07 Saturn Vue sputters & stalls at red lights, now won't start

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No results for 2007 Saturn it sputtered and would stall sometimes at red lights. Sometimes ran just fine. I noticed it was not getting as good of gas milage. This went on a month or so while we were trying to figure out what wrong. Changed air filter when I did the oil change. I put fuel additive help clean any issues there. But one day after my husband drove my car said and said he had no problems with it that day and parked it in our garage the next day I tried to start and it wouldn't start. Never problem with starting ever. It turns over but doesn't start now. A guy checked injector moving fuel. I believe it's dirty or bad sensor that either needs cleaned or relaced. When took places find problem they wanted to charge me $1000-$1800 to fix....their idea of the problem was not the same. They wanted to make an easy buck at my expense. I can't afford that so I now share husbands car. Anyone there have simular problem?
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