Honda Smart Parking Assist - Why is it not available in the US?

nimbusssnimbusss Member Posts: 1
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I am in the market for a new sedan and my favorite so far is the Accord Hybrid. However, I was shocked to discover that it does not support any kind of park assist. In fact, no Honda models do.

Nearly every car manufacturer offers this for at least some models or trim levels. Even my old 2013 Ford Focus supported this, which is where I fell in love with the feature. Getting a new car today without this just feels like a huge step backward.

Googling around, it sounds like Honda has actually included this feature in cars outside the US for years now. Yet, they have never supported it for any US models and I can't find anything indicating that they plan to do so in the near future.

I guess I have just been spoiled by my last 2 cars. But after using it so frequently to get into tight spots all over the city, I can't imagine getting a new car without it. At this point I think I'd rather sacrifice appearances and go with something like the Prius, or fuel economy and go with something like the Ford Fusion, just to have this feature. Which really sucks since otherwise the Accord seems perfect for my needs.
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