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i hear a click when turning the key, but doesn't start. How do i check solonoid? starter?

MachelleblueyesMachelleblueyes nevadaPosts: 1
edited August 2018 in Dodge
i have a 1994 dodge dakota v-6/ i've only had it for a few months. recently it started to click when turning the key. it would start after several attempts. then one day it didn't. i've checked the battery terminals and cables. i've tapped the starter with a hammer. . The headlights and radio come on. so i ruled out the battery. i have had an issue w/using the bright light dimmer switch. so i thought maybe something was bound up in the column. i pulled the cover and don;t see anything like that. there is one red wire that is bare at the point it plugs in to the pigtail plug. i haven't touched it though because i'm not sure what it goes to. anyhow, i don't see a solenoid on the fire wall. so i'm assuming it is on the starter itself. i can hear the fuel pump come on when i turn the key. so how do i check the solenoid? or what other troubleshooting tips do you have for a girl trying to learn a thing or two about dodge?


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,824
    Have you tried to jump start it with another vehicle?

    The starter solenoid, attached to the starter will have a battery cable attached to it and a smaller wire. The smaller wire is the command circuit that turns the solenoid on. That circuit comes from the ignition switch, goes through the starter relay which is in the under-hood power distribution center (fuse block) then to the transmission neutral safety switch which connects it to ground when you are in Park or Neutral if you have an automatic transmission.

    The click that you can hear, is it coming from the under hood fuse block, or is it coming from the starter?
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