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Buick Rendezvous compresser and oil pressure problems

frustrated14frustrated14 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Buick
I bought the car in Dec when it was cold so we did not turn on the air conditioner until we went to Fl. in Jan. Noticied a loud rattle noise when ever the fan was on. I took it in when we returned to MD in April and they said a new compresser was needed.They replaced it and changed the oil. After picking up the car and drove 1 mile the red oil pressure light went on and a loud ding started and would not stop. They have had the car for several days and can't stop the problem. They have been on the phone/computer with Detroit and still haven't fixed it. We have had Buicks for years and to have these problems with only a few thousand miles on it is extremely upsetting. AND THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do?


  • dilldill Member Posts: 31
    I know this is a number of months since your initial post. I bought an 06 RDV in April 06. I have had no problems with the compressor or the oil pressure. However, soon after I bought my 06 RDV that was an Alamo rental car in a previous life with 10,000 miles on it with 6 months of active service as a rental car. My car's generator light came on at various times especially under acceleration up inclines and I also had the wiper motor die on me during a heavy rain storm (thank you rain-X)I luckily treated the windshield a couple days before the wiper motor died. Anyway, I took it to my local Buick dealer and they replaced both the alternator with a much more beefy one according to the TSB issued by GM and I got a new wiper motor. The TSB stated that fix for the alternator light should be fixed with a new alternator. Well, it didn't. I took the RDV back to the dealer a few weeks later when I read a new TSB that stated that the technician should not replace the alternator with a newer beefier one because it would not fix the problem. Oh, well too late. The newer one is much more rugged according to the Buick dealer I talked to about it. They said they have been in contact with Detroit and up till now there has not been a fix that they recommend for the alternator light issue but they are working on it. They said the alternator light is a harmless problem because it apprehently is common amoung 2006 RDV's. Well, I have no reason to doubt them because I have been driving around with a alternator light that comes on a few times a week and it hasn't hurt the RDV's performance at all. When they figure the problem out they will issue a TSB to finally fix it.

    Outside of the wiper motor being fixed under warrantee for free including a free loaner and the alternator light coming on for a few seconds every couple days. It is a wonderful car. I would gladly buy another one without any misgivings. I would also highly recommend it to anyone considering a crossover vehicle.
  • jpiercejpierce Member Posts: 49
    Hi this may help and give you an idea what could be wrong. I have had a similar problem on a different type of vehicle, but it turned out to be the wiring harness for the alternator was shorting out (i.e., very small short though) and the fix for this was a harness replacement. I my case I rebuilt it myself. Mazda wanted 1000 bucks for a new one. The only other time I had the light come on (flicker intermetantly) is when the voltage regulator in the alternator is gone, but in your case this probably was not the case since this was not fixed by alternator replacement.

    I hope this gives you some thoughts.

    JP :)
  • ggeeooggeeoo Member Posts: 94
    It cost 21.00 at the dealer. Any company that can do an oilchange can usually
    take the old one off put the new one on 60.00. labor
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