1997 5 speed shifting issues

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i have a 1997 Dodge Dakota 5 speed . i recantly had the transfer case rebuilt . since i got it out of the shop it has been shifting issues. as i was driving i attempted to shif into a higher gear it would not let me , it was acting like the throw out berring wasnt working . i tried a lower gear same thing i coul only shif in and out of the same gear. I pulled to the side of the road then i was able to shift into all of the gears . i grabbed 3ed and got it home. I had to move the truck a few days ago and it shifted fine . there has been a ticking noise coming from the top of the transmission since i got it out of the shop. it didnt have this problem before . my question is throw out berring? Clutch ? any hepl will be appricated


  • Thumper33Thumper33 Member Posts: 7
    I would like to thank every one for there help it was the Iod fues i never would have checked there
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