$2,131 To Reseal Front Cover Differential

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On Saturday, I went into the dealer for an oil change and rotation of my tires. I have 15,000 miles on my 2009 RX 350. I was surprised when the guy came over to me and said that I have a leak and that they need to reseal the front cover differential. The price he quoted me for this repair is $2,131. I told him that I do not have $2,000 for this repair at this time because I thought it was an exorbitant price. Plus, I do not understand how this happened since I have low mileage and my car has been garage kept. I have been bringing my car for regular oil changes and this is the first time this issue has been discovered. The guy said these things can happen with age and he said that he would have the mechanic "spray it and they can look at it during the next service appointment." So, this is the option I settled on since I do not see any leaks in my garage or in my driveway. Plus, I do not know if they are just trying to take advantage of me. Has anyone heard of this repair with such low mileage on a car? Is this a defect in the car design or is this a "normal" issue for a 9 year old Lexus? Should I take my car to a private garage that specializes in Lexus repairs to see if they can give me a second opinion and a better price for the repair? Please advise me. I am very upset since I purchased my Lexus brand new and I purchased it because I thought that it had such a high quality. Please let me know what you think I should do in terms of the repair. Thank you in advance for your help!
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