where is the vat system plugs located on 2001 pontiac bonneville ssei

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I need to do a vats bypass on my 2001 pontiac bonneville ssei (super charger} we are down to the last wire. everything else has been fixed or replaced We are not sure where the plugs are (vat) so we can put on a resister?


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    cannot find much info, apparently the 2001 was expermental, as 2002 is differnt
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    Does the Pontiac 2001 have a resistor based security system? Does the key have a black filler with metal contacts on both sides of the key--the resistor chip in it?

    Or is it a transponder key that says PK3?

    My 2003 leSabre H-body had a transponder key where the chip in the key is read by the computer in the car for its ID number. Because the 2000 and up were all based on a different chassis from the earlier H-bodies 1992-1999, I thought they were all the same.

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    If it's the earlier/resistor key, it may be useful to know that there are 16 or fewer possible resistor values used for those old keys so you can find the correct resistor via trial and error if you have enough time to wait out a possible timeout-disable which occurs when wrong resistor used.
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