Hyundai Azera Limited vs Nissan Altima SL

rushfan_2112rushfan_2112 Member Posts: 3
Please help! We know that the Azera and the Altima are 2 different animals, but the wife and I are stuck between the 2. The Azera Limited is so nice and luxurious, and has the great warranty along with it. The Altima SL 6-cyl. has awesome sporty looks, nice features, but does not have the terrific warranty like the Azera. My gut says go with the luxury and warranty, but our hearts say the Altima is the car for our small family and our sporty "egos". Any advice is greatly appreciated -- buying within the next week or 2!!!


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    You can probably make quite a few repairs on the Altima for the price difference in the two autos. I too, like the looks of the Altima. Have shopped the Azera and it seems like a luxury vehicle.

    Go with what you can comfortably afford.

  • hugobeckerhugobecker Member Posts: 45
    We bought an Azera - but it's ride is a bit floaty for my taste. Both cars have great engines (the Nissan is a known commodity while the 3.8L in the Azera is a brand new engine with some very good technology included - it's very well thought out).

    If I were you I'd decide after an extended (20 mile or more) test drive of both cars. Look for how the steering and handling meet your needs. Also perform at least one full throttle acceleration onto an on ramp and maybe a 'simulated pass' on a backroad (40-60 sprint).
  • rushfan_2112rushfan_2112 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the quick responses to our dilemma. We have taken extensive test drives in both vehicles -- had the Altima (SL version which was loaded) for 3 days. We took the Azera for a cpl hours. The luxury of the Azera along with the warranties really look inviting, but we do have a few gripes -- limited stereo controls on steering wheel, for example. We have fallen for both vehicles! We haven't puchased a new car in over 10 years (last vehicle was a "shoe-in" -- Ford Explorer). We are very leary now about the limited warranties that Nissan offers, but I guess we can always extend the warranty for a few years. It will come down to luxury versus sportiness, I guess!
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    Well if you can wait until November when the 07 Altima comes out you should get a much better car. But the discounts I suspect for the 07 will not be as good as they are now. Old Mike
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    I also considered both the Azera Limited and Altima 3.5SL a couple of months ago. I eventually settled for the Altima and am extremely happy with it.
    It is a much better car than expected. I did like the Azera though. The Altima felt quicker and more nimble than the Azera but the real clincher for me was resale value. The Altima has pretty good resale value, or at least average, but the Azera's is poor. The Altima also fared better in crash testing when equipped with the side airbag/curtain option which I have.
    The Altima is a blast to drive. You feel very "connected" to it. I look forward to driving it whenever I can. It is like an eager, playful puppy - it just wants to run! Sporty and fast when you want it to be, yet quiet, smooth and refined when you just want to cruise.
    The Azera is more sedate - pleasantly refined and comfortable but less engaging, somewhat remote and more of an "appliance", in the good sense of the word. It reminds me very much of the old model Toyota Avalon - a good thing. If you intend to keep the Azera for a long time and resale value is not a concern, with that long warranty I can't see you going wrong.
    Good choice either way.
  • acuraking_27acuraking_27 Member Posts: 15
    Hey, don't make any dumb decisions. My mom just bought a Altima 3.5 SL. She traded down from a 1995 Legend, just time to get a new car, and she didn't have the money to get another Acura. But anyways, it's the worst mistake shesmade since getting engaged to my dad. The car was nice at first. But not soon as she got it, all 2005-2006 Altima's were recalled for engine fires, and brake problems. I knew that Nissan wasn't as reliable vehicle as a Honda nor Toyota, but she wouldn't listen. Chack the recalls online, you'll find them. Nissan dealers were told not to sell any more Altima's, to remove them form the lot. Down in Texas were i am, Trophy Nissan has a deal where, if you buy a Maxima SL, they will give you an Altima. Does that not sound weird?

    So, i would go with the Hyundai, i'd be willing to sacrifice a sporty ride and not much quicker acceleration for a longer warranty and so far, the critics say a better car.
    I remember when critics used to say that hell would freeze over before hyundai came up in quality. But they did, and are coming up on everybody else very quickly.

    Get the Azera, i think you'll be much more satisfied with it.
  • wolverinejoe80wolverinejoe80 Member Posts: 337
    it's newer and 07 altima comes out soon. also, gotta love hyundai's warranty and i love the fact that there aren't many of them on the road yet.

    altima is a very nice car, but you can get a sonata v6 for about 5k less. and sonata is as good as altima in every catagory IMO.
  • rushfan_2112rushfan_2112 Member Posts: 3
    Thanx to all who replied to our forum question about the Azera vs. Altima -- we have decided to upgrade and ended up buying an '06 Maxima SL for a great deal. Got it for 2% above invoice which is what I figured I was going to pay for it. Awesome care with great amenities!!!! LOVE IT!
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    To set the record straight:

    1> Only Sentra and Altima models equipped with 2.5L 4-cyl motors are involved in the sales halt. Sales of 3.5L V6 Nissan models have NOT been halted.

    2> Some 2.5L 4-cyl motors are subject to excessive oil consumption due to faulty oil control piston ring sets provided by one of Nissan's suppliers. When owner neglect resulted in near total loss of oil volume, there were substantiated reports of severe overheating which led to several underhood fires.

    3> Nissan has initiated a voluntary recall to replace 2.5L 4-cyl motors that consume oil in excess of 1 qt. per 1,000 miles. In the meantime 2.5L 4-cyl. owners have been instructed to check their engine's oil level at least every 700 miles and report to their dealers if excessive consumption occurs. In those cases in which oil level is excessive, but less than 1 quart/1,000 miles, those engines will be repaired with new piston rings.

    While Nissan bears responsibility for the affected engines (and is pro-actively engaged in resolving the problem), owners who dismiss any personal responsibility in periodically glancing at the engine coolant temperature gauge, and checking or having checked something as basic as oil level because, "It's a new car - it shouldn't have to have its oil checked." are clearly candidates for an appearance on "Dr. Phil ", themselves.
  • acuraking_27acuraking_27 Member Posts: 15
    Hmmmm..... Looks like you should check some facts.
    My moms owns the car, and received a letter in th mail from Nissan specifically saying that her 3.5 Altima was being recalled, and your telling me i'm wrong.

    I sure hope you didn't get your info from the internet....

    And i sure hope you own an 03-06 Altima telling me i'm wrong!

    By the way, the models recalled which were listed in the recall notice we received were:

    2003-2006 2.5 Altimas
    2005-2006 3.5 Altimas
    2005-2006 SE-R Altimas
    2003-2006 SE-R Sentras (2.5)
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "Hmmmm..... Looks like you should check some facts.
    My moms owns the car, and received a letter in th mail from Nissan specifically saying that her 3.5 Altima was being recalled, and your telling me i'm wrong."

    Maybe you're right, maybe not. ;) Anyone else monitoring this discussion have a 3.5L V6 Altima that's subject to the recall over excessive oil consumption and fire danger?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    ergsum, thank you very much. The information you thoughtfully provided squares with what I had read in AP and Reuters news accounts, as well as information on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN. Again, I appreciate your going the extra mile on all our behalf.

    Note to acuraking_27: I own an '03 Hyundai Sonata - a fact I've never attempted to hide.
  • aspen4aspen4 Member Posts: 22
    Trying to locate mud flaps for 2006 Azera.

    Where to get them for the best price. Saw

    message while back, but cannot find it.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    Look on Ebay searching for "azera mudflaps". I was able to puchase a front and rear pair reasonably from an authorized dealer, don't remember the details. You should be able to find them online.
  • rev2pleaserev2please Member Posts: 19
    I worked for Nissan, and those are not the facts. They only halted sales so the manufacturer could replace the engines, not just some joe blow in the back working as a technician, they took them back to the plant they originated from. Then they added an extended warranty for the powertrain. You should not knock something when you don't know the facts. It was only the 4 cyl engines. Because the Nissans 6 cyl (VQ) has been voted one of the top 10 engines for past 12 years, so obviously they haven't changed that much! Nissan is known for it's reliability and I appreciate any manufacturer that's going to actively take care of the problem and not hide it. IT WAS A VOLUNTARY RECALL!! Plus I sold a bunch when they came back, because people knew that they were reliable, and they got another $1000 off the vehicle....And a dealer that is just giving them away..., sounds like a bunch of bull to me....They lost out on a good market then! Sorry for them.
  • sonazsonaz Member Posts: 6
    The Azera wasn't all good and wasn't all bad.
    The Altima omits some features that the Azera had, but
    a) is more comfortable - much more - to sit in (and drive) for long periods of time.
    b) has modern amenities like blue tooth, NAV . Google send-to-car, lane change warning,
    speed limit warning, blind spot warning.
    c) the acceleration in Ds mode kicks a** !

    I get more MPG (highway) with the Altima. about 10-15 % more.

    With the Azera, there was always a slight wheel hop and lots of tire noise with the original tires. Under-body cover fell off, and dealer declined to replace.
    Just out of warantee, the power seat position sensing went 'crazy' - around the time the battery was ending its useful life.
    Dealer supposedly replaced the seat rail (with the possibly bad sensor), charged about $400 for labor only (stated that they got a new seat rail from Hyundai - at the end of all this they informed about the battery).
    In other posts at this or another site, someone warned about 'crazy electrical stuff happening' when the battery is dying but not quite dead. So who knows for sure about the above?

    I liked the switch-operated folding side mirrors, but even Azera dropped it.
    And Azera had the rear window screen, which, though rarely used, was nice to have.

    Test drive of the new (2013) Azera left my back unhappy.
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