Lexus SC 430 Gas Mileage Reports

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Share your actual MPG with other SC 430 owners here.


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  • bmw4me2bmw4me2 Member Posts: 54
    I have an '06 SC430 with 1,200 miles. According to the computer it is showing 17.9mpg. This is all city driving. I love this car! :)
  • joec7joec7 Member Posts: 4
    I have the 2004 pebble beach sc430 and I love it! I have a little over 40,000 miles and drive a combination city and highway every day. The more I drive the better the milage. I get 22.9 evey day driving. Took it to New England this summer and on the highway got 24 MPG!
  • turbothemagicaturbothemagica Member Posts: 2
    I have a 02 that I bought in 2001. I have over 115,000 liles on it fortunatly I travel a lot or I would have 200,000 by now. I live in LA so my city driving is hard to calculate often I'm stuck in traffic, I do get 25 MPG on trips and have actually driven 460 miles on a tank.
  • bbattsbbatts Member Posts: 6
    Mileage on my 05 is 19 city and 28 hwy. This is actual fill up with gas since the onboard computer seems to error at least + 1/2 mpg extra than actual.
  • tmakogontmakogon Member Posts: 74
    Driving a 2005 SC430 on a flat land at approx. 45-50°F (without snow) with top up, filled with premium:

    Highway average speed 45 mph gets 32.5 mpg
    Highway average speed 55 mph gets 27.5 mpg
    Highway average speed 65 mph gets 25.0 mpg
    city stop&go average speed 18.3 mph gets 16.5 mpg

    Thus you increase your gas mileage by 10% by slowing from 65 to 55 mph and by 30% by slowing from 65 to 45 mph. At a slow and steady 45 mph the 20-gallon tank should take you 600 miles.
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