Won’t start

Driver6566Driver6566 Member Posts: 2
edited September 2018 in Nissan
1994 Nissan Pathfinder XE. I turn the key and nothing. After checking EVERYTHING! I replaced the ignition relay, now it turns over but it seems as if the timing is off..need a clue...


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    If it's not starting, what makes you think the timing is off? It could be, but you have to have fuel, spark, and compression for the engine to start. The ignition relay replacement seems to have gotten you power to the starter. So now you need to check that you have the 3 things you need to have. Checking plugs, wires, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injectors, compression test. Could be any one, or a couple of, different things.

    Have you pulled any codes to see what might be happening?

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