BMW Z4 Gas Mileage Reports

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Share your actual MPG with other Z4 owners here.


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  • psambuccipsambucci Member Posts: 3
    I am very happy with averaging 25 miles per gallon. My 99' Mustang averaged 19MPG. I have been rotating between 89octane and 91. Does anyone have an opinion as to the octane selected. Short term I have seen no visible issues. :shades:
  • alp8alp8 Member Posts: 656
    I hear the 06 Z4 can get over 30 mpg highway. Is that true?
  • jking50jking50 Member Posts: 4
    I've been getting 29.4 mpg highway (and some city) driving with a 2003 Z4.
  • genez4sigenez4si Member Posts: 3
    I get 33.1 MPG in my 2006 Z4Si when driving 70-75 on the interstate. Combined driving, I get about 31.
  • texextexex Member Posts: 5
    We get 25 mpg in mostly city driving on our '03. On the highway it reaches around 28. Our other car is a Lexus RX400h that averages just over 25 mph itself - with hybrid!
  • blacktalonblacktalon Member Posts: 203
    I get about 19 MPG in city driving.

    This is better than I expected, considering the way I drive. :)
  • finfan39finfan39 Member Posts: 1
    In regards to fuel mpg, what octane are you using? BMW states premium required, is this true, or what do you use? 87, 89 or 91?

  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    I have a 07 Z4 Coupe, my wife has an 05 Mini, and we both run hi-test gas. At today's prices it just isn't that much more expensive here in SC. However, when Katrina cut off our gas supplies, all we could get for a week or so was regular gas, which my wife ran successfully in her Mini with no problems. While hi-test is recommended by the factory on both models, their ECM's have the capability of adjusting the timing and other engine related functions to run on lower octane gas without any problems.

    Some suggests that BMW recommends premium gas simply to re-enforce the "premium car" image, but I really can't say...
  • z4redz4red Member Posts: 1
    New to this site. I have 2005 z4. I have a silly questions. I noticed my MPG dropping for e.g. it use to 27 show mpg then it drops to 25 & now 22.8. I am not driving any differently. I always used 93 high octane. Am i looking at it incorrectly or should take it to dealership. Another questions show often should I do the oil change. I call BMW dealership since it is more than 4 months & they say it is not due for another 3 months. Sorry about the ignorant questions
    P.S. it is my dream car
  • gotobednowgotobednow Member Posts: 1
    my BMW Z4 gets 33-34 MPG on the highway. it's awesome!!!
    about 20 MPG for city driving.
  • z4poppyz4poppy Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 3.0i. I get around 30 on the road. I have checked the last three tanks manually and my computer mileage is reading slightly lower than actual mileage- from .4 to .8 below figuring by hand. If I really take it very easy, I can increase mileage by about 1 mile per gallon. I use only premium fuel.
  • burdgesfburdgesf Member Posts: 3
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