Drove through big mud puddle

AprilMayAprilMay Tucson,AzMember Posts: 1
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Two weeks ago I drove through a few mud puddle then one big mud puddle. The car died. I opened the hood thinking that maybe distributor was wet, thinking this Saturn was like my old nova, I found out it's not. lol Anyways turn the key and all I get is click, click. My father came and we towed it the short distance to my house, I took the battery out thinking that it was low, which it was. The next morning went out thinking everything would be ok, but it's not. It still won't start. click, click, click. I pulled spark plugs and there was a lot of water. dried out the air filter also. pulled the starter to make sure it wasn't' bound up. and still, it only clicks click. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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