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Mitsubishi Eclipse Gas Mileage Reports

ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
edited September 2014 in Mitsubishi
Share your actual MPG with other Eclipse owners here.


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  • skyyvskyyv Member Posts: 13
    I usually get just over 400 miles out of a tank doing half highway/half city driving. Typically it averages out about 23 - 24MPG (better than the average of the two ratings). On one tank, I did mostly highway miles and was able to get between 28 and 29MPG (better than rating). :D
  • kxbreskxbres Member Posts: 2
    I just got the car in August, so my mileage is gradually becomming better. It started with 18 mpg (about 280 miles/tank). Last time I filled up, I got about 20/21 mpg (about 310 miles/tank). I drive mostly between 40-60 mph 75% of the time and use regular Shell or Sunoco gas.

    What's everybody else getting? And has anyone noticed ways to improve gas mileage with the eclipse?

    Has anyone gotten better mileage using premium instead of regular gas?
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 22,226
    I have a little chrysler with a mitsu 2.5 liter engine and I get about 23mpg. I'm impressed that you get 23-24 with that big 3.8. Way to go Mitsu.

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  • drholland77drholland77 Member Posts: 8
    Got 25 MPG on first tank, 4cyl, automatic. If you are driving like a high school kid with fast starts and fast stops don't expect much. It you drive like a grandma it will improve.
  • thatsmybabythatsmybaby Member Posts: 1
    I have the GS manual and I get about 20 MPG driving in Houston, TX. Im 18 so i dont drive like a grandma but I was still expecting about 23 like the sticker said so i was a lil disappionted. I tried using premium for a tank and it didnt really change.
  • meltedwhiskymeltedwhisky Member Posts: 3
    My old car has 125K miles on it and it still gets 26-28 MPG. Thats mostly highway driving and running AC for most of the time, which you have to do here in SC. I just use regular 87 octane gas, no need to pay extra for the premium grades.
    I think the original EPA ratings for this model were 25 city and 29 highway.
  • ttguy1979ttguy1979 Member Posts: 2
    I only use premium fuel now and average about 26 miles a gallon on my '98 GST.
  • stuntjunkiestuntjunkie Member Posts: 1
    My 2006 4cyl Eclipse got 350-400 miles to a tank full, using premium would only burn faster and the car doesnt require it. It's good to run it once in awhile and then drive the crap out it! :) feels good to clean the pipes out if you know what I mean lol. The 4 banger was great on gas! Now I just got a new 2008 Spyder GT which is premium only and gets about 300 on a tank full so far but I think it's because I drive it like I stole it all the time! I'm really breakin her in! It's such a fun car! If your looking to save gas stick with the 4cyl your wallet will like you!!! The power difference between the 4 and 6 is not so much to write home about but does jump when you need it to! at 120mph it's smooth I wont push it until it's broken in more but my 4 cycle maxed out at 130 not to shabby for 4 banger! My bike does 185 so yeah I can say that lol. Enjoy Peoples! oh and that seat belt warning sound problem? Just turn the stereo up! The GT Spyder comes with a 650watt Fosgate Stereo too! :shades:
  • clovismanclovisman Member Posts: 5
  • davedudedavedude Member Posts: 1
    I just got a used (new to me) Eclipse. 2.0L DOHC, 4 cyl auto. Any idea what mileage to expect? :confuse:
  • mamiyamamiya Member Posts: 21
    2500 miles on it and average is 23 mixed driving, have'nt doen a long run with it yet
  • j_griff02j_griff02 Member Posts: 4
    I get around 24 mpg driving around LA - which requires driving like a HS kid.
  • mattsmoparmattsmopar Member Posts: 1
    you should only use premium in turbo motors if you dont it could be very dangerous for your engine. good choice going for premium only though.
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