also changed the air, oil, and fuel filters and checked the fuses.
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