2007 Tahoe 20" Wheels

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Looking for advice on after market 20" wheels and ties. Dealer wants $3000.00 for Chevy brand.


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    You may also be interested in Suspension/wheel/tire modifications.

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    I just bought 20" wheels and tires for my 07 Suburban at Discount AKA Americas tire centers. I paid 1499.00 out the door with my OEM stock wheels as trade in. They look great and the price was right. Look at their web site and pull up 20" Gunner 6 spoke wheel. Let me know what you think.
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    Thanks. Cannot find the web page. Do you know the address.
    Also, did they have to change the tire monitor or did they use the original?
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    I think he means Discount Tire - their site also says America's Tire, so take your pick I guess.

    Hey Tenberge, how about setting up your CarSpace page and posting some pics of your wheels?

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    You can get OEM 20's on ebay with tires...usually runs between $1500 - $2000. You can usually get the rims alone for around $1000.
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    Hi there. I own a 2003 Tahoe LT. I LOVE the 20" chrome wheels available on the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, and i inquired with a local chevy dealer (the parts dept) and he said that in order to fit 20" wheels on my 2003, I would need a suspension/lift kit upgrade, total you're looking at $7K (he wasn't trying to sell me on it, he was basically saying it wasn't worth it). He said that the maximum wheel size a 2003 can take is 17". Anyone know anything different about this?
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    Be aware that with significantly bigger wheels on any vehicle, you need to look at upgrading your brakes since the larger diameter wheel has more leverage and therefore harder to stop. ;)
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    are you upgradint the rubber AND rim size, or just the rims?
    if both then you need to have the speedometer recalibrated
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    Thanks Curious Gears. Tires and rims. Would a recalibration be required for 18" upgrade? A 17" upgrade? Many thanks..,.
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    Anything that changes the rolling diameter on the tire/wheel combo will require a recalibration both to correct your speedo and ABS. Your tire/wheel dealer can advise you if a particular package that you are considering would have a different rolling diameter than what you currently have.
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    Having upgraded wheels on all my SUV's over the years, the simplest thing to do is match the diamater of your existing factory wheels. Simpy go to a website that has tire diameter calculator, and use the calcular to size up different tire specs. (to go .25-.5" bigger diameter is no sin, since you actually go a tiny bit farther than the odometer shows).

    The alternative of reprogramming the tire diameter into the vehicles computer requires a programmer, like Hypertech. Not a cheap solution, so its easier to match sizes.

    Regarding the maximum wheel sizes, the dealer saying that 17' are the max is wrong. I had 20's on my '01 and '05 Yukons. Any aftermarket wheel with 15 to 25mm positive off-set works fine. Width would be 8.5 to 10". The rubber would be best at 285x55x20 (for 8.5-9" wheels) to 305x50x20 for 9.5-10" wheels).

    Hint: The larger off-set of 20+ would be recommended for the 305 tires, to avoid an hard turn rub.

    The 285x55x20 is the factory tire size (optional 20's) for the pre-07 Denali's and Escalades.

    The problem with the '07 factory wheels (20's and 22's) is that the off-set is 31mm, which is a little TOO much for '01-06' SUV's.

    Finally, the weight is a concern. The '01-06' brakes are certainaly better than the previous generation, but excessive weight has 2 effects.

    1. The braking distance is increased due to weight.

    2. The ride gets harsher and bouncier because of the extra weight being pushed on the springs and shocks.

    If you have the bucks, look for forged wheels, rather than cast. They are very light-weight, stronger than cast, but expensive.

    I bought 20" EVO Weld Wheels back in 2001, and the tire/wheel combo was lighter than stock. I got these after previously purchasing a cheaper set, that nearing knocked my teeth out, and made the steering a bit squirrely (seeking ruts in the road). Perhaps look for wheels that have less mass, like spoke styels. Check out the EVO AXIS-6 wheels. They are being discontinued, but the spoke style is illustrated well.

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    I beg to differ with your "expert". I have 18" on my 03 Tahoe with no lift. They look and ride excellent.
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    I ran 24" rims on my 2001 tahoe with no problems I ran 285/40/24 Pirelli tires with no rub.....Your dealer is full of it. I would not deal with them , as their ignorance will hurt you in the long run.
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    We just purchased a 2007 Tahoe, my question is what is the best size tire to put on the 22's I have. The Tahoe is stock height with no plans to rasie or lower (maybe the rear) to level it out. I don't want to hack or cut any part of the wheel well. I've had a few different people tell me different sizes and I'm leaning towards 305/40 r22's but I was wondering if 45's would work. The rim is the Martin Bros Slickstar's. Any other recomendations are appreciated, I just want the best ride with no rubbing. Thanks in Advance.
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    Take a look at the Cadillac website. They have a 22" option and I assume it would indicate tire size.
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    Looks like TireRack recommends a 285/45/22 to maintain the stock overall diameter (and therefore keep the speedo and all in check). They tend to air on the conservative side, at least as far as tire width, so you likely could do a 295 or 305 in conjunction with a shorter sidewall.

    Here's a good comparo for sizing:

    From past experience with Avalanche's, 305's MIGHT rub a tad in full turn and/or compression, but I'm not completely sure. Should be fine, but you might also get more substantial data from either a wheel/tire shop or other online boards.
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    Thanks for replies but I'm going with 285/ 45's the more rubber between the rim and road makes for a better ride. Thanks again for the info.
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    well I just got a set of 20s for my tahoe from flea bay.
    1,650 shipped.

    The dealer told me I would need the trans Recalibrated,

    and the sensors re learned. well I did the sensors myself, no big deal. ;)

    but I was also made aware by the guy I bought the set from that, the 17's and 20's measure the same when on the vehicle, about 31" from top to bottom.

    so I don't need no stinking trans recali.

    the wheel is larger but the tire shorter which in turn, ends up being the same height as the 17s that was on there.

    the dealer wanted an extra 220 for this recalibration job

    crooks!!! :mad:

    just to be on the safe side, I tested the deal against the mile markers on a nearby Road and all's cool plus the tahoe looks awesome with the brushed 20's on
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    You guys are killing me, do any of you know the difference between width and diameter?

    first number is width in mm, to convert to inches, divide by 25.4.

    second number is sidewall ratio (to the width) ie 55 = 55% of the width

    third number is wheel diameter.

    so to calc tire size for - say a 305/50/20 you would say

    305mm / 25.4 = 12" wide x .50 x 2 (two sides to a tire) plus 20 (wheel diameter) = 32" diameter tires

    now you can run 15" wheels with 35" tires if you have a high sidewall ratio (lots of rubber vs lots of wheel), see the difference?

    my 07 silverado crew cab just got a 2" leveling kit, i tried 305/55/20's and they rubbed when i turned, so i cant go quite that big, either have to go down to 285 wide, or to 50 sidewall.

    any questions?
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    I believe the recalibrating for 20s will also update the ABS algorithm for the increase in rotating mass. Believe me those 20s are heavy. Just rotated mine and thought I was going to need a forklift. ;)
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    I am wanting to upgrade from the 17" OEM rim to the 20" OEM polished rim that GM offers. I keep getting different answers as to whether or not the computer reprogramming will take care of any potential problems I may have with the ABS, Speedometer and gas milage indicator. Each dealership I've called has given me a different answer and one basically said that it isn't worth it.

    It seems that if I were to get a 20" rim with a lower profile tire that the overall diameter would be the same. I just do not want any issues with ABS or to void any warranties. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    If the OD of the 20" tire is within a couple of percent of the OD of the 17" tire, then the error is probably negligible. Not sure the same can be said of the extra mass and the ABS.
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    The tire size you need with a 20" rim so that there is zero variance is 275/55R20
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