Any ideas on why I can manually switch between four high and low, but not two high?

Mike93Mike93 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2018 in GMC
So my 1996 Jimmy started having problems switching in and out of four wheel drive just like every other Jimmy in the world. I never had problems going from four high to four low and back again. Just going back from four high to two high. Checked everything it all seemed to work properly but still couldn't get it into two high. Did some research and found a guy that used a push/pull cable to bypass the actuator and all the vacums. It worked great for him. He left his 4x4 motor on the front differential and ran the push/pull cable to the bottom side of his dash. All he had to do was push the two high button on the dash and simply push the cable in to get it back into two high. I can push and pull the cable to switch back from four high and four low, but I can't push it in to get back into two high. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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