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Mitsubishi Montero Real World MPG

steverstever Posts: 52,457
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Please report on your Mitsubishi Montero mileage here.

Include your odometer reading, city/highway mix, driving style or anything else you think may help others compare their mpg with yours. Thanks!

Steve, Host


  • I have a '99 Montero that's loaded. It is the BEST VEHICLE EVER made for my needs (I've ownd 16 vehicles so far). I use it for my races - which means throwing a kayak up top, my bike and gear inside, and away I go - off-roading included (what it was designed for). It's awesome!
    To answer the question: I now have 109,000 miles on it. It's never been in the shop. I get 20 city and 26 hwy. I average 22 with a mix of both. That's one reason I don't want anyone to work on it - if something goes wrong, they'll probably fix it and my mileage will be like everyone else's (from what I hear, less than 20).
    The vehicle has been flawless and since I don't see many like it, I'm very pleased. Why they ever went and changed it to a soccer-mom vehicle...I don't know...and now they're discontinuing it...I'll keep running this one until something better comes along. But, I've looked at everything available for 2007, and nothing comes close. :shades:
  • ddent01ddent01 Posts: 19
    All, I reviewed this forum prior to buying my '01 Montero. Read concerns about MPG and then some of the repair issues.

    Went ahead and bought a used Montero w/59k on it. Replaced the 02 sensor, changed all driveline fluids, new brakes on back and threw a set of Michelin's on it.

    Will be scheduling the 60k service; getting timing belt replacements, flushing the radiator / replacing water pump and new plugs/wires.

    I've only put ~1500 miles since purchasing, but have to wonder how some are getting so poor MPG. After running a tank w/premium fuel and injector cleaner (Sea Foam) I averaged 18MPG. Next two tanks have been consistently in this range as well, with 1 tank at 19MPG. I did notice a slight decrease when dropping to regular fuel on one tank, so have switched back to premium. This is driving a mix of 55% city / 45% highway using the auto AC majority of the time.

    For an SUV this has to be the nicest one I have ever owned.
    My wife loves the smooth ride (major improvement with Michelins) and we enjoy the luxury appointments.
    It also gets the best MPG, when comparing my 99 Expedition, 99 Trooper, and 92 Montero.

    For those hesitant to jump into one of these SUV's please rest assured they are one of the best values for a used SUV out there. Factoring in their very low resale values you can pick one up pretty cheaply compared to a similarly equipped competitor.

    Yes, you can get a lemon, but like all used cars it depends on the previous owner a lot of times.

    We hope to keep this one as long as my 92 (168k) !!
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    Hello ! I concur with you. I have 2004 Montero LTD and with premium it gives good MPG. You may also try replacing your Air Filter to K&N ( autoanything.com sells it for $50 with free shipping) and will pick up a Horsepower too with better milage.
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