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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Gas Mileage

ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
Share your actual MPG with other Monte Carlo owners here.


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    bangbgbangbg Member Posts: 3
    So far I have 10,000+ miles on my '06 Monte 3LT with the 3.9L engine. I monitor my mileage pretty carefully and so far every tank has been in the 23-23.5 MPG range.

    I commute 80 miles every day to and from work up and down the Cajon Pass which at it's highest point is about 4,100 feet. I live at 3,000 feet and my job is probably at 100-200 feet above sea-level, just to give some indication of what the daily drive consists of, in addition to the around town driving in traffic that is inevitable.

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    samspammersamspammer Member Posts: 1
    I am very disapointed. My Monte Carlo has the 3.4 v6
    and Chevrolet claims 22 and 31 MPG.
    My car is like new and I can not get more than 18 out of it.
    I have no mechanical problems and the car only has 8k miles on it. I have even tried driving like granny.
    Do you have any ideas? The Chev silverado truck claims 17
    and 20 MPG and I want to buy one but I am not sure I can believe the MPG claim. I had a 95 ford T Bird with a V8
    and did get 18 and 21 MPG.
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    jsmilesrmhsjsmilesrmhs Member Posts: 7
    what year do you have.
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    snowandtorquesnowandtorque Member Posts: 4
    no matter what car you get from a Chevy to a Renault the typical driver will not get the gas mileage shown on the sticker. MPG differs from one driver to the next due to driving styles, fuel changes (Exxon, Hess, Sunoco...ect) Geographical area (elevation, temp, humidity), all these things (even if slight) have an effect on how your car performs. Unless you take 2 hours to get from 0-60 on the highway, or drive like your 110 in town chances are your going to fall short of "estimated MPG" Certain cars they don't mind putting the actuall MPG on it, or "realistic MPG" as I like to call it. Especially when it is something like a camaro, Corvette, even some truck...because you don't expect to get great gas mileage on one. But for the new Monte they were shooting for a midsize coupe with better gas milege, so they inflamed the MPG....oh sure...you could probably get that...so they weren't lying...but you would have to driving like you escaped from a nursing home. Personally I have a V8 Monte, a 6.0 V8 Suburban, and a 5.7 V8 Yukon.....I wouldn't have it any other way. No matter what you do you sacrifice power for MPG and vise versa.....you get what you pay for.....never buy a car assuming you will regulary get the MPG shown on the sticker. My suggestion is a K&N Air filter it will run you around $50 or so at Autozone...but it last for life and it really does help on MPG and Horsepower
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    lin0lin0 Member Posts: 3
    I have the 3.1L with irridium spark plugs and I get a consistant 28.5mpg in my daily driving!!

    Also, I have a record mpg that I achieved at an average of 58mph in wisconsin for 60miles! Take a LQQK ! ;)
    That computer shown was calibrated with GPS, AND then calibrated 6 times tank to tank for the most accurate fuel readout possible:


    39mpg! hell ya.
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    doug4321doug4321 Member Posts: 27
    My 07 Monte LS(3.5)gets a steady 26 mpg(70%highway,30%city).I am sorry the car has low HPandTorque.I traded an 05 Honda EXL V6 Coupe (245hp).The Accord would flat run away from the Monte.The Monte Carlo is a beautiful car,thats why I bought it.You either love a Monte or you don't.bye the way,the car has 14k miles.
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    montec2006montec2006 Member Posts: 4
    You're right... and I love my Monte. With the 3.9L engine its zippier. Even burned rubber yesterday -- must have been some sand on the road because I wasn't even trying. The bigger engine does cost in gas mileage... lucky to get near 20 in the city but don't do that much city driving.
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    lin0lin0 Member Posts: 3
    didnt realize the other link didnt work. Fixed.

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    lin0lin0 Member Posts: 3
    You claim you do not have any mechanical issues however I found that after only 30,000 miles the double platinum tips of my cars spark plugs burned off! Absolutely no driveability issues other than gas mileage too.

    Another way I get better fuel mileage is I completely replaced my auto trannys fluid with synthetic! I tested synthetic engine oil in my Monte, the fuel mileage went down. Back to dino I went. My alignment was also off at 30,000 miles, but it wasnt pulling. I probably got 2mpg just from fixing that.
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    routemanrouteman Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 monte, the better gas mileage didn't kick in until I had 15k on the car, I have the 3.4 the best I got on a trip was 36mpg but that was in the upper michigan on a 2 lane road doing about 60 with the tires aired up, I average right around 30 now with over 66k on the car.
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    slyss2000slyss2000 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 SS with over 146,000 miles on the 3800. Obviously I use it alot for trevelling for work and many times I check the mileage to see what Im averaging. On the interstate, cruising at around 65 mph, i can usually get anywhere from 30-36 miles per gallon. Thats right, up to 36 miles per gallon. For a car of its size, not too shabby at all. Take that Aveo!! :shades:
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    wiz4wiz4 Member Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2007 Monte Carlo SS and traded in the 2004 SS we had. The 04 had the 3.8 and averaged 26 mpg in city with just under 70K miles on it. So far the 2007 has averaged 20.6 in city driving. My wife drives it 25 miles each way to work with much of that in stop and go freeway traffic here in the DFW (Arlington) area. When we got it, it had 6000 miles on it and the 'puter said it had averaged 17.6. Since we started driving it, it actually was getting just over 22 mpg. But lately we have been test driving the performance aspect of it. The 4 cyl mode is awesome for good mileage and the 8 cyl mode is breath taking for acceleration! I just recently removed the mufflers (kept the resonator on) and replaced them with straight pipes and the stock tips. What a difference!! Now it not only sounds good but performs even better. It intimidates many other performance cars like the Mustang GT. We also use "the PILL" (go to 2004redblazer.myffi.biz) which has made it run better. We also use the pill on the 04 Blazer which gets 70 more miles per tank of gas. I had to have the 2007 SS since they quit making it....again. We also have a 1986 SS which is being restored.
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    macle313macle313 Member Posts: 2
    I believe you are correct. My friend has actually suggested getting a K and N filter too. Ill grab that this month. I just replaced my 02 sensor and i was told to pump premium or midgrade gas. I just almost cried when I filled my tank on thur with 87 gas and not its near E--a quarter to be exact. It is an 01 ss and its definitely a killer. I love the pwer it has and I mainly do city driving and highway combined, so in your opinion I must have to bite the bullet? By the way this is my first chevy and its used.
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    macle313macle313 Member Posts: 2
    Oh man, I just replaced my resonator because it had a rusty hole for a straight pipe. Before it was loud and horrible sounding, not the mustang sound I craved, but now its quieter. It was the much cheaper alternative for me because I am a student and this is my first chevy. Its an 01 ss. its also a gasser. :( but i love the power of the 3.8, but the gas is horrible with 87, a little better with 89. Got any advice? What does the resonator do vs straight piping?
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