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HELP! Car self revs up to 5000+ rpm

Ali_RamazhanAli_Ramazhan USA Posts: 2
edited August 2018 in Mercedes-Benz
My 1999 c230k was fine just yesterday and then this morning when I started it the rpm just kept revving up past 6000 in park. so I shut it off and tried again then it did it again so I let it go and it stopped and went back down but only to 1500. When I put it in drive I can feel it trying to rev its self a little. The car also doesn’t respond to the gas pedal well I can push it down and it won’t really do anything just keep jerking and I have to push the brakes extremely hard to stop the car! There is not check engine light either! Help please and thank you! I think it’s either the Accelerator cable or the throttle body but I’m not sure. I did take out and clean the throttle body and it didn’t help
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