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Does anyone know who manufatured the 2006 Envoy OEM GPS navigation system? I am looking for a discussion or manufacturer's site that might give some tips and tricks, etc.


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    I received e-mail alert that I had a new post. When I go to my tracked item, it says 2 messages are there, but only one can be accessed. My original post was Envoy GPS navigation. My tracked item shows no new posts, but does indicate there are two messages on topic (probably 3 after I post this.
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    There was a third "navigation" post in here (#2) not entirely specific to the Envoy but it was repeated in about 8 discussions so we removed it. (One or two cross posts on topic is fine, but more looks like spam). So you're seeing all there is to see in here at this point.

    You may get more answers in the generic Navigation / GPS Systems discussion.

    Steve, Host
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    I have been thinking of doing this for over a year - buying a GM Nav radio unit and installing it in our Envoy - was wondering if anyone had any experiences with this. Im not worried about the physical installation - the unit will fit, and the mounting holes are standard - I'm worried about technical glitches. Any advice?
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