2004 Isuzu Axiom Won't start problem

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I have a 2004 Axiom and the check engine light was on. A few times it would not start at all unless I opened the hood and then tried again to start.

Put in Seafoam and it ran for a short time and then lost power while driving. Although it lost power, the vehicle went into a short period of cranking, meaning it sounded like I was turning the key even though I wasn't turning the key. Would not start again after this last time I drove it and had to have it towed.

Now it cranks and will briefly start sporadically but quickly dies.

Things I have done so far:

Changed battery in key / remote

Changed starting battery with new one

Cleaned battery terminal connections

Cleaned electrical connections with electrical cleaner

Checked fuses- none were blown

Switched relays for ECM with similar one in fuse box under the hood

Cleaned throttle body

Drained fuel tank

Replaced fuel pump in the tank

Replaced fuel filter

Checked codes with Matco Scan tool- no codes showing

Sprayed starting fluid in hose from throttle body and it will start for about 3 seconds but runs very rough

Previously, both of the camshaft sensors were replaced by the dealer about 5,000 miles ago

Timing belt was changed about 15,000 miles ago

When I checked the live data with the Matco Scan tool, rpms were shown and changed when cranking

Not sure what to try next.

Thank you for any help with this issue

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