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Lexus RX 300 Real World MPG

steverstever Posts: 52,462
Please tell us about your Lexus RX300 mileage. Please include city/highway, odometer, driving style or similar comments that you think may be helpful. Thanks,

Steve, Host


  • dick1dick1 Posts: 21
    Never do better than 13 mpg. city and freeway.50/50 on each. 76k on odo.
  • glenfordglenford Posts: 138
    My readout for MPG average over the last 10000 miles or so is 18.8. I probably drive 75% trips under 20 miles. It goes up to 22-24 at steady highway speeds (73-75 mph), so I assume it is closer to 17-18 on the shorter trips (whatever the math works out to). Regular fuel (as manual suggests).

    80K miles. I bought it at 37K miles, and the readout was 19.8 - I assume that driver did more highway driving.

    I'm surprised it is so different from the post above.

  • ktcktc Posts: 30
    For 100% the Interstate highway driving, it is about 22MPG.
    For the City driving (In Portland, OR, not so bad traffic), average trip length is 7 miles, the MPG is about 16 to 17. The car is now at 48500 miles on odo. :D
  • dick1dick1 Posts: 21
    My wife gave me wrong info. message above. The 13 mpg was our 98 cad. sts.The rx300 was 17 all around. sorry!
  • glenfordglenford Posts: 138
    I reset my mileage history for a trip from Woodstock, NY to Niagara Falls, Ontario and back - about 760 miles. Very significant 73-74mph highway driving sections (say 350 of the 380 miles each way). Tires at 33-35 lbs, air on, windows closed. Some local stop and go, and a 25 minute sit in US customs line. Versus my long term average reported above of 18.8, I averaged 20.8 for this trip. Still regular fuel.

  • drak108drak108 Posts: 1
    50K on Odo; 14 miles in City with frequent stops and 22 mileson highway at avg spped of 72 miles/hr. Avg MPG read: : :D 18.1
  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    18.1 in Winter
    19.4 in Summer

    local freeway / local driving.
  • joanziejoanzie Posts: 51
    I get 25MPG no using air cond. on Interstate Highway, City 16-18, I also have a little under 48,000 miles. 2001 RX.
  • 23 combined, 26 on highway. 2001 rx300
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    2WD or AWD ?

    >>> Thanks
  • 2stuff2stuff Posts: 1
    My 330 has been to the Lexxus dealer 4 times in 2 months replaced 02 sensor July 2005 and another Aug 2006 then again in Aug 06 charcoal canister have spent $2000.00 and my check engine light came on 1 week later dealer said they had to replace gas cap. now a month and half later my check engine light is on and suv is idling rough and I smell a strong odor don't know if its carbon or gas I GIVE UP WITH THIS SUV SOMEBOBY PLEASE HELP ME 114,000 MILES
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The O2 sensor monitors emission from your engine and determines whether the optimal amount of oxygen (O2) was used to burn the fuel and makes adjustments as needed. It's not good to have the mixture too lean or too rich.

    tidester, host
  • Unfortunately, I am glad to hear about your problem because the same thing has happened to me - RX300 1999 107,000 miles - although you have a newer car. My engine light was on and off 10/05 - driving 12 hr trip, so brought in to non-lexus garage - said needed new o2 sensor - ok. trip for 600+ miles the light went back on - I was furious. Back to garage some 600 miles later and said light still on. He checked - "no codes" - it is nothing. 12/05 back for Oil Change - please check light still on and off(as it was before the multiple 100 $$ repair)- still "no codes" - it is fine. 10/06 car acting a little funny - light still on/off. 11/06 notice of Oil Sludge settlement - bring my car to Lexus - yes it has Oil Sludge (figure that is why light is on) but also told needed a new o2 sensor and a charcoal canister -- about $1,500. Went back to garage re: 1st O2 sensor and said out of warranty - I said I brought it back 2x after installed b/c obviously was not fixed - said out of warranty. Now waiting until Oil Sludge is repaired...did you find out any more infor - would be curious to know if you have Oil Sludge, but should not be on 330 models to hear from you what has happened as I see it was about 2 months ago you posted.
    Thanks!!! good luck!!
  • chevy769chevy769 Posts: 12
    99 RX, 16.1 long term in city; 22 pure interstate at 75mph.
    81,000 miles. Reg or premium gas.
  • lexus114lexus114 Posts: 1
    Is that on premium,or regular fuel?
  • debsrx300debsrx300 Posts: 1
    We recently aquired a 2001 RX300 72,000 miles
    We took a short trip today 100 miles each way. Just before we hit the exit ramp on the way back 43.9 MPG Cruise set at 69-70 mph two adults, two teen age campers and 150lbs of camping gear I can't believe it is that great. In town so far 23 - 24 MPG Incredible for an SUV.
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    That's exceptional fuel economy for an RX. I've feathered the pedal to get 29 MPG on a whole tank a while back, but usually around 20 city/24 highway. Normal low (heavy foot) is about 17.5.

    I'd check out actual based on miles travelled / gallons used rather than the computer as a comparison. Just somehting else to compare, my computer actually displays a little less (worse) MPG than actual, but it's usually within 1 MPG. I don't know if you will continue to see close to 40 MPG, but that's a fine goal.
  • Any transmission issues with the 2000 RX300??? I heard Lexus fixed the transmission problems that have plagued the 1999 RX 300, BUT I want to hear it from a few Lexus owners that have over 120,000 miles...
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    My good friend (who is not into cars enough to post on a forum) has over 200,000 miles on his 2000 AWD (model year with 50/50 front/rear torque split) with no problems, no hesitation, and the fluid stays pink. He drives it hard (sheesh, I thought I had a lead foot) and commutes in suburban and some urban L.A. traffic. He knows to ask for transmission fluid and filter changes, and rotates them into his service schedule. I don't know if that helps, but it couldn't hurt.

    '99 FWD models had a valve body problem that was cured during the model year. Perhaps your '00 AWD, while not a particularly stout design, may be one of the more reliable models. Good luck (but don't skimp on the type IV fluid and filters ;)
  • I have a 2000 AWD with 250,000 miles on it. We tow a small properly-rated horse trailer, and recently moved the vehicle to the oldest son and bought 2005 model with under a 100k on it for the wife. These are great all around vehicles. The only issue I have on the 2000 model is a small leak in the front seal. Its a $1500 repair, or a quart of oil a month. You can buy alot of oil for $1500 ! I just found a post on improving fuel economy and performed the top four fixes that were recommended. 1) Clean or replace the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor located on the top side of the air intake. I cleaned it with brake cleaner and/or carb-choke cleaner as recommended. 2) Clean or replace the Idle Air C? Valve (IACV) located below the twin air intake holes of the intake manifold. Removed the lower hose on the little IACV and sprayed carb/choke cleaner in the small port in the bottom of the right-side hole in the intake manifold. Did this several times until the fluid ran out of the lower tube (the one I removed the hose from) clear. 3) Replaced PCV valve on passenger side of the engine block ($8 at auto parts store) 4) Replaced stock air filter with the K&N high flow filter ($40 at auto parts store). I also added Seafoam $8 at auto parts store) to both the crankcase oil and fuel, per the instructions on the can. I am waiting to see the results, but with 250k on the odometer, every bit will help. My son is off to college so I will drive this during his first year because he can't have a car on campus. The wife's 2005 model is a beast with factory oil cooler for towing and factory towing package. the 3.3 motor is smooth and efficient, registering about 25-29 mpg depending on who is driving. 120k miles on it, so not much to do for a couple years.
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